Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 516

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa gave him a peculiar look. “What do you want?”Elisa gave up on her effortless struggle.Gareth
took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down.But Elisa was dissatisfied with him not saying
anything.What was he doing?A while later, he said with a deep voice, “I will not be engaged to
her.”Elisa was surprised. “You won’t?”She was interested in this.She was interested in anything that
would make Linda unhappy.Gareth pursed his lips. “I will explain everything to you if everything is as
you said.”Elisa chuckled lightly. She stared straight into his eyes and said, “Didn’t you think I was a
conceited and scheming person?”Gareth frowned. There was a complicated expression on his face.A
while later, he spoke in a low voice. “Hopefully, you are not someone like that.”“Hah.” Elisa snorted. It
seemed that he still thought she was someone like that.She ignored the ugly look on Gareth’s face and
said, “I don’t know what your intentions are, but I’m happy that you will break the engagement with
Linda. I know you are not doing it for me, but I’m still glad you are doing it. Thank you.”The look in
Gareth’s eyes turned colder.“Elisa, are you too lazy to even put up an act anymore?”She was obedient,
docile, gentle, and understanding in the past.But now, she was reckless, unruly, ruthless, and
cruel.Perhaps this was her real personality.Elisa smiled. “You have always thought I was over the top.
What’s the use of me pretending anyway?” Gareth frowned once more. Then, he sneered. “Let me give
you a piece of advice about the this collaboration. It would be best if you didn’t promise Will Darcey too
much, or it will be hard for you in the future.”After Gareth finished speaking, he got up. He did not want
to stay any longer. This woman might anger him to death.Elisa watched him leave warily.“Wait.”Gareth
paused. But he did not turn around to face Elisa.Elisa confirmed with him again. “Are you going to keep
your word and really not getting engaged? You are not joking with me or teasing me, are you?”Gareth
snorted coldly. He left without answering Elisa.The ward fell silent instantly.Elisa took out her phone
and read the few messages on it. She sighed gently, then replied to Carle’s text.— Elisa: ‘Yes, I’m fine.
There’s no need to worry about me. You should take care of your health yourself. Do listen to Sheena,
as she’s the one taking care of you.’— Carle: ‘I’m taking care of my health. Don’t worry about me, Elisa.
I might even get discharged when you are back.’— Elisa: ‘Okay then. I’ve had a long day. I’m tired.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Goodnight.’Carle slowly deleted the message he had typed halfway. He wanted to ask if they could
have a video call. A hint of disappointment flashed across his eyes.But…He knew that Elisa was busy
right now. He shouldn’t disturb her.— Carle: ‘Okay. Goodnight.— Elisa: ‘Goodnight.’Just as Elisa was
about to put away her phone, it rang. She narrowed her eyes suddenly.She had told them not to call
her unless it was urgent. That meant that…
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