Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 55

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&#lt;p&#gt;The sun had begun to set, spreading red with orange hue across the horizon. Epsilon looked back at
Zaden and he walked into the middle of the ring, in a very calm manner. He is waiting for the opponent
to attack, something that he learned from the silver wolf. Epsilon stood there for a minute studying
Zaden but he gave nothing to him. Finally, Epsilon lurched on to Zaden. He dodged his first punch,
followed by the next few. Finally, he caught Epsilon's fist and twisted his hands back. Selena is
watching every single move they make. Epsilon threw his head back with full force, hitting Zaden in his
nose and Zaden let loose of Epsilon's twisted hand. His eye went blurry for a second, providing a
window for Epsilon as he began his ruthless assault. Hits after hits fell on Zaden, earning gasp from
Selena as her breathing seized and her feet began to tremble. Zaden pushed himself up and threw a
side kick which landed directly on Epsilon's face, breaking his nose as it started bleeding immediately.
He then grabbed his hand, twist it, and snapped on Zaden's shoulder, effectively fracturing his elbow. A
groan erupted from Epsilon. Most of his pack member remained calm except for a specific type of
werewolves. They looked not well groomed, teethes with black cavities and eyes that are sullen and
now red. Selena focused on these wolfs and she got a mind voice
&#lt;p&#gt;‘Any minute now. We will finish him the second king gives his order, even if he wins’
&#lt;p&#gt;Selena's heart fell to her stomach. She turned to Ozrain
&#lt;p&#gt;“Papa, they are going to kill Zaden even if Epsilon wins” she said worriedly to him
&#lt;p&#gt;“What?” Ozrain shocked and she nodded.
&#lt;p&#gt;“We need more people if that happens. Let me get Maximus” he tried to mind-link Maximus. The fight is
getting fierce with Zaden making more damage. Ozrain focused to mind-link Maximus but he failed,
again and again
&#lt;p&#gt;“I can't reach him” he finally said which confused them all. Exactly at that moment, Epsilon shifted to
his wolf and bite Zaden's feet. Zaden let out a soul wrecking scream. He fell to the ground, squirming in&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;pain while the copper wolf in front of him didn't let go of his leg. A smirk bloomed on Epsilon's face.
Selena and her packed waited with anxiousness, rising blood pressure by second
&#lt;p&#gt;“Why isn't he shifting?” Selena exclaimed to Orion. Orion stood there dumbfound with wide eye. All the
memories of Zaden's orders to bring Selena and Makeala away popped into his mind.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Holy shit!!!Why isn't he shifting?” Selena is now screaming, grabbing Orion's sleeve in her fist. The
next thing they know, all the weird werewolves from the background shifted to wolfs and jumped into
the ring
&#lt;p&#gt;“OH MY GOD!!! Papa do something!!!” Selena is trembling in between them. Epsilon let go of Zaden's
feet and latched on his neck. Zaden grabbed his snout trying his best not to let Epsilon crush his neck.
Selena and her pack ran towards the ring, all the while the pack tried to shift but failed to do so. They
couldn't figure out why.
&#lt;p&#gt;“ZADEN!!!” Selena is screaming at him, tears stream down her cheeks while her hand held tight to
wooden railing.
&#lt;p&#gt;“The juice!!! That's it. It must have seized our wolfs” Ozrain said in surprise and Selena turned behind
to look at him
&#lt;p&#gt;“It makes sense. That why we can't shift. That means, Zaden...” Xavier eye widened even more and he
couldn't bare his own thoughts. Everyone snapped their head to Zaden. He is loosing his grip on the
wolf's snout as Epsilon's teeth grazed his neck and he began bleeding. Out of nowhere, a silver mass
of fur, hit Epsilon's body on his left. He let go of Zaden's neck as a reflex and rolled away from them. It
is Selena, she shifted and stood in front of Zaden. She looked at Ozrain and winked. She didn't drink
the juice. She tried to but because she got nauseas, she slipped the juice to the ground, pretending to
empty out the goblet. The usual cunning, smart and fast Selena.
&#lt;p&#gt;Epsilon pushed himself to stand. He lurched to attack Selena&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Quick, empty your stomachs” Ozrain ordered and Selena's pack ran as fast as they can to the nearby
trees and bushes, fingering their throat and expelling their stomach content.
&#lt;p&#gt;Selena threw her paws with full force to the left side of Epsilon, smashing him to the ground and a loud
growl erupted from him. Selena turned back to Zaden, who is still in pain. She licked his wound on the
neck, before snuggling to his neck, cooing with love. She then straightened up, put one foot over his
stomach and pressed gently, again and again. Within seconds, Zaden stomach flipped and he expelled
all its content to the ground. He sat up, wiping his mouth. His eyes meet Selena's eyes as a drop of
tear rolled down hers. He quickly wiped that tear drop, placing his forehead on hers. An exchange of
love between a magnificent beast and a perfect example of man.
&#lt;p&#gt;The rest of Samrat's kingdom is getting more and more raged. He played unfair by disabling the
original Samrats. Within the next second, Zaden shifted into his black wolf. Standing in front of Selena,
a tad bigger than her and all other pack members had joined them. All 15 stood there magnificently,
ready and energized to fight. Epsilon also had gained stability and is now standing there with his loyal
&#lt;p&#gt;“Rogues...these are rogues” Sitka said through mind-link
&#lt;p&#gt;“What are they doing here, in a pack?” Makeala asked
&#lt;p&#gt;“We are about to find out. Makeala, bring Selena away” Zaden ordered and Makeala took a few steps
&#lt;p&#gt;“No!!! You die, I die. We are here because of me and we fight together” Selena
&#lt;p&#gt;“Selena...” Zaden and his soft voice
&#lt;p&#gt;“No arguments alpha. Either we fight and win or we argue and die. Your choice” Zaden looked sharp at
the bossy silver wolf. She stares back. Finally, giving up, Zaden pulled her ears as a small punishment&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;and let go before taking attack stance. Selena shook her head to knock off the slight sting before
gathering herself to attack as well.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Epsilon is mine. You guys enjoy the rest” Zaden lurched front, hitting hard with his paw on Epsilon's
face. Selena can feel her stomach being solid hard and a tingle crept up her heart. Her wolf is excited
to fight. A brown wolf, and dirt fur coat launched towards Selena, she ducked down and the wolf flew
above her and landed further from her. Zaden and the leader's pack seem to be merciless, killing each
rogue within minutes of contact. More and more rogues entered the sparing ring as dirt sprang up with
the air around them, blurring vision. Selena on the contrary, either dodged or attacked for defense. She
didn't actual attempt to kill anyone and the pack noticed this. The whole fight carried on for about 38
minutes before the rogues finally gave up and started leaving their leader, one by one sprinting off
Samrat Kingdom. There was nearly 15 wolf to be finished off when Zaden gave out a mind-link.
&#lt;p&#gt;‘Orion, I need an alive rogue’
&#lt;p&#gt;Orion snapped his head at Zaden. His wolf frowned deep, before bending down to grab a rogue who
was squirming in pain by his feet. He grabbed one of its hind leg and dragged it to Zaden while Zaden
himself was holding another rogue in his mouth. Ozrain took over Epsilon who is now darn week from
the nonstop assault of Alpha Zaden. Orion followed Zaden without any question and Zaden walked
directly to Selena, dropping the rogues at her feet
&#lt;p&#gt;‘We haven't thought you to hunt and kill, have we?’ Zaden said and Selena stood there, with four legs
and a wide eye
&#lt;p&#gt;‘Because it is something required to do by your wolf and you were never able to shift at your wish
before this. Now, let's begin with killing, shall we?’ Zaden looked at Orion and now, he understood. He
held a rogue's leg while Zaden grabbed his neck. Slowly Zaden's teeth sunk into the wolf's skin, as
Selena watched with terrified eyes. A snap came from under his mouth and soon the neck was&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;dangling. They are werewolves and will be able to recover such a serious injury. So, Zaden snapped
his head to the sides, slowly ripping the neck till it came apart, all as slow as possible for Selena to
observe and learn. Zaden stood up with bloody mouth
&#lt;p&#gt;‘This is the easiest, mess-free way. Now, your turn’ Zaden mind-link to Selena and she took a few steps
back to run away.
&#lt;p&#gt;‘We fight together, don't we’ sensing her flight mode, Orion said and she seized her steps. Orion
dragged another rogue and dropped him in front of Selena. The situation behind them is chaotic, yet
here they stand teaching Selena life skills, werewolf life skill that is. With much hesitation, Selena bend
down to grab his throat. His smell and taste are vomit evoking. She took a while fighting her nauseas
when the wolf started gaining consciousness and fought back to release itself from her mouth.
&#lt;p&#gt;‘Just do it’ Makeala from far away, fighting off another rogue. Selena gathered her will and pushed her
jaws together, snapping his neck within seconds
&#lt;p&#gt;‘Is the ripping necessary? He looks pretty dead’ she mind-linked Zaden and Orion and they nodded.
She sighed out before placing a paw on the victim's chest
&#lt;p&#gt;‘I am so sorry, whoever you are’ crushing through the wolf's bone, slicing through its muscle. A gust of
blood indicated that she is there and she snapped her head to the sides a few times. Her mouth felt
empty, that when she realized she had beheaded that rogue wolf who was alive few minutes ago. She
spat out the little blood in her mouth. Zaden and Orion's chest raised, proud of their Luna. Zaden paced
to her, licking off the blood that had soiled her beautiful silver fur.
&#lt;p&#gt;‘Good girl!!! Now, what do you want to do with Epsilon?’
&#lt;p&#gt;As if a switch was turned on, multiple images started popping into Selena's mind to his question.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;‘I need him out of Samrat. Follow me’ she walked away from the ring followed by leader's pack and
Ozrain. Ozrain's pack finished the rest of the rogue with ease. Zaden dragged the week Epsilon by his
feet, his body leaving behind a trail of blood and they walked through the Samrat's Kingdom. Selena
looked to her left and right throughout the walk. For no reason, the other pack members of Samrat
followed them, mostly those who had been affected by his greed and his outrageous lust. Selena kept
walking till she reached the outskirt of Samrat Kingdom, the spot where they stopped yesterday before
entering Samrat, the spot that she felt dizzy on Ozrain's shoulders. A familiar feeling raised within her,
the panic attack symptom. Her heart beats faster, pumping blood more then she could handle. A bigger
force is trying to come out. She kept walking into the forest, which felt like forever. After a few meters,
the forest began thickening up. Closer and bigger trees knitted through the way. Selena's feet began
feeling week and she stumbled a bit, Orion rushed to her, kneeling and hoisting her up. Zaden took the
lead and kept walking in front of her. He had a hunch that this place is important. Far, far into the thick
green wood, a clearing approached. The spot was glowing bright by itself even though no sun or moon
is present currently. A single tree, dried with no leaves stood in the middle of the clearing. The closer
they got there, tiny gold sparkle is visible in the air, lighting up the spot. Zaden dragged Epsilon till the
dry tree and dropped him there. Selena is having more and more difficulties breathing, she leaned onto
Orion's body. Zaden paced to her other side, supporting her to walk forward. Something tells him that
she should get there, to the dried tree. 2 wolfs with heads up and Selena in the middle with slumpy
head stepped into the ring of gold sparkles. A low growl erupted from Selena.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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