Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 56

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&#lt;p&#gt;Zaden and Orion looked down besides them. The sparkle in the air tend to get attracted to Selena,
adhering to her silver fur, creating a magical mixture of gold and silver. A vortex swirled within Selena,a
powerful aura radiating from it. She tried to hold herself but as if no option is given, she got sucked into
it, losing herself as Elisa Mitkoi surfaced. Zaden and Orion stepped back from her when they felt she is
no more wobbly. Her head is still hung down but her feet seemed to have steadied itself. The silver wolf
is now having a sheen of gold on her fur. A sneer carved her lips as her fang retreated further out. Her
head slowly tilted up revealing the completely black eye, no white ball is visible. Pitch black as the
eclipse night, hiding more secrets than one could ever have thought. Selena is seeing the everything
from Elisa's point of view,somewhere from the back of her mind. Maximus, who has shifted to human
form and now wearing a pair of sweatpants, ran to Zaden and handed over some clothing. They shifted
and put on some sweatpants as well. Selena refused to shift back, confusing the others. Epsilon has
also shifted back to his human form and naked, which didn't budge Selena, even an inch. She slowly
paced round and round him, in a circle, around the dried tree while Maximus is now tying Epsilon to the
dried tree.
&#lt;p&#gt;‘ You remember this spot?’ a sweet but deep voice came into their mind-link and Epsilon let out a
chuckle in between his suffering.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Yes” he said out loud. His eyes than snapped at Ozrain, a smirk between his bleeding mouth
&#lt;p&#gt;“This is where we tied up Elisa” he said in an devilish, low tone. Ozrain felt a choke in his throat. Blood
drained out of his head. The spot wasn't that far from his territory, yet he was incapable of saving her,
looking for her miles away, till the forest hut. He stumbled back a few steps when Zaden caught his
&#lt;p&#gt;‘How did you know about me?’ Elisa's sweet voice came again&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“We followed Ozrain one night, to your secret forest hut” he said, breathing heavy. He has difficulty
holding up, his eye hooded.
&#lt;p&#gt;‘Why do you need to kill me? Why do you need to kill my innocent child?’ Selena, again.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Because...I loved Aira... my only love. I will do anything to keep her happy, just like Zaden would do
anything to keep you happy. The birth of your child means Aira won't have a child with Ozrain, since
Samrat's always gifted with one child. She wanted that so badly, hence I gave her that. Is it fair for her
to yearn for a child from her mate? What have she done to deserve this? With you gone, she may fulfill
her wish but my calculation went wrong. I didn't know you had another baby.” Epsilon spat out blood
from his mouth to the ground next to him.
&#lt;p&#gt;“If only I have known, I would-“ Epsilon's words cut off when a heavy paw landed on his face. Her anger
suddenly flared,thinking of how dare he to still threaten her child. After the hit, the silver wolf slashed
his face with her claws, leaving a few streaks of blood. Yet, she still isn't satisfied. The burning pain in
her chest demands more. She slashed again and again and again, at any spot she can reach. His
chest, shoulder and thighs are now bleeding. She let out a painful howl, standing in front of him. Before
she could execute her next attack,without any notice, a rock flew from far, hitting his head. The silver
wolf looked behind and a woman was standing there with fierce eye and streaming tears. Elisa wanted
to kill him by herself, but this seems like a better idea. She paced back to Zaden, circles a particular
spot, before laying down with her head up, between Zaden and Orion.
&#lt;p&#gt;‘Take the log, over there and give it to the girl’ Selena's mind-link made Ozrain search around for a log.
He found one nearby the tree itself. He walked to it, picked it up and retreated a few steps before some
inner urge stopped him. He shouldn't let him go just like that,not after what he did to his love. Ozrain
turned back to Epsilon, with a log in his hand. He raised the log and threw his hand with full force,
resulting in the log landing on Epsilon's head. He screamed out loud with a groan. Ozrain repeated his
hits on his shoulder and face, faster and faster than before. After a few while, he stopped.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“You don't deserve to die that easily” he said to him and walked to that particular girl from crowd. She
took the log and moved to Epsilon, hitting him with the best she could. Although he was in so much
pain,he still pulled together a little strength to humiliate the girl.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Oh come on!!! Is that the best you got? No wonder why I got bored with you. You have no grit” Epsilon
spat out his words, raging the girl even more that her following hits were even fierce then before.
Another woman strode over the first, with almost the same rage, snatched the log out of her hand.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Oh you!!! I remember you. You are the one with sweet ass, aren't you? Oh, my boys loved you so
much” Epsilon keeps talking as if he is purposely provoking these girls, but why?
&#lt;p&#gt;The next girl hit him repeatedly on his head, making him scream in pain, just like she did in his
dungeon. Images from past flashed in front of Selena's eye. Young Epsilon, 16 years old back then,
hitting her pregnant belly with a log, again and again as she begged for mercy from him.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Too bad you are pregnant or I would have had some fun with you before killing you” the young Epsilon
laughed at her with a few more werewolves around him. The face of Amethyst that she had left with her
parents flashed in front of her, how the child was screaming in her grandparent's arms when she left
the house, heavy heartedly, looking back for one last time at her beloved daughter.
&#lt;p&#gt;Another older woman is now standing with a heap of rocks and the previous 2 girls parted away. Rocks
after rocks flew to hit Epsilon, as his scream soothed Elisa a tad bit more with the every passing
&#lt;p&#gt;“Do you have to go? We can send you away, just like Amethyst” Elisa's parents with tearful face, trying
their best to change her decision
&#lt;p&#gt;“No papa, I have been seeing many werewolves lurking around my hut lately. I cannot run away from
them, especially with Ozrain not returning home. I'm afraid you and brother John will also be hurt if they
find me here.” Elisa's face terrified.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;A heavy rock hit Epsilon's cheek and a splatter of blood immediately sprang out.
&#lt;p&#gt;“No, son...please, hold on...Your papa will come. He has to come to save us” Elisa said to her pregnant
belly, sensing her baby's life slipping away. Lesser and lesser movement felt on her belly and the little
movement she felt was week.
&#lt;p&#gt;Another rock landed on Epsilon's manhood, making him scream evermore louder than before.
&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa's baby had completely stopped moving and she started bleeding from her vagina. The blood
smell attracted animals from surrounding. Rats and ants nibbling on her skin, leaving her to scream in
pain every minute of the day.
&#lt;p&#gt;The villagers of all age and both gender is gathered in front of Epsilon, hitting him with rock, slippers,
wood, metal or anything then can find. His hip is now covered with thing they threw and he is losing
&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa can feel her live slipping away. Her eyes is blurry and she is too week to breath. A vague image of
Epsilon walking towards her, made her open her eye a little but with strain.
&#lt;p&#gt;“She is still alive?!?! How is that even possible?” One of the rogues asked
&#lt;p&#gt;“Maybe she is waiting for Ozrain. He won't come, sweety. Here, maybe you can write a letter to him on
your free time” Epsilon threw a thin wooden slab at her. A set of laughter erupted before they left her
again. Enduring rats bite finally paid off when it bites free the rope tied behind her. She is free but
cannot move an inch. Her own blood is now poisonous, killing her with burning pain in her veins. She
grabbed the wooden slab that Epsilon threw at her before and found a large thorn to write down her
last message to him. A rage, unexplainable level of anger strikes her.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;The same anger is boiling in her now, after 200 years of waiting. She stood up in lightning fast, launch
herself to Epsilon and grabbed his neck with her mouth, crushing every bone slowly between her jaw
as his eyes widened, gasped caught his tongue and legs kicked violently against the ground. All the
villagers moved back and enjoyed the show.
&#lt;p&#gt;A few more days went by when Epsilon came back to visit Elisa. She is now just a hideous looking
corpse but little did they know, she still at the edge of death. He had just found out about Amethyst and
he urgently needs to find her
&#lt;p&#gt;“Carry her body” he said as his crude rogues carried Elisa over their shoulder to the seashore. Pitch
black eclipse night, perfect for hiding their crime. They climbed up a cliff and threw her into the sea. Her
body and heartbeat slowly sunk deeper and deeper. A small snake like body wrapped around her,
engulfing her little by little.
&#lt;p&#gt;She felt a mingled mass in between her jaw, she pulled it out, ripping apart Epsilon's head with no
mercy at all. She dropped it on the ground, gazed at it as serenity filled her soul. A peace that she has
been searching for decades. Everything around her is muffled, she could only hear her own heartbeat,
accompanied with another tiny beat in her ears. She is hearing a baby's heartbeat within her.
&#lt;p&#gt;‘You are safe...’ she said to the baby. She had never felt such as relief, at peace as she slowly slipped
into the darkening view. She was able to save the baby in her womb this time. She is not week. When
the scale is even,she defeated Epsilon.
&#lt;p&#gt;Selena had passed out, alerting Zaden and the pack. They ran to her in panic
&#lt;p&#gt;“Selena!!!” Zaden gently slapped her cheeks. Her heartbeat is still good. They carried her and Ozrain
made them bring her to the mansion, her rightful place.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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