Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 52

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&#lt;p&#gt;A dimly lit room with beige and gold baroque wallpaper. A customized, super king size royal bedframe
laid in the middle. It was covered with red velvet cushion and crystal embellishments on headboard and
foot, a silk beige bedsheets and fluffy pillows, finished with red velvet bed stool. Persian carpet in the
end of bed, furniture to match the bed design, scattered around the edge of the room. A life size portrait
of Queen Aira and King Epsilon hung on a wall. A few French windows around the room revealing view
of the whole kingdom and part of the sea. Despite the luxury theme of the room, a sorrow loomed
across it, as the occupant stood in front of sea view window. Fragile figure of a woman-frosty white skin
with a few aging line, light blue eye, straight white hair hit her hip and a light blue floor length dress. Her
eyes gazed upon the falling sun, without blinking. Her calm and serene aura doesn't implicate the pain
in her heart. Her bedroom doorknob twist to open as her dreadful husband marched in. His eyes darted
sharp at her, but she didn't bother to spare a glance at his direction. He came to stand, next to her.
&#lt;p&#gt;“You might have known by now. Ozrain is here” Queen Aira eyes fall to the floor
&#lt;p&#gt;“And he has his grand daughter with him, Selena” a momentary silence forced a drop of tear to well up
at the tip of Queen Aira's lower eye lid.
&#lt;p&#gt;“And she is just as stunning as Elisa. I want her, Aira” Queen Aira darted to Epsilon in disbelief. Haven't
he had enough she-wolves in the kingdom already?
&#lt;p&#gt;“Her mate and I would be having a dual for alpha's position tomorrow. I would be fighting ruthlessly
against him, of course, kill him and Ozrain to get Selena. And You.Will.Not mess anything up. You
know the consequences if you do. Understood?” he grabbed her cheeks between his fingers and
squeezed hard, inflicting pain. She nodded gently, stifling the pain. Epsilon gazed at her with fury for a
second before crashing her lips with his, bringing her forcefully to bed.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I love you, Aira...when will you ever understand me?” he laid kisses against her neck, some soft and
some rough.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“When will you ever except me? I am the one who had truly loved you, not Ozrain. Is that my fault?” his
eye was begging at Aira's when she tried to get up. Epsilon held her hand tight.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Listen to me!!! He had moved on despite all his losses. He has a daughter and a son-in-law and soon,
they will be building their own family. And here we are, still stuck in the past. I will destroy them just for
you to be happy. I will do anything for a drop of your love. Why are you refusing to accept me?” he said
bouncing between pleading and fury
&#lt;p&#gt;“Because I don't love you. I love him, Ozrain...” Aira, with a stern but cautious tone, igniting another
array of anger within Epsilon. He forced her hand to hold his hair and started kissing her rough and with
that, another non-consensual, sexual intercourse followed. Aira has always been the one. No matter
how cruel and heartless Epsilon is, their time together has been his happiest moments. His most
satisfying sexual relationship, never failed to calm him down but that is about to change.
&#lt;p&#gt;Back in the cabin, Selena had just finished her dinner and paced slowly into the room, hoping to wake
Zaden for dinner. He was still sleeping on his stomach, hugging a pillow. His face is slightly swollen
from excessive sleep, hair messy and his shirtless upper body is warmer than usual. She stood next to
him, head slightly tilted to side with a smile. She couldn't and didn't want to wake him up. Selena sat on
the floor, crossed leg to the side with hands crossed flat on the bed edge. Her chin is resting on her
hands. She remained so, admiring Zaden for God knows how long before stretching one of her hand to
comb away a stray hair on his forehead. He stirred mildly, then snoozed back to sleep. With a twinkle in
her eye, she now wants to touch him more. She gently touched his lips, soft and warm at the moment,
urging her for a little bit more. She leaned forward and pecked a kiss on to his lips, effectively stirring
him out of the sleep. He opened his eye with great struggle, before focusing on Selena
&#lt;p&#gt;“Good morning...” his voice is now gravelly and husky
&#lt;p&#gt;“Its good night, actually” Selena said&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“What time is it?” Zaden
&#lt;p&#gt;“8.30pm” Selena said to which Zaden groaned. He turned around, flashing his chest to Selena
&#lt;p&#gt;“Were you taking advantage of me?” Zaden is now on his sides, head propped up by his elbow. Selena
stretched her hand, drawing circles on his chest
&#lt;p&#gt;“Maybe...” Zaden pulled her gently to lay down next to him before snuggling into her stomach
&#lt;p&#gt;“You should have told me...I could have pretended to sleep for longer” Selena chuckled at his words
&#lt;p&#gt;“Go get a bath, have your dinner and then, maybe we can play Inky Pinky..” Zaden looked up in
&#lt;p&#gt;“Promise?” he said, which was replied with a smile and a nod, enough encouragement to send him into
a bath and dinner.
&#lt;p&#gt;It was getting late into the night. Selena had been shifting at her will lately but then, they still wanted to
fulfill the 15days task. Now, being in a distant land, they had no idea where to go. After consulting
Ozrain, they came to know that there is a seashore, further down from rabbit garden. Zaden and
Selena set foot to walk beyond the rabbit garden, in silence. Tomorrow is the day where the challenge
will take place, both of them was terrified, pooling up in them but tried their best not to show them to
each other, in attempt to not weaken each other. Selena sensed some movement and to her Samrat, it
immediately clicked. Those are by patrol packs and with little effort, she was able to command them to
clear the space. It was hard at first and almost didn't work. She tried the same way she did with
shifting, imagine it happening before actually saying it and it worked. No more hustling near them
&#lt;p&#gt;“Zaden, I want to tell you something, but it might be unfair to Epsilon...” Selena said low, earning a
glare from Zaden&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“You care about him?” the possessive Zaden peeped out, making Selena roll her eyes.
&#lt;p&#gt;“It is not fair fighting ethics” Selena said
&#lt;p&#gt;“Anything is fair in love and war...” Zaden smiled. After a pause
&#lt;p&#gt;“He has a weak left torso. When you two were fighting this morning, I heard his mind voice. He was
particularly careful about his left torso, watching each step and dipping back his left side every time you
tried to hit him” Selena said
&#lt;p&#gt;“Ok, now you are scary” with that Zaden walked faster to front and Selena followed with a chuckle.
Soon they arrived at the seashore, more like a cove with high rock on both sides.
&#lt;p&#gt;Back in the mansion, Epsilon just had an intense moment with Aira, sleeping next to her. Normally, Aira
would be the one to satisfy him sexually, but today was different. He still wanted more even when he
was done with Aira and dreams hunt him down. A room filled with nothing but red velvet, like chilly red
and Selena was laying on her stomach on the bed. A piece of red velvet duvet pulled till her armpit. Her
hair fanned to one side, and she was completely naked. Epsilon's eye moved from bottom to up. Her
legs exposed under a red slant line till calf high, one crossed on top of the other. Her white sole, like a
baby's feet. Epsilon bend down at her feet to kiss the sole, as soft as cotton brushing against his lips.
She twitched and pulled her feet inwards at his gesture, making him chuckle. He then moved upwards,
landing another kiss on her, presumably, knees but it was on the surface of the red velvet. He then
moved to her thighs...her butt cheek...her waist...a few on her spine... before finally meeting her actual
skin, on her shoulder. She shuddered. He is not laying on top of her but his breath hit her back, right
below her neck. His fingernails grazed from her shoulder till her hand, grabbing them and lifting it up to
his lips, laying another loveable soft kiss on the back of her hand. She winched again. Her olive
undertone fair skin, powdery soft and smooth, slightly flushed pink and her usually magnetizing eye is
closed, a crease carved her forehead. Epsilon guided her hand to his copper brown hair with grey
streaks, making her clutch on to his hair. He then buried his nose, ever so gently, into the nook of her&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;neck. He inhaled her scent which to his brain portrayed as rose in his dreamworld. His wolf tattoo
flexed at the strong scent she is emitting, as an ecstasy that even strongest cocaine and marijuana
can't provide, hit him hard, numbing his brain into submission. He sucked and nibbled her neck which
she responds with moan and lip biting. He is encouraged even more and turned her around as he
continued exploring her front neck, enjoying every bit of what he gets. His hands are fondling with her
plum breasts, making her explode with rays of moan, enough to make him cum. He was exceptionally
gentle, something unusual to him. He collapsed next to her. He stretched out an index finger to her
temple and ran down, caressed her cheeks. Her eye snapped open, a pitch black eye and an evil
smirk. A terror surged him and he snapped out of his sleep. She did actually manage to make him cum,
he is wet now
&#lt;p&#gt;“Fuck” he cursed before getting out of his bed to clean up and headed to the windows for a puff of
cigarette. A woman made him cum in dream, just a mere image of her did this to him when thousands
of woman had suffered in his hand for the same effect. The spark between them and how she made his
inner muscle clench is incomparable to any woman including Aira.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Wonder how she would taste in real...” he murmured to himself as his eye gazed out at the almost
moonless night sky. Below the sky, 2 entities emerged from the woods, slipping away from his patrol
team. It must be a Samrat's work. He dashed out, not bothering to wear a shirt.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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