Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 520

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Sleep early tonight. I will try my best to confirm this matter as soon as possible and contact you after
that.”“Okay. Thanks.”Will frowned. “I do not like to hear that from you. I would like it if you consider
saying ‘Will, I like you’ rather than ‘Thank you’ next time.”Elisa frowned quietly.Will smiled and
continued, “Then, I will know that you intend to thank me. Don’t worry. I will not misunderstand.”Elisa
could not say anything in response.“Well, I’ll stop teasing you already. You should go to sleep.” Will’s
tone was still gentle, but he could taste the bitterness of his words.“Mmm.”Elisa simply grunted in reply.
Then, both of them ended the call.Elisa held the phone in her hand tightly. She had lost her desire to
sleep.“Elisa, why are you not asleep yet? It is already very late!”Suddenly, Rachel’s voice sounded
from outside her bedroom door. Elisa quickly replied, “I’m going to sleep now.”She was not fully
recovered and still needed someone to take care of her, so Rachel decided to stay with her for the time
being.After all, both she and Elisa needed to go on business trips. On the other hand, Carle had to stay
in the hospital for treatment.The wound on his head was too severe that he had almost become
paralyzed. So he would not be discharged so soon.“Okay, you rest early too. Call me if you need
me.”Rachel yawned.She had gotten up to go to the washroom and heard noises from Elisa’s
bedroom.“Okay.” Rachel returned to her room after hearing Elisa’s reply.The house was exceptionally
quiet, but Elisa could not fall asleep. She was eager and impatient to know what Will had found out.…In
Benett Residence.It wasn’t just Elisa and Rachel who were still awake.Norman and his family were on
the sofa in the study. All of them looked grim.“What should we do? Ten days have passed! Our
engagement is coming up soon, but Gareth has not done anything. What should I do? Dad, Mom, can
you please give me some advice?”Linda was anxious. She was afraid that her engagement would be
called off. After all, he had said such harsh words that day. What should she do?Rose frowned. “You
must have misheard that day at the hospital.”Linda roared in frustration. “No! I heard it loud and clear!
He wanted to call off the engagement! He does not want to get engaged to me!”Rose shook her head.
“Well, even if that’s the case, the Wickam family has not done or said anything. It is only ten days to
your engagement party, and nothing odd has happened. If he planned to call off the engagement, he&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;would have notified us. Our family is not like any other ordinary family. He should give us an
explanation if he wants to call off the engagement, shouldn’t he?”Norman nodded. “That’s right. If the
Wickam family wanted to call it off, they would come up with something first and let us know
beforehand to uphold both families’ reputations. Furthermore, our family business is thriving. Do you
know how much he would lose if he gave you up and worked with Darcey Group?”Linda frowned hard.
“But…”Rose sighed, “Linda, he no longer trusts you like before. He has probably listened to the whole
recording already. So if you manage to be engaged to him, you will be his rightful partner. Then, you
can slowly find ways to make him fall in love with you.”
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