Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 531

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&#lt;p&#gt;Even so, Elisa was not one to be disputed. There was always something to back up her actions.“Then,
Will disagreed with your proposal, leaving you with two options – to forfeit the collaboration or to use
my proposal. You guys panicked; it was a huge project, after all. Surely you couldn’t bring yourself to
give it up! Hence, you sought Gareth and showed him the proposal. Though he read it, he still chose
mine.”“He also singled me out, giving you guys a hard time. No matter who it was, they both chose me.
If I worked with one of them, the other would be offended. Under such difficult circumstances, you guys
thought of another idea, didn’t you?”Another idea…Rage boiled in him.The audacity of this
woman!After hearing what Elisa stated, he was even more certain that Linda had something to do with
that incident.And Linda said absolutely nothing in opposition. Funny… He was extremely disappointed;
perhaps he had mistakenly trusted Linda in the past.Linda could have been acting through the entire
thing.“You guys came up with such a ruthless plan in the end, but I bet it’s out of your expectations that
I would only break a rib. However, Gareth was so worried about me dying. He loves my proposal. He
will lose an important business partner and suffer massive losses if I’m not around. Look at how he
stayed with me when I was hospitalized! He even visited me regularly. If I didn’t treat him coldly, he
would probably visit me every day. Weren’t you the one who caused all this to happen? Sometimes I
wonder if I misunderstood your intentions; you kept saying that you are trying to bring us together. Now,
it really seems the case.” “Unfortunately, I don’t like Gareth, or we would have gotten back together.
Linda, if you continue to make us see each other regularly, aren’t you worried about me falling for him
again? After all, he seems to value profit and thinks I’m valuable to him. A marriage of convenience
often works to make more money, and I can do that for him.”We will never get back together.Gareth
laughed coldly.She’s self-aware.How could I get back together with such a conniving woman?Rage
finally pushed him over the edge.‘Boom’The man slammed his hands onto the table.“B*tch! Argh! I’ll kill
you!”That was the end of the recording.Gareth stopped the recording as his eyes darkened. Nobody
was around to witness the violence.In the end, Elisa was the one who drove him mad. Not Linda,
Elisa.It took a lot of strength to suppress his urge to find Elisa and confront her.Gareth finally found his&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;composure.Damn it.Elisa. Is she even worth it at this point?Gareth massaged his temple and leaned
against the leathered chair. He needed to cool off.
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Chapter 531
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