Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 528

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&#lt;p&#gt;“You!” Linda’s chest heaved violently.With a faint trace of a smile, Elisa continued, “He also singled me
out, giving you guys a hard time. No matter who it was, they both chose me. If I worked with one of
them, the other would be offended. Under such difficult circumstances, you guys thought of another
idea, didn’t you?”Linda clenched her fists tightly with the urge to scream loudly, ‘Stop speaking!’Rachel
gritted her teeth upon hearing the story. What a story! If they hadn’t taken such advantage of Elisa, she
wouldn’t be in such a tragic situation now. I feel so sorry seeing how she has endured the pain
lately.Rachel held Elisa’s hand quietly with pain in her eyes.Elisa smiled at Linda again. “You guys
came up with such a ruthless plan in the end, but I bet it’s out of your expectations that I would only
break a rib. However, Gareth was so worried about me dying. He loves my proposal. He will lose an
important business partner and suffer massive losses if I’m not around. Look at how he stayed with me
when I was hospitalized! He even visited me regularly. If I didn’t treat him coldly, he would probably visit
me every day. Weren’t you the one who caused all this to happen? Sometimes I wonder if I
misunderstood your intentions; you kept saying that you are trying to bring us together. Now, it really
seems the case.”“Hey!”Linda was enraged. However, Elisa could not help chuckling gently.
“Unfortunately, I don’t like Gareth, or we would have gotten back together. Linda, if you continue to
make us see each other regularly, aren’t you worried about me falling for him again? After all, he
seems to value profit and thinks I’m valuable to him. A marriage of convenience often works to make
more money, and I can do that for him.”“Shameless b*tch!” Linda swore.Rachel guffawed loudly upon
hearing that. “Hah! Apart from those words, do you have other insults? Since you merely put on an
elegant facade, you probably know more swear words than that. I can’t believe you keep repeating the
same few words. Should I teach you how to swear, Ms. Benett? Back in school, I learned a lot of cuss
words. Perhaps I can use them on you.”“Shut up! Shut your mouth up, Rachel! Don’t force me to hit
you!”“Do it! Show me how you would do it! Don’t you know my background? If you dare to do that, my
dad will be the first to give your family a hard time – believe it or not!”Linda was speechless upon
hearing that.Rachel had a strong family background too.“Alright, Rachel.” Elisa held her hand and&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;looked at Linda at the same time. “It’s meaningless to come here today, Linda. But you really have to
know your place after that recording.”“It’s you! I knew you were behind that, Elisa!”Elisa smiled.
“Because of the recording, you are more determined to attack me, aren’t you?”“B*tch! Argh! I’ll kill you!”
Linda burst out impulsively due to her rage.Elisa replied with a smile, “You’re welcome to
anytime.”What if she recorded this session?
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Chapter 528
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