Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 517

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&#lt;p&#gt;She narrowed her eyes and answered the call.“What’s the matter?”The person at the other end of the
call answered immediately. “Ms. Benett, she is up to something again!”Elisa pursed her lips and did not
answer. She waited for the person at the other end of the call to finish her words.Yara took a deep
breath and spoke. “I heard her talking to Mrs. Benett. She expressed her unhappiness toward her
failure. She said that she would carry her plan out slowly. I know you are in the hospital now, so… I
think they are planning another attack on you!”Linda had come over these two days when she was in
the hospital. Norman and his wife came too and put up a show of affection toward her. They looked so
sincere that she almost mistook them for her biological parents.“Do you know what they are planning?”
Elisa sounded calm.A flash of admiration flashed across Yara’s eyes. Ms. Benett was always calm
when she encountered emergencies like this. She was so much better than Linda in this way.When
Yara had worked for Linda, she had always acted like a gentle lady in front of outsiders. She was kind
to everybody and acted like a noble lady. Everyone thought that she was like an angel, precious and
beautiful.But… She was the only one who knew how evil Linda was in private.Elisa, however, was
different.She was always noble and could get everyone’s admiration and respect from the bottom of
their hearts.“This… I don’t know about it yet.”Elisa simply answered. “Okay. You should be more
cautious during this period too. Don’t let her find out about you.”“Okay.” Yara expressed her concern,
“Ms. Benett, you… Please watch out!”“Okay. Goodbye.”“Okay.” Elisa put away her phone and lay down
on the bed once more. She had a troubled look in her eyes.She wondered what their plans were this
time.But…Just as she was thinking about it, the door was pushed open suddenly.Elisa thought that it
was Rachel. But she did not expect to see Charli when she raised her eyes.“Charli…”The look on
Charli’s face was dark and scary. “Did you plan to keep this from me if I never came?”Elisa quickly
shook her head, “No…”Then, she got up.But Charli quickly strode towards Elisa. She held one of her
shoulders and spoke in a low tone. “Why are you getting up? Lie down properly!”There was a warm,
fuzzy feeling in Elisa’s heart. She smiled gently and nodded. “Alright.”There was no need for her to put
up an act in front of Charli.When she saw the dissatisfied look on Charli’s face, Elisa chuckled, “I’m&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;fine. I will be discharged soon.”“Did they do this to you?” Charli frowned. “Why didn’t you inform me
about this as soon as you gained consciousness? I could have investigated it!”Elisa smiled, “They
would have wiped all their traces away if they dared to hurt me. Eventually, the blame will be on the two
drivers. Now that the police have been alerted, we do not necessarily need evidence to take revenge
on them.”Charli looked at her, puzzled. “Do you have a plan?”Elisa’s eyes glinted. She smiled but did
not answer Charli. “Everything will be done slowly.”Charli frowned. She was quiet. She had complicated
feelings that she could not find words to express.She looked at Elisa solemnly. “Elisa, you must tell me
everything. It is a must for you to get rid of Linda!”The ward door was suddenly pushed open right after
Charli finished speaking.
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