Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 59

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&#lt;p&#gt;Selena woke up past lunchtime and Zaden wasn't there next to her. She staggered out of bed and
walked out, rubbing her eyes to the living room. Maximus was there, with Zaden. They stopped their
intense discussion once they saw Selena. She walked straight to them with a smile. There were some
take-out boxes on the coffee table and her tummy growled involuntarily at the sight of food. Zaden
guided her to sit on the couch before grabbing a box of fried rice, stuck a spoon into it, and gave it to
Selena. She took it with a smile, before offering lunch to Maximus and he refused politely. She dug into
her box and soon got through it as she was really hungry.
&#lt;p&#gt;“So, what's next in your plan?” Maximus asked Selena. His red, curly hair set a hue of sun-kissed glow
on his olive skin. His hazel eye is not waiting with expectation for Selena.
&#lt;p&#gt;“What?” Selena panned her head to Zaden, who has now leaned back on the couch, arms stretched
wide on the headrest.
&#lt;p&#gt;“He is referring to your plan for the pack. Not what is your plan for dinner...” his sarcasm earned an eye
roll from Selena
&#lt;p&#gt;“Why am I planning anything for the pack? Aren't we suppose to go back to Manuka today?” she
directed the question to Zaden but Maximus came forward to answer
&#lt;p&#gt;“Oh no, honey. You are the alpha of this pack” Maximus said with a smile and Selena zapped up to
stand. Such an issue never came across her mind.
&#lt;p&#gt;“WHAT???” that came out louder than she intended. Her eye widened and her jaw is probably
somewhere next to her feet. Zaden and Maximus didn't flinch as they expected such a reaction from
her. They stood up casually.
&#lt;p&#gt;“You are the new Samrat's alpha, Selena...Queen Selena that is” Zaden hugged her waist, pulling her
closer to him in a thud from behind.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“No no no...I am not an alpha material. Maximus, you can take over the pack, right?” she asked, trying
desperately to outrun the situation
&#lt;p&#gt;“Yes, but I refuse to” he crossed his arms over his chest
&#lt;p&#gt;“Why not? See, being alpha comes with its own perk. Let me explain to you” that is Selena,
brainwashing Maximus to take over the alpha position
&#lt;p&#gt;“Na ah, nothing doing. You are the alpha” Maximus replied with a chuckle
&#lt;p&#gt;“But I have the right to refuse to. Besides, from what I recall, you are fused packed. Meaning you have
other alphas in the island, correct?” she seemed proud of herself for coming up with that line. Orion,
Makeala, Sitka, and Xavier walked into the house and straight to Selena.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Number 1, you can't refuse the alpha title because you have just inherited that the moment Ozrain
died. It is not a choice, like for me, it is who you are, born alpha. Number 2, you are right we have 11
alphas on the island but you can't simply pick one to be your replacement. Then the others will rise to
challenge each other, compete, die and the one who survives will be the next alpha. In other words, 10
families will lose their heads and 1 will become alpha in your place. Is that what you want?” Maximus
has done speaking and Selena stood there dumbfound, eyes still wide as her mouth too.
&#lt;p&#gt;“What happens to you then? You would leave me alone here, after all that drama in there?” she asked
&#lt;p&#gt;“I won't leave you, baby girl. But I will have to go and convince my pack to come here. That's all I have
thought out for now. The rest depends...” He said
&#lt;p&#gt;“This should be interesting,” Xavier said as they all plopped on the couch. Selena slapped her thighs
with her palm before she turned to look at Zaden. Zaden shrugged his shoulders, innocently. She then
turned away from him, annoyed, and started pacing around. Her blood pressure is rising, one hand&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;clutches her waist and another up to her lips, biting nails. She took quite a long time, mumbling stuff
under her breath every now and then. If she stays, Zaden would probably try to shift the whole pack
here. Which is better for them since they have access to technology and quality education here. But
then, their effort to build a civilization back in the mountain will be washed away. With no alpha there,
the poachers and rogues will roam freely in the mountains, practically molesting the natural beauty and
wealth of that place. What should she do? Which way is the best? Civilization or nature? She racked
her brain in every single possible point of view.
&#lt;p&#gt;Her black chiffon blouse is sitting right above her crotch and 2 buttons from her top are undone. A long
black leather strap with turquoise locket and dangling feather ending at her mid-chest and visible
through the chiffon material. Another latest addition, a short gold chain with a heart hiatus locket,
inherited from Ozrain visible from the opened button. A rose-gold bulky lady's wristwatch lingering
around her chin since her index finger is busy feeding nails to her teeth. Her unruly black hair with
silver stripe swept to one side. Her skin has started to glow from the sun or pregnancy hormone, he is
not sure, radiating sophisticated badass girl vibe but the reality known by her close ones is that she is
harmless and innocent as a butterfly can be. Not to mention those enchanting eyes. Her scent has
definitely heightened, sending erotic waves to Zaden, calling him to her embrace. Her curves are
prominent, indulging Zaden in his dirty imaginations. She simply looks delicious even in a plain shirt
and jeans. Zaden took this opportunity to eye fuck her, from top to bottom. A flush of heat surged from
his neck, as he bit his lips and his eyes darkened with lust. A bump on his rib made him return to
reality. It was Sitka, sitting next to him.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Can you be a bit modest? Some of us are unmated!!!” he said low and Zaden straightened himself.
&#lt;p&#gt;After so long, Makeala stood up and went to the kitchen, making coffee for all of them and prune juice
for Selena. She thought she might want something easy to swallow under such pressured
circumstances, hence skipped the fruit form. She came back with a tray and placed it on the coffee
table, took the glass of juice and hand it to Selena.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Here, prune juice. I added a lot of honey to it, to make it better tasting.” Makeala said and Selena
stiffened, straightening her hands next to her thighs. Zaden stiffened too since he was there when
Ozrain drank up her last poisoned prune juice. He hasn't really got any time to share with the pack
details about what happened the night before. All they know is that Ozrain drank a poisoned juice
intended for Selena, they didn't know it was prune juice and if they had known, Makeala probably
wouldn't have made one today. Selena took the glass and stared at it. The image of Ozrain's last
laughter flashed in her mind. Subconsciously, a tear rolled down her cheeks. Zaden stood up and
walked slowly to Selena. He stretched his hand to grab the glass but Selena quickly drank it, not
stopping anywhere in the mid. Her eyes squeezed shut, trying to tolerate the taste. She stared at the
empty glass when she was done.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Who the hell associated prune and pregnancy? Let the fucker rot in hell” she said and a sad smile
curved on her lips. More and more tears flowed down. Zaden closed the gap between them, grabbed
her head with one hand, and pulled her into his embrace, resting her head in his chest. His other hand
is wrapped around her shoulder. She practically disappeared in his embrace while her hands fisted on
Zaden's shirt near his ribs. Orion stood up and followed by others. He walked to stand behind Selena
as he rubbed his palm on her back. Makeala looked at Zaden, quizzical. Zaden sighed out
&#lt;p&#gt;“Ozrain drank a glass of poisoned PRUNE juice, that was made for Selena because she can't stand the
taste” Zaden explained and Makeala gasped in realization and bit her lips.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Sweety, I'm sorry. I didn't know” she rubbed Selena's arm. Selena retracted herself from Zaden, wiping
her tears dry.
&#lt;p&#gt;“It's fine, you didn't know...” she swallowed her saliva
&#lt;p&#gt;“I have lost 2 of my loved ones because they tried to take my place...My spot seems to be fatal...” she
looked sharp at Maximus&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Assemble all the alphas in the island in an hour. I need to talk to them” a wide grin carved Maximus's
face as he nodded in relief. He walked away, out of the cabin. Somewhere in the depth of his heart, he
knew she is going to be a great alpha, considering how she insisted on staying in the cabin when she
has a luxurious mansion just a few meters away and her love for Ozrain.
&#lt;p&#gt;Back in the cabin, Zaden tilted her head up with his hand still on the back of her head. He laid a gentle
kiss on her lips. His eye is filled with concern.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Are you ok, baby girl...” he asked and she smiled gently at him
&#lt;p&#gt;“Why wouldn't I? I have you, don't I?” she winked with both her eyes. The lust that had subsided just
now is back, raging storms within him. He paused for a moment, before smashing his lips with hers. A
breathy moan escaped his mouth. All the others next to them stirred uncomfortably, especially Orion,
embarrassed by the public display of love. Selena tried to push away but he pushed her deeper into his
lips. He doesn't care who is looking and who is not at this point, he is failing to control himself. He
walked forward, not letting go of her lips, forcing her to steps back in sync with him. They ended up
walking straight into the room, turning left at the door. Just before closing the door, Zaden peeped out
&#lt;p&#gt;“Makeala, no eavesdropping” he warned her and closed the door.
&#lt;p&#gt;Behind the cabin doors, things heated up pretty quickly. The public display of love has now become a
private assault as he proceeds to roughly bite her lips and neck. His fingers are busy undoing her jeans
&#lt;p&#gt;“Zaden...stop...” she had to grab hold of his biceps to steady herself from his attack.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Oh no baby, you don't have that privilege today” that is a sure sign he is not stopping. His breathing is
deep and quick. He spanned her around and both of her palms landed on the wall with a thud. Orion's
eyes outside the room snapped up. This is just a bit too much for him to handle. The girl that he loved&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;and still has feelings for is having sex with another man who is nothing less than him, in the room right
next to him. He sprang up from the couch and walked out of the cabin.
&#lt;p&#gt;Zaden lowered her jeans, revealing a black laced panty. He kneeled down in a hurry. Sliding his fingers
in the waistband, he lowered down the panties before gently biting her butt cheeks. Selena hissed at
his action. He came up again, biting her shoulder and she threw her head behind, on to his shoulder
&#lt;p&#gt;“I know you are upset, let me remedy that...” a finger slide down her but into her body from those soft
lips between her legs. She let out a yelp, squirming as he moved his finger in and out.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I need you, baby... I need you badly...” he whispered to her ears, his warm breath heating her neck.
She moaned deliciously. His manhood sprang up in an instant
&#lt;p&#gt;“Oh shit...Selena...” he groaned at the sensation. He spun her back to front, cupping her neck with one
hand while his thumb is tilted her head up. He gave a very rough kiss to her, pulling her lips between
his teeth. He accidentally breaks her skin, making it bleed a little. She snapped her head to the side,
covering her mouth with the back of her hand, letting out a hiss. Zaden bit his lips and his nose flared
as if he is restraining his anger. He slipped his finger into her body, once again from the front. She let
out another yelp. Her hands trembling as she fumbled to grab hold of Zaden's shoulder. She is wet as if
an internal switch flicked on at Zaden's touch. He moved his hand faster than before, making her gasp
and exhale rapidly. She doesn't want to scream, considering the pack member outside the door. She bit
her lips hard, ignoring the pain at her lip's corner, inflicted by Zaden just a few seconds ago. After a
sequence of deep thrusting, Zaden leaned closer to her ears
&#lt;p&#gt;“Cum for me...Alpha Selena...” his throat is dry, resulting in a gravelly low voice. An alpha fucking
another alpha. The thought made her rise to the edge and she screamed his name. A burst of her
femininity dripped down his hand.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Good girl...” Zaden whispered again before kissing her violently again. He stepped his feet on top of
her panties and jeans, which have gathered at her feet, carried her in bridal style, swiftly removing the
pants from her feet.
&#lt;p&#gt;He walked to the bed and Selena had her hand wrapped around his neck. She is anxious as if this is
the first time being with him. It is definitely not their first, but this is the first time she is seeing him this
rough, this much dominating. He gently placed her on the bed edge, not forgetting that she is pregnant.
She laid on the bed with her feet hanging down the edge.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Shirts off” he demanded while he himself swiftly removed his black V-neck t-shirt and threw them
away. Selena slowly opened her button one by one, finishing just in time for Zaden to have removed his
belt and undo his jeans to the ground. She is laid on the bed with a back spaghetti strap. Zaden bend
down to place a hand next to her head and another grabbing her thighs, he is going to thrust into her.
Something bad snapped within her. She pushed him away by his shoulder. Zaden stood straight in
confusion. She had just pushed herself to sit, stretching her body most sensually before rolling her
neck. Bingo!!!
&#lt;p&#gt;Zaden smirked. She opened her eyes and looked up. Her eyes are black. Oh, how he misses this form
of her. He raised his hand to grab her head but she pushed it away. Eager to taste his erect manhood
struck her out of nowhere. She leaned forward, taking him into her mouth, little by little, deeper and
deeper by second.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Argh...Selena...” he groaned with a heavy breath. She moved faster, slurping his full length in and out.
A deep moan escaped his lips. He slides his hands into her hair, grabbing a fist as she moved faster
and faster.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Baby... stop...” he sensed his climax and wanted her to stop but no, she is not stopping&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Baby...please stop...” she pulled out but it was too late that he released on her face. His thick, white
seed dripped from her cheeks, down to her throat. Zaden breathing is frantic as he watched Selena
taking off her spaghetti strap camisole to wipe off her face and throat. She is wearing a black lace bra
to match her panties. She then pulled his hand as she flattened on the bed. Zaden struggled to avoid
crushing on top of her and finally was able to hover on top of her. She stretched her hand down, gently
stroking his manliness, making it roar in fierce within a few seconds. Zaden smiled at her, not lovingly,
more like the ‘you are dead’ sort of smile. He thrust her without mercy, making her scream and moan
uncontrollably. By this time, the whole house decides to take a walk, anywhere but this cabin. Selena
fisted the sheet when he had turned her around, to thrust from the back. It took so long for him to come
undone, that Selena had came thrice and her voice has turned into low and gravelly, unrecognizable
even by her. He was finally done and laid next to her, not touching. Their breathing is ragged. She
closed her eyes and dropped her head to the side. Her skin flushed pink. He admired her naked body,
every inch of it. He then laid a kiss on her forehead and she smiled between her heavy
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