Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 527

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa smiled at Linda. “I’ve never thought of getting back with Gareth. You can rest assure about
that.”Rachel also let out a snort. “That’s right, so you should focus on Gareth. Linda, could it be that
you can’t keep up your pure and innocent image now that you have been exposed? Else, why would
Mr. Wickam keep pestering Elisa?”Elisa was speechless upon hearing that. Clearly, Rachel is saying
that just to spite Linda.“It’s enough, Rachel. Alright?”Upon hearing Elisa’s emphasis, Rachel pouted
unhappily. “I can’t help myself!”It’s such an excellent chance to insult Linda. Of course, I will take the
opportunity happily! Linda has done so much harm to Elisa, and now she even came here to wreak
havoc at Elisa’s place. I can’t sit still watching that happen!Linda clenched her fists tightly with
reddened eyes. She was so overcome by rage that she almost looked like a maniac.She took another
deep breath to keep herself in control.“Elisa, just tell me when you will leave Gareth for good. Are you
really disillusioned by him?” Linda tried to appear meek but couldn’t help raising her voice toward the
end.“I already told you that I am not interested in him anymore,” Elisa replied with a smile.“If that’s the
case, why do you keep engaging with him? Since you don’t like him anymore, why did you let him get
closer to you?”Elisa laughed softly as though they were talking about something amusing.Rachel
looked at her in confusion. How is Elisa so calm? She regarded Linda as her sister in the past.
Shouldn’t she be furious about how things turned out today? Linda and her family repaid her kindness
with betrayal and hurt. God knows how many immoral things they have done! Yet, Elisa is still so
composed! Alas, I can never have her composure. Linda frowned. “What are you laughing
about?”Elisa’s smile widened. A moment later, she slowly explained, “There might be some
misunderstandings in the past, but weren’t you the cause of our grudges after that?”Linda’s frown
deepened. “What do you mean by that?”Elisa beamed. “I made a proposal back then. If your father had
agreed, all these conflicts would never have happened. However, you guys were worried about me
taking the spotlight and affecting your status in the company; you blocked me from appearing in public
to stop me from working with Darcey Group.”“That was because–”Elisa raised a hand before continuing
exasperatedly, “Stop giving the official excuse here, Linda. I am not recording our conversation here,&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;and I’m not interested in letting the public know about this. I believe you didn’t come just to record our
conversation.”In an instant, Linda’s face darkened, but she didn’t utter a word.Rachel was curious
about what Elisa would say next. She looked at Elisa as though she was a fan waiting for her celebrity
crush to start speaking.Indeed, Elisa did not disappoint Rachel. Her following words made Linda stomp
her foot on the ground uncontrollably.The corner of Elisa’s lips twitched upward. “Then, Will disagreed
with your proposal, leaving you with two options – to forfeit the collaboration or to use my proposal. You
guys panicked; it was a huge project, after all. Surely you couldn’t bring yourself to give it up! Hence,
you sought Gareth and showed him the proposal. Though he read it, he still chose mine.”
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