Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 525

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&#lt;p&#gt;Rachel turned to Elisa in surprise.“What is your cousin doing here? Did Linda give you a call before
this?” she asked softly.Elisa frowned and shook her head.There was a look of disapproval on Rachel’s
face as she asked darkly, “What should we do? Should we let her in?”The sarcasm was apparent in
Elisa’s smile.“Let her in. Since she dares to show up here, it means she has nothing to be afraid of. I
believe she doesn’t dare to hurt me. Let’s see what she has up her sleeves.”Though Rachel looked
worried and conflicted, she opened the door regardless upon seeing the determination on Elisa’s
face.Linda marched through the door, but when she saw Rachel, she froze.“What are you doing
here?”“Why can’t I be here? It is none of your business!” Rachel retaliated.She thoroughly despised
Linda at that moment; such a reply was already considered polite.Upon receiving such a rude reply,
Linda said furiously, “You–”Before she could finish her sentence, Elisa interjected, “What’s
up?”Distracted by Elisa, Linda walked toward her, losing control of her rage with every step she
took.“Elisa, what do you want? When will you stop? Haven’t you caused enough harm for me?” she
screeched miserably. Rachel did not approve of such accusations at all. She walked over instantly and
stood in front of Elisa. Staring fixedly into Linda’s eyes, she retorted viciously, “What do you mean,
Linda? Who is the one causing harm? Let’s clear things up today! How much more are you going to
make Elisa suffer? She has already broken a rib – what else do you want? Do you really want her
dead?”Linda’s expression immediately changed. “What nonsense are you talking about? What has that
to do with me?”Elisa let out a derisive snort.“Rachel, it’s meaningless to argue with her.”Rachel
frowned, but she didn’t disagree with her.On the other hand, Linda was enraged upon hearing that.She
started walking toward Elisa again, but Rachel stepped forward and shoved her, making her stagger
backward.“What are you doing? Are you going to kill us yourself since the car crash didn’t do its job?
With me here, don’t even think of touching Elisa! Over my dead body!” Rachel roared fiercely.“Rachel!”
Linda thundered.Rachel snorted coldly and scratched her ears irately. “I’m not deaf; I can hear you
perfectly. Are you trying to make everyone in the vicinity hear you? How funny! Aren’t you worried that I
might take a recording of how ferocious you are? Your elegant facade will be completely ruined by&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;then.”Linda’s chest heaved angrily. She was here to settle scores with Elisa, and it wasn’t in her plans
to involve another person.Then, she took a deep breath to regain control of herself. Looking at Elisa,
she said darkly, “This is between us. I hope you can ask your friend to give us some space.”
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