Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 64

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&#lt;p&#gt;It took them another 2 more days to part away from Orion and Samrat Kingdom. They made some
basic decisions like vacating the mansion and using it as a school while Orion wanted to stay in the
cabin in the wood, as a remembrance of Selena and Zaden. They took this opportunity to explore the
land, together with Makeala, Xavier and Sitka. Selena specifically wanted to go to the river stream
running in the midst of the kingdom which she saw the day she became alpha. Selena insisted on
getting into the waters and so, the rest followed her. Zaden stood shirtless behind her, embracing her
waist gently just in case she slips. The rest weren't that far, just a few feet away and soon got into a
fight of ‘Who can hold breath underwater the longest. A war of splashing water followed and Orion
quickly cruised to Selena, standing in front of her as she grabbed his arms, peeping over at the others.
Orion felt a stab in between his chest as he gazed at Selena. Zaden eyes were watching him as well as
a hint of possessiveness lifted its head. Orion raised his head, facing Zaden
&#lt;p&#gt;‘Are you sure you can handle her by yourself?’ he asked through mind-link to Zaden. Zaden smiled in
&#lt;p&#gt;‘It's just that we both have always been her cage of safety, ever since she found out about being a
werewolf’ Orion added
&#lt;p&#gt;‘She has a whole pack as her safety fort once she becomes their Luna but still, they won't be as good
as you and me, I agree. I will do my best’ Zaden said and Orion smiled.
&#lt;p&#gt;In that 2 days, most of Orion's belonging from Mountain Manuka has arrived at Samrat. Makeala and
Selena are helping to set everything up in the cabin. Orion laid lazily on the bed the whole time,
bouncing a small ball off the wall in front of him. Selena has been enduring his tantrum for quite a while
that now, she is fed up.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Aren't you going to help us?” he shook his head ‘NO’. His feelings for Selena have been raging ever
since he agreed to stay in Samrat. He is already missing her so much. These past 2 days, he spent&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;most of his time tagging along with Selena, watching her secretly behind Zaden, touching her at any
opportunity he gets which is very seldom since Zaden is always there with her. Deep down he knows
what he is doing is wrong, but when thinking about being away from her, probably forever, it hurts him
so much. He loses control. His lips are itching to kiss her, one last time and she is not doing anything to
ease his pain too. Her hands came in great precision catching the ball that is just inches away from his
face. She looked at him coldly with an eyebrow cocked
&#lt;p&#gt;“Makeala” she turned around and threw the ball to Makeala. She caught it and threw it back at Selena.
Selena threw the ball back and this kept on for a few more turns before Orion stood up and dashed to
Selena who was about to catch the ball again, grinning wide. He wrapped his hand across Selena's
tummy from behind. He bends down and caught her hands which have grasped the ball now. Because
of his bend, now his nose is buried in her hair. He took the opportunity and inhaled her scent as deep
as possible, minty orange. Makeala sensed an alarm and stood up, swallowing her saliva with frozen
&#lt;p&#gt;“You smell so...refreshing...” Selena snapped her eye up. Nobody, except for Zaden, ever talks about
her smell. She slides his hand off her.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Zaden thinks so too...” she didn't look back and walked out of the room. Zaden was pacing around the
ground at the front porch. She saw him and paced with solemn face to him. Zaden turned around once
he sensed her and beamed a beautiful smile towards her. He opened his hand slightly inviting her into
his embrace and she walked straight into his chest. She laid her cheeks into his chest, enjoying the
warmth and scent that never fails to indulge her in serenity.
&#lt;p&#gt;“What's wrong?” he is worried seeing her upset.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Nothing” she shook her head in his chest. He laid a kiss on her head and his eyes snapped up
immediately with fierce, his body stiffened. Sensing this, Selena looked up at him&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“ You smell different” he said coldly, his eye still staring forward. His heart ached terribly as boiling
blood is pumped at high speed through them. The smell of another male on his mate, his
possessiveness kicked in full force. He is intimidating or straight-on scary to Selena.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Orion...It's...It's just Orion...” she stuttered. Her eye flickered around and her heartbeat racing, clear to
Zaden at this much of close approximate. Zaden stepped aside in fury, ready to attack Orion.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Zaden, please...” Selena grabbed his arms and he stopped dead, eyes still fuming at the cabin.
&#lt;p&#gt;“It's... it's not like he had never touched me before...let it go” she said low to Zaden and he turned his
head slightly and looked down at her pleading eye.
&#lt;p&#gt;“But you had never felt uncomfortable to his touch before, just like how your father or Aaron or Ozrain
touches you. Now, it is different, isn't it? Your heartbeat is shooting up, you are stuttering and your eyes
are glistening with tears” Selena was taken back by his observation ability while he stood there with a
tight fist.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Which means his touch is inappropriate. And why would you feel it's inappropriate? Because he is
touching you like I do, am I correct?” his voice is low with a grumble, like Satan from hell, sending a
shiver down her spine. Selena's eye trailed down to his abs. He had figured it out, spot-on from the
minute changes in her. He grabbed her chin and lifted her head up, harshly
&#lt;p&#gt;“Nobody touches you the way I do, baby girl. Nobody touches what is mine” he moved really close to
her, almost touching her nose tip with his but with a threatening eye. He took a step to the side and
stride to the cabin
&#lt;p&#gt;‘ I forbid you from talking about this, ever’
&#lt;p&#gt;A Samrat's command and his body involuntarily stopped. He turned around.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Just a few days, Zaden... He is already hurt. Just let it go” she begged him. His eyes are red now. He
zoomed past Selena. She grabbed his arms but he threw his arms up in the air, jerking her off and
walked away into the forest, probably for a run.
&#lt;p&#gt;Although she had begged Zaden to stop, she couldn't be her usual self with Orion. She kept her
distance from him and they talked very little. It tears his heart apart. He regrets the tiny little move that
he made earlier today, in the morning. He walked into his room in the cabin. Everything looked neatly
organized. He sat on his bed with elbows on his knees and hands clasps together in front of his face,
shuffling the bedsheet and pulled the ball on his pillow to roll down. It tumbled down till it stopped by
Orion's thigh. Orion pulled his face out from his clasped hand. He stared at the ball before grabbing it
by his hand. Something hit him, as the frustration panted up within him bursts. He smashed the ball to
the opposite wall. With a loud scream, he punched through his cupboard, putting a hole in it. He swept
away everything on his console table. The bedside lamp was next, smashing it into pieces. He took the
lampstand and smashed it against his headboard. Zaden and the whole pack ran to the room and
opened the door, only to find Orion sitting on the bed edge, face down. He is dripping in sweat and his
hands are shaking from his forceful grip on the bed. His breathing is ragged. Zaden scanned around
the room, shocked by the level of damage he had done. Makeala wanted to walk to him, pass Zaden
but Zaden put out his arms as a barrier. He thought for a minute, before looking over his shoulder at the
now terrified Selena. He grabbed her hands and pulled her to the front, into the room and closed the
door behind her. He stood by the door not wanting to leave her alone with him, at the same time, only
she can remedy him. He is stuck between his love and friendship.
&#lt;p&#gt;In the room, Selena stood puzzled, fiddling with the hem of her shirt. She is scared to go anywhere
near him, although she is 101% sure he is not going to hurt her. After being immobilized for what felt
like an eternity, Selena approached Orion, step by step. He is still on the bed edge, with elbows on his
knees. Selena stood in front of him. Her trembling hand reached to grab his hands and he pulled it
away harshly. She flinched back and her trembling became worse. She doesn't dare to touch him
anymore but stood still there a few more seconds. Her own thought is torn into pieces at the moment.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Maybe asking him to take her place is too much? Maybe it is a bad idea? How can she counteract it?
Just reverse everything and be the alpha, herself? They will figure out the rest later. This means she
has to separate from Zaden temporarily which racked her, of course, but at the same time, it feels
unfair to put someone through this for her. She wiped away a drop of tear escaped down her cheeks
without her permission. She took a step back and Orion snapped her eyes up at her. He stretched his
hands to grab hers and pulled her into his lap, all in a lightning flash. He buried his head in the nook of
her neck. She shrugged in dismissal and tried to push him away but he grabbed her wrist, that has
found its way next to his chest. His nose is inhaling her scent, making her flinch every time his nose
touches her neck. Her lips trembling.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I am sorry...” his voice is contradictorily calm. Selena gulped air.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Orion...this is obviously stressful for you. You can go back to Mountain Manuka” Orion slowly moved
out of his hideout with a frown.
&#lt;p&#gt;“What?” he asked and Selena nodded frantically
&#lt;p&#gt;“I dismiss you. You can go back home. I will take care of this pack like how I am supposed to” tear
edged at her eye line, threatening to fall anytime now.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Zaden can come to visit me every biggy” she smiled gently but accompanied with that tear-
filled eyes, it looks dreadful.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Were you always this crazy?” he smiled and pulled her hand that he had grabbed earlier, resting her
palm on his trimmed beard and Selena chuckled.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I fell for you, you didn't. I came to terms with it, thinking at least I would be able to see you from
distance for the rest of my life. What difference does it make when we switch places? Me going back to
Manuka only makes things worse because then, 2 of us must endure losing you. It will be 100 times&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;worse for Zaden since he has to depart with his love, mate and his baby. That is not going to happen.
You are going back to Manuka.” He said as calmly as possible.
&#lt;p&#gt;“But...” Selena was about to speak out a lengthy speech but Orion placed his index finger on her lips,
shutting her down. Her soft lips against his skin triggered unwanted reactions and desires within him.
His eyes lingered at her lips, absorbing each and every line and curves on them, not to mention the
inviting rosy tone they are. His hands slipped from her lips to thrust between her hair and neck. Another
hand holding her mid-back. He tilted his head, approaching with hesitation. Realizing what he is
thinking of doing, Selena gasped and that stopped him, head still tilted and his lips a few inches apart
from hers.
&#lt;p&#gt;“No, Orion...I am not yours. You have kissed me before, when I wasn't anyone's possession. But not
today. I am Zaden's and the weird thing is, he is mine too...he is all I need...and all I want...” at this very
moment, she realized how much she actually loved the other man behind those closed doors. No
reasons, no logical explanations, no scientific or psychological facts. Just blind love. When he claimed
her as him, she refused to be his property. But now, when the feeling is mutual, she is eager to claim
him and hide him in her chest, not letting anyone near him. Her hands slide between them, pushing him
away, slowly parting from his warmth. She stood up, biting her lips in uncertainty. Could she have
stirred his anger again? She froze there, waiting for his permission. Orion dropped his head down and
chuckled. He is nowhere more than a friend in her heart, it is clear now. What needs to be done, should
be done. He stood up with newfound determination and courage, grabbed her hand and pulled her
behind him. Dashed open the cabin door to see Zaden's back. His hand was grabbing a wooden chair
with force, enough to break it. Zaden looked over his shoulder with a frown when he heard a thud
behind him. Orion smirked at him and pulled Selena to his front, enough force to toss her to Zaden.
She trots to Zaden and he turned around to catch her. Tears rolling down her cheeks as she hid her
face between his chest. Zaden cupped her head and tilted her up.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“What happen?” he is concerned for her. Selena forgot to answer him, losing herself in his bronzy
chocolate eye.
&#lt;p&#gt;“She won't talk, cat caught her tongue” Orion said, earning full attention from Zaden as he darted his
eyes to him.
&#lt;p&#gt;“She won't go anywhere out of Mount Manuka, Zaden caught her heart” he smiled gently with arms
across his chest and Zaden chuckled
&#lt;p&#gt;“Now, get out of here and mark her as soon as possible, so that she doesn't tear any other male's
heart” Orion said sternly.
&#lt;p&#gt;The next morning itself, Mountain Manuka pack took off to their home, leaving behind Orion in Samrat
with Makeala and Selena in full tears.
&#lt;p&#gt;“ 15days! Just 15 days. You have turned our life's upside down and now, you are crying for what?
Regret not doing enough damage?” Orion raised his eyebrow with a smile, mocking Selena. She stifled
a laugh between her tears.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Shut up” Selena still sobbing
&#lt;p&#gt;“See you sissy.Send my regard to Dahlia” Orion
&#lt;p&#gt;“Be good, ok?” Makeala caressed his cheeks.
&#lt;p&#gt;The boys exchanged their hugs before they left for Mountain Manuka, leaving behind a childhood
friend, a warrior and most of all, a trustworthy Beta.
&#lt;p&#gt;What blossomed between Selena and Zaden is beyond hormonal and chemistry. It was a mutual share
of love, of two people of the same kind and equal status-widely accepted and blessed. But what about&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Orion's love towards her? He still has feelings for a woman that will never be his. He left everything
behind so that she could be happy with the man she loved. Is his love a sin?
&#lt;p&#gt;Epsilon, a cruel king, who had killed Elisa for the woman he loved and for her happiness. He might be
cruel to the whole world but he never gave away Queen Aira's true nature and accepted death happily,
why? In hope that she would still be happy after his death. He might have committed a thousand sins,
but is his love for Aira a sin?
&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa and Ozrain had loved mutual love towards each other, just like Zaden and Selena, only they are
from different kind and status. Ozrain left her because his people were his priority but he never lived a
happy life afterward. The moment he sees the opportunity to get her back, he didn't spare a second. Is
his love a sin?
&#lt;p&#gt;When Ozrain realized that he had lost Elisa, he spent the rest of his life, looking for an unknown child.
Daisy committed suicide to save her daughter. Is that not considered love?
&#lt;p&#gt;Love shouldn't be something based on good looks, money or status. It is an unconditional feeling
towards each other. If none of the above love is a sin, then why love between the same gender is still
taboo, is still considered a sin? Or age difference is greatly stressed when a young woman falls for an
old man? Or status difference still plays a major role in certain cultures around the world?
&#lt;p&#gt;An outrageous man set the quest to concur the world. Everything and anything in his path turns into
ashes, if that what he wishes. That much of power, that much of courage. Till the day he meets love of
his life. He is believed to have committed suicide for that one woman. That man was Adolf Hitler and
his love was Eva Braun
&#lt;p&#gt;Everything is fair in love and war......&#lt;/p&#gt;
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