Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 65

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&#lt;p&#gt;8 months later...
&#lt;p&#gt;A white jeep is cruising leisurely, bumping through a dirt road, lined both sides by thick forest. A few
human workers and a heavy auger machine hustling at the starting point of the road. Orion's eye
inspected the poles and wires lied in roles by the roadside. A lot has changed since the last time he
had been to Mountain Manuka. A bumpy ride towards the mountain valley is now smoother, thanks to
Selena who had initiated the idea of clearing trees and making a leveled dirt road so that pack
members could travel faster in and out of the mountain. It has also opened the gate to civilized
development, beginning with electricity supply. Soon, telephone lines and the internet would also be
installed. This is the second time Orion riding into Mountain Manuka. He arrived at the brick house and
the first thing he sees is Selena's friend and her brother, Aaron.
&#lt;p&#gt;This is the second time they have gathered at the Mountain Manuka. Orion came exactly 12days after
Selena had left him in charge of Samrat Kingdom, for their wedding, a day before the full moon. Zaden
had decided to get legally wed, since he wants all his properties and funds to be accessible to Selena,
just in case something happens to him. Challenging Epsilon had really opened his eyes in more than
one way.
&#lt;p&#gt;A simple wedding by Lake Khalifa, where most of their lovable memories took place, where Selena
conceived their baby. Grasses were trimmed short on that day. A line of wooden handrails installed, all
the way from a series of white wooden dividers, forming a compartment for the bride till the end of Lake
Khalifa, where a flower arch, entwined with white roses from end to end. A chiffon silhouette fringed the
floral arch, extending down to the handrail, curving their way to the bride's compartment at the end.
Wooden benches lined in a perfect manner on both sides of the handrail, followed by a line of lanterns
on one side and blocks of candles next to the aisle, providing subtle flicker of light on the sunset
evening. It also kept Makeala edgy with continuous worry that something is going to set on fire. In the
mid of the handrail, as aisle, planks of woods lined up for the convenience of the bride, drizzled with&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;white rose petals. The horizon was especially beautiful, with orangy yellow ombre painted across the
horizon of mountain peaks, spreading serenity down the hill, across the water body to the gathered
werewolves and humans. Zaden had trimmed his beard a little bit closer than usual, his mustache
slimmer than usual. He couldn't bring himself to a clean shave as it may look weird. He stood there by
the floral arch, in a fresh, crisp slim-cut tuxedo, black coat with white inners shirt, completed with a bow,
looking exceptionally dashing. He kept glancing at his Tag Heuer wristwatch, face filled with tension
even though the bride is not late.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Relax man...” Orion nudged him from the sides. His best man isn't looking bad himself. Zaden glared
at him
&#lt;p&#gt;“I did all the arrangements. Do you think she would like it?” He asked low at Orion.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I think she would be more focused on you rather than the decorations, Zaden” Orion raised his
&#lt;p&#gt;“Just don't get cold feet, because if you don't marry her, there is a lot of man here who would” Xavier
from between Zaden and Orion, earning a kick on his foot from Orion. He pursed his lips tight to
restrain his screaming pain.
&#lt;p&#gt;“What??? Are you planning to hi-jack her or something?” Zaden asked him with a frown and he started
stammering when the guitar strung a sweet tune, Let Her Go by Passenger, chosen by Grandpa Kai
after much debate. Everyone's attention panned to the entryway. There she stood. A white lace
wedding dress with a plunging A-neckline that stops at her mid-chest and the bottom extends all the
way down in a slim cut. A skin-toned fabric lined the back of white lace flowers, making them pop
against her skin. Another layer of white chiffon flare skirt with a delicate lace belt hangs from her waist
down into a long trail behind her. The whole dress fits her perfectly as it hangs by a strap on her
shoulders. Her hair hasn't changed much, just the curls are more prominent, bouncy and with a side
partition. Strands from her hairline rolled to join at her the back of her head and a few baby breath&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;tastefully decorates those rolls. A simple rose gold eyeshadow making her grey eye seemed rounder
and popped. Her lips with light pink matte lipstick and blushing peach blush. A gentle smile and a pair
of twinkling eyes complete the look. Holding a bouquet of white roses and baby breath in one hand and
her other hand grasping tights on her father's arms, as if her life depends on it. She is obviously
tensed, indicated by the notch on her throat and trembling breath. She walked down the path.
&#lt;p&#gt;“There is my angel” Zaden mumbled to himself but Orion, Sitka and Xavier heard him too. His eyes
widened slightly, frozen at her. His heart skipped a beat when he first laid his eyes on his bride. A soft
smile on his lips, like a twitch and twinkle in his eyes indicates how amused he is. A priceless reaction
that can never be erased from memory and Selena didn't waste an ounce of it, observing his every
single gesture. She finally came to the end of her journey and Leonardo let her hand go, leaned down
to kiss his daughter's forehead before handing her hands to Zaden.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Yours to love, Alpha Zaden...” he said and when Zaden took her hand, he stepped to the side with
glistening eyes. Zaden was sure he felt a tremble from her fingers. He reached her knuckles with his
thumb and caressed them gently and she bit her lower lips before letting a heart-stealing smile. Orion
bit his lips hard, exerting self-control as he turned his head away from them.
&#lt;p&#gt;Makeala rushed to Selena and took her bouquet away, so that she is free to take both of her man's
hands. Zaden sighed out slowly
&#lt;p&#gt;“You...are...breathtaking...” she flushed as goosebumps erupt from her tailbone to her neck.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Are you ready?” the ministry asked low and they nodded. With that, he proceeded with the formalities
and they said their vows and accepted each other as husband and wife. A drop of tear rolled down the
corner of her eye after she said ‘I do’. Zaden tilted his head and brushed off the teardrop with his
thumb. He then held her chin as gingerly as possible. With a gentle smile, he leaned forward and
placed a brief kiss on her lips, sending the crowd to awe. Selena chuckled at the end of the kiss, Zaden
followed. Leonardo, Aaron, Mother Ruth and Grandpa Kai are all wiping their tears with a tissue and&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;sniffling their running noses. Orion reached into his pocket and pulled out a blue velvet box as did
Makeala. Makeala opened the box first revealing a simple gold ring. Selena slides it on his ring finger
and when he looked up, the intensity in his eyes shook her to core. Orion then opened Zaden's box.
Selena's smile faded as her eye widened a little. A square, radiant cut diamond, at least 22 carats, with
a pair of amethyst on either side and smaller diamonds at the sides of the purple Amethyst, in an
almost invisible gold ring base.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Do you like it?” Zaden whispered to Selena and she rolled her eye. What a stupid question at their
wedding aisle. What will he do if she says she doesn't like it? Run to the city and buy another one?
Wait, he might.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I love it...” he took the ring with a deep inhale and exhales before sliding it on her finger. He looked at it
one more time.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Perfect for my Queen” and she chuckled. He held her hand and pulled it forward, another hand snaked
to her lower back, embracing her to him in a swift. He freed his grip on her hand and entangled her hair
from the nape of her neck, before smashing his lips to her, inhaling deeply as if this is the first time their
kissing. He has been itching to kiss her ever since she showed up down the aisle. Thousands of
butterflies invade their inner spirit, weakening them for each other. She couldn't ask for a more perfect
wedding, in her context that is. The crowd wooed even louder for them. Right at the end of the kiss,
when Selena slowly opened her eye, she-wolfs around the place opened the lantern lined up all around
the venue and outbursts fireflies, like millions of them. Selena saw those lanterns out of the corner of
her eye and thought those are lit by candles. Her mouth is slightly ajar as she gasped and her eye
widens. The whole crowd gasped and murmured. A magical outburst of stars on earth, making the
event seem surreal. When the fireflies had flown away, she looked down at Zaden. He shook his head
and nudged at Orion. Orion smiled gently
&#lt;p&#gt;“My wedding gift to our little Bambi...” Selena hugged him by his neck and placed a kiss on his cheek.
At least she loves him this much which was comforting enough for him.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Thank you...” Selena said
&#lt;p&#gt;“And a load of ice cream waiting in the house” he whispered to her ears, making Selena grin even
&#lt;p&#gt;That night, Zaden and Selena spent the most wonderful time in bed-soft, gentle and loving. She is
completely worn out and laid tucked in his bed, in his room, under his black silk duvet pulled just right
above her chest, still exposing her cleavage to him. Zaden laid next to her on his side, the duvet cover
till just below his navel. An elbow had him hoisted up, hovering at Selena's side and the hand at the
end of that elbow, fiddling with her hair. His other hand free, squeezing her hand, placing a kiss on
them every now and then. His eyes gazed deep into Selena's, who God knows how long. Selena
&#lt;p&#gt;“What are you looking at?” she asked low between her fragile state
&#lt;p&#gt;“Nothing... you know how beautiful you were today, Mrs. Black?” he said and Selena chuckled even
&#lt;p&#gt;“I do Mr. Black, I saw it in your eyes...” Zaden chuckled and leaned for another kiss.
&#lt;p&#gt;The following night, Zaden and Selena ran to Lake Khalifa again, for their marking. It is supposed to be
in front of the whole pack but Zaden refused to. He doesn't want to be distracted by anything, he wants
to have every drop of her for himself. She was wearing a simple peach, knee-length, strapped dress
with a little gold ribbon at her waist. Zaden was wearing a grey v-neck T-shirt and blue jeans.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Who does shopping for you?” he asked and Selena bite her lips

&#lt;p&#gt;“Well, she knows what suits you...” Selena smiled and pulled him down by his neck and they had a
short clip of passionate kissing. Zaden broke away with panting breath
&#lt;p&#gt;“Are you ready?” he asked and she swallowed her saliva, before shaking her head with timid eye
&#lt;p&#gt;“You scared?” she nodded frantically like a small girl
&#lt;p&#gt;Zaden looked around, licking his lip and thinking for a second. The moon shining high in the dark sky
&#lt;p&#gt;“Ok, maybe not now” he said
&#lt;p&#gt;“Really?” Selena asked in disbelief and he nodded before kissing her neck down to her chest and to
her breast. Before they realize what is going on, they were naked on the riverbank. Zaden was
exploring her in and out, playing in multiple areas at the same time, pushing her high into pleasure, the
level she had never reached in the past month. His tongue swirled around her nipple while his other
hand caressed her knub, making her arch her back. She was dripping wet when Zaden couldn't take it
anymore and he shuffled in front of her and thrust slowly into her, earning a lip-biting moan from her.
Zaden continued slowly leaning forward, burying his nose in her neck, inhaling his favorite scent in the
whole world. Each thrust initiates a set of sparks between them, a perfect mixture of pain and pleasure,
just like how it was at their first time. Selena's breath hiked and her leg muscle trembling, as a swirl of
tornado built up at the bottom of her stomach.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Don't, hold it...” Zaden said and she has no idea how to hold it in. In an attempt, she clenched her butt
muscles and it stopped the outburst but increased her suffering as her vaginal muscles narrowed also.
Zaden let out a loud groan
&#lt;p&#gt;“Arghhh...fuck...” he placed both his hands next to her head, pushing himself to hover on top of her. His
eyes gazing straight into hers as his movement increased in speed. There was something other than
pleasure in it, wary? Care? Tenderness? A frown as his mouth opened a bit, restraining his animal&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;instinct. He pushed his hands off ground, his thumb running over her knub. A newfound pleasure made
every single muscle in her body tremble and clench. She squirmed even forcefully and she fisted the
dirt next to her
&#lt;p&#gt;“ZADEN...” she let out a screaming moan.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Yes baby...scream my name...” and she let out a few more screams before biting the back of her hand
with squeeze shut her eye. Zaden grabbed her hand and threw it away before entering two of his
fingers into her mouth. She sucked hard on his fingers, trying her best to hold her orgasm. Zaden threw
his head back with a hiss as his breathing is failing to support him. A few seconds before he was close,
he fell front, to her neck
&#lt;p&#gt;“Cum for me, Alpha Selena” he knows the magic word and she let herself free, releasing a fountain of
orgasm onto Zaden. At the same time, she was about to cum, Zaden extended his fang and let them
pierce through her neck, right at the curves where his leather chain is resting now. She screamed at the
top of her voice. It felt like 10 orgasms stirring within her at once, a bliss of magic engulfing her. A bright
light blinded their vision. The flash blipped away and there stood the man in her dreams, her dream
crush, so to speak. White shirt and blue jeans in the midst of a rose garden. He casually turned around
with a slight smile on his lips. Bronzy chocolate eye, black hair and trimmed facial hair. It was Zaden,
stretching his arms to take hers. Selena, bewitched, took his hand. Her soul latching onto his soul at
that very second, swirling beatitude around her, as if she is in her own personal paradise. The pain was
also there but greatly masked by her glee. She bites on his fingers unintentionally and he endured it, so
that she won't feel the pain in her neck. His heart raised 100 times faster at the touch of her soul. He
felt the same as Selena only he has to maintain his foot on earth while she let go, freeing her soul. He
held a few more seconds, just to make sure he had completed the marking and released her neck. Her
breathing calmed down immediately. Zaden kissed her marking wound before lapping it, sealing the
pierced skin. Selena let go of his finger in her mouth and Zaden dropped next to her. His whole body is
trembling and sweating profusely. His breath is storming as he laid there closing his eye. Selena&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;managed to gather herself after much effort and she looked at Zaden. He looks like he just had a heart
attack. Selena is not familiar with werewolf rituals but when she turned to look at him, an instinct struck
her. His exposed neck is attracting her like a magnet. Her fangs came out without any effort from her.
She couldn't fight it, her lips felt dry. Giving up fighting, she leaned to her side. Her breast touching his
chest, one of her hands over his shoulder and she kissed below his earlobes. She tilted her head
slightly, letting her fang pierce through his skin.
&#lt;p&#gt;“SELENA NO!!!” Zaden screamed and groaned. He wasn't ready for another round of overwhelming
pleasure but she has already penetrated him. His body trembled, he struggled to get a grip. He was
afraid he would accidentally push her or hit her. He grabbed his own hair. Selena let go of him and
mimicked his action earlier, licking the wound and blow gently on the wound. She observed in
amusement at how fast the wound closed itself. She looked up, Zaden eye gold and he is sweating like
crazy. She wiped his sweat with her hands. He grabbed her hand and slowly opened his eye to look at
Selena. He observed her face for a minute.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Damn... Selena, that was...” he could formulate words as his breathing stopped him. Selena places a
finger over his lips.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Shu...I know how it was, I was there too, remember...” she is also panting and sweating. Zaden
chuckled and looked down at her neck. 2 red dots, that would soon turn black on her flawless skin. He
touched that mark and a sudden zap felt on her spine. She closed her eyes savoring the feeling. Zaden
chuckled at her. They laid there with Selena on his chest till late at night.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I thought you said not today?” her fingers circled his arms.
&#lt;p&#gt;“No...I said MAYBE not today... it's not my fault you miss interpreted.” He looked down at her and she
scowled at him.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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