Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 523

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&#lt;p&#gt;Monica seemed regrettable when she replied, “It’s quite bad timing, then. Are you guys there now? I’m
not home at the moment.”Rose paused for a moment before she replied, “I see. Then we–”She was
about to say, ‘we will visit you another time,’ but Linda cut her off.“Mrs. Wickam, I’m Linda.”As the call
was put on speaker, it was not weird for Linda to interject.“Oh, hey there, Linda,” Monica replied kindly,
without any hint that something was wrong. “Unfortunately, I’m not home. What brought you guys here
today? Perhaps you can visit again.”Linda’s expression changed upon hearing that. Initially, she
wanted to tell her they could wait for her to return.But…She has already made her intentions clear that
she wants us to leave. What else can we do?Linda shot a panicked look at Rose, asking her to think of
an idea.Rose took a deep breath before saying, “I see. Well, I guess we have no choice but to visit
again. Have fun, Monica!”“Thanks. Let’s meet another day.”Though Monica was polite, they could feel
the thick rejection in her tone.“Alright,” Rose replied.“See you later, Mrs. Wickam.” Linda tried to sound
sweet.“Of course. Goodbye!” With a smile, Monica hung up.Immediately after that, Linda grabbed
Rose’s hand. “Mom, something is definitely off with her!”Rose’s face darkened, and she remained
silent.Upon seeing the situation now, she was not as confident as before. “But–”Linda did not want to
give up, but as soon as she said the word, Rose immediately looked at her in displease.“What are you
going to do? We are clearly not welcomed. Do you want to barge into her home to wait for her?”“I…”
she spluttered, not knowing how to continue.Nevertheless, it didn’t change the fact that she felt bitter
and incredulous about the situation.“Let’s go home.”With that, they went back.…Meanwhile, in Wickam
Residence, Monica shot a conflicted look and frowned at Gareth. “I did as you said, but do you know
the consequences of doing this to Linda? How could you let her down like this? She is–”“My life-
saver?” Gareth replied disdainfully.Monica’s eyelashes fluttered. “What do you mean?”Gareth replied
coolly with sarcasm in his eyes, “I will never marry her. You guys should stop wasting your energy on
this matter.”“You– It was agreed by both families! What the hell are you doing now?”Monica thought
highly of their union, but Gareth simply refused to listen to her.Moments ago, he had stopped her when
she was about to pick up the phone.He only allowed her to return the call after a long time. However,&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;he still forbade them to meet.Prior to that, they had gotten the news of Rose and Linda’s arrival from
the butler. That was the main reason Gareth let her return the call. Otherwise, they might have barged
in.“You rascal! What are you trying to do?” When the pair of mother and son reached a standstill in their
argument, an angry voice rang upstairs.
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