Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 532

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&#lt;p&#gt;At the same time, Linda was in a car with her chauffeur. She looked stared absent-mindedly at the
towering skyscrapers. A phone notification caused her to return her attention to the present. Her
demeanor changed when she noticed a notification of an email with audio recording files within.She
practically yanked her earphones out of her Chanel bag and plugged them into the device. To her
anguish, it was the recording of her prior conversation with Elisa.You two-faced b*tch! You swore there
was no recording!Why did I trust that a**hole?I’m going to kill her!She was more angered after reading
the message that came with it.The passage was written very clearly.‘Fear for your reputation if you
attempt to attack the two of us again. The entire world will be made aware of your hypocrisy. Your
name will be tarnished.’Linda cried in rage.The driver, startled, applied the brakes and looked in the
rearview mirror at his passenger. The woman in the backseat sported a furious look.“Miss Linda.
What’s the matter?”Linda collected herself, inhaled deeply, leaned back against the chair, and shut her
eyes.“I’m fine,” she admitted in exhaustion. “You keep driving.”The driver didn’t dare to say anything.
He nodded and continued his driving.Linda couldn’t even tell her parents about this when she got
home. I would be handing my ass in humiliation.Her mother had pleaded with her to exercise common
sense and avoid mishaps, but she refused to do so and confronted Elisa. Even yet, she wished for
reconciliation with Elisa. Looking back, Linda could only think that she was foolish to have done such a
thing. I’m such a moron! …For Elisa, everything appeared to be peaceful for three days in
succession.Norman Benett and Rose Meek both intended to halt as a result of Elisa’s episode. Linda
was forced into a stalemate, so naturally, they were undisturbed for now.Every day, Linda fretted and
checked her social media accounts to see whether there were any signs of leaked recordings. When
there were none, she could let out a sigh of relief. This occurred daily and soon became a dreaded
daily routine for her. What would my Garry do?Did Elisa send the recording to Garry?She must have!
That petty b*tch!The three of them were seated on the living room sofa in the evening, having just
concluded dinner.Originally it was just to rest after eating, but Norman’s cell phone suddenly rang. The
anxious mother and daughter looked one after another. Intuitively, they knew who was on the other&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;line.Norman absent-mindedly checked his phone. “Wait, why is Old Mr. Wickam calling me?”The two of
them don’t typically interact. Therefore Darren was not required to step forward to talk business. Why is
he calling?In an instant, Linda drew a big breath; worry and fear filled her features.This is it.Rose was
less agitated than Linda; she was able to compose herself. “Answer the phone and find out his
intentions,” she said, casting a little scowl.Norman sighed and nodded. He picked up the phone,
“Evening, Old Mr. Wickam. What’s the matter? Do you wish to request something from me?”
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