Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 48

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&#lt;p&#gt;Little did they now, miles away from the peaceful Mountain Manuka, a deadly beast had escaped with
wound and now in need of it's master to heal her. Crystal clear, sea green waves hitting the white
sands of Samrat Kingdom, edged by different height of rocks. A luxury mansion stood mighty facing the
beach, on top of a hill. The cliffs and hills with dense forest has become a perfect playground for
werewolves, to build their strength. On the other end of islang, a bridge connects them to the outside
world. Beyond the bridge is fishing ports, indicating the beginning of cosmopolitan city. A lot had
changed since Ozrain had left. The power of king Epsilon is obviously visible here with a 15 feet height
statue, erect in the middle of mansion entrance, in the middle of a fountain. Epsilon has been running
his own private government here. Every single resident of the island is to submit 25% of their earning to
the king. Nothing is done without his permission, even a regular household decision such as sending
their child to higher studies or marking ceremony of their child is to get the King's permission. He
carefully molds his followers, not be too educated or financially free as he might lose control over them.
Only children from his close alliance are allowed to study into higher position such as lawyer, doctor,
CEOs etc. People living under his territory has put their own effort in refurbishing the island, from
internet connection, proper electricity, sewage and education provided with his permission. The only
reason no one had rebelled to his cruelty is one,because of 2 rogue pack fused personally by the king
into the island. Those rogues,will not hesitate to kill anyone rebelling against king. two, Queen Aira,
their Luna. They cannot risk her life. Killing or hurting Epsilon means they are projecting the same to
her. Just like Selena, she is also a mother to the whole pack, only Selena is confined to the 5 in
leader's pack because she hasn't been marked by their alpha yet.
&#lt;p&#gt;Epsilon is a ruthless, merciless king and a satyromaniac. At height of 6 feet and a body of 150kg with
pure muscles, tanned caramel complexion, an intimidating wolf tattoo covering his left arm, he could be
the drooling material of young woman. But his habit of always wearing his favorite red velvet clock,
brutality, greed and medival concept of woman are just for sexual satisfaction, made him nowhere fit
into the modern world. He wasn't so terrible when Ozrain was the king but ever since he left and
Epsilon started gaining more in number, making him the ultimate ruler, he became fearless to do&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;whatever he wants. Queen Aira, being the gentle woman she is, couldn't satisfy his compulsive sexual
desire, nor stop his injustice to his own people. He hunts down she-wolf like an animal and enslaves
them in his underground dungeon till he gets bored with them, providing minimal for their well-being
while they are under his care. Thousands of women had been captive in his underground bedroom,
specially made for him. Those woman have experienced the worst in their life, being tied up to the bed,
not knowing when he would walk in and rape them cruelly, like a mad dog, chasing after meat. Bitten,
beaten, tortured and penetrated with unmentionable instruments are just a few to name. When he was
done, he doesn't have the curtesy to untie them, exposing them to many pass-bying hungry wolves
who takes advantage of their vulnerable state as well. These woman return to the world above,
completely torn and with no desire to live another day, some even goes to the extent of committing
suicide. Those who live suffer from insomnia and nightmares, being shell shock for the rest of their live.
From time to time, human are also abducted to satisfy him and when his semi-wolf form takes over
during intimacy, it tends to kills them. Their bodys are thrown off cliff to feed sea creatures.
&#lt;p&#gt;Queen Aira had rarely left the mansion. Everything that she needs from the finest jewelries to designer
dresses, books and handworks to pass her time is provided to her by the King. Despite his cruel
nature, he is deeply in love with the Queen and wouldn't hesitate to kill even his royal subjects for her.
In fact, he began to enslave she-wolfs because he couldn't tolerate seeing her suffer under his vicious
lust. He had to relieve his madness on someone else at least twice in a row, so that he would be calm
when he is with Queen Aira. Since he is not her designated mate by moon goddess and that she
doesn't love him, it doesn't hurt her that much when he has sex with other woman
&#lt;p&#gt;Till today, 8 more packs had fused into their mother pack, making a total of 13 packs, 5867 werewolves
leaving in an island, making it the most cramped up pack ever known. To accommodate that much
population, houses are built small. Apartments are not an option as no building is to be taller than the
King's mansion, exerting his dominance over them. Every household have to produce at least one
trained fighter. Patrol team of 200 wolves is always on the lurk around the island and great importance
is given to combat training. Rogues are also hired by the king, to keep bringing she-wolf for his lust and&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;to keep an eye on all pack around the world for one werewolf, one that has moon mark on the neck, a
Samrat's bloodline.
&#lt;p&#gt;The wounded creature, slithering its white body in the water edge of a cliff, letting out an echoing cry to
call its master. It has used all its energy to uphold its floating body, lost a lot of blood during the battle
with werewolves. After a long wait, an entity under red cloak emerged from the woods, striding as
quickly as it can towards the creature. A hand stretches out to caress the Goya's head. The moment
their skin came in contact, memories from Goya transferred to her master's mind. Playback of all that
had happened in the past days including its battle with the werewolves and how a silver wolf, shinning
under the clear blue water lured it towards the rocky edges of riverbank. His master petted the Goya's
head even more lovingly that it closed its eye, feeling safe and belonging. A sharp knife came from
under the cloak, slicing across the creature's neck. It has disappointed it's master. It had the chance to
kill the Samrat's bloodline but it failed terribly. But it served one last purpose, it has revealed the
location of Samrat's bloodline and had shown her master how she looks like; silver wolf with moon
&#lt;p&#gt;Selena woke up all of a sudden jolt, pulling Zaden out of his sleep that just took over him 1 hour ago.
He frowned and opened his eyes with much effort, sliding his palm to cup her chin, caressing her.
&#lt;p&#gt;“What's wrong?” he asked in a husky voice. In return, he got a weird reaction from her. She started
exhaling slowly with a series of squeeze shut and open her eye.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Stop the car” she said low and they implied, causing a chain reaction for the next 2 jeep behind them
to also come to a stop. Selena got out of the car, as she stood by a the road side, inhaling fresh air for
a few moment. Her vision is blurry, her heart pounding crazy in her ears and her mouth feel bitter.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Are you nauseas or something? “ Sitka asked as he looked over to Makeala for approval, only to get
rolled eye at.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“It's too early for that you idiot” Makeala answered him
&#lt;p&#gt;“Is everything fine?” Ozrain's voice came from another side as he approached her. She does look
rather dizzy, supporting her head with her hand and slow blinking eye. The truth is, she is experiencing
another vortex but it was different. This time, she couldn't enter the vortex even 8f she wanted to. There
was a certain magnetic energy emitting from the vortex pulling Selena towards it but then again,she
couldn't enter it. She can feel her wolf being harbored in her, recoiled, for the first time. Usually, she is
the one who would be inside the wolf. Her wolf is different, she seemed...scared. Her head felt
spinning. She lost balance and leaned towards Ozrain which he welcomed with an open chest. Now
Zaden was rolling his eye.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Girls!!!” he mumbled in annoyance, being his usual possessive self. Soon, like in seconds, Selena got
sober again and after a drink of water, she was able to stand on her own feet
&#lt;p&#gt;“Where are we?” she asked
&#lt;p&#gt;“A few meters from Samrat's woods.” Ozrain said as he pointed ahead of them. Selena was surely
wooed. All she could see was a huge mansion, more like a castle, standing tall above all trees,on what
looked like a shill. They are almost there. Her heart still pounding heavy in her chest.
&#lt;p&#gt;Within the next few minutes, they were entering the Samrat territory. Wolves started emerging from
behind trees, swarming like bees around 3 jeeps that had entered without permission. There could
easily be at least 150 wolfs, all with their fangs and vicious snarls, looked like hell keepers to Selena.
She grabbed Zaden by his neck and climbed up to his lap, eyes darting all around, in fear. Zaden
looked at her with raised eyebrow, not that he didn't want her on his lap but not now. What if he had to
jump out to help Ozrain?
&#lt;p&#gt;“Don't worry, I will keep you safe” she said, patting gently on his chest, after feeling awkwardly stupid.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“What is happening?” Selena said low as fear started to consume her.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Territory pack. We have entered their territory without authorization and they look pissed” Zaden eye
was scanning the whole surrounding. Anytime now, the wolves will bump into their jeep, Zaden was
holding on to Selena's shoulder, making sure she is safe. A red wolf, large and fierce, landed in front of
their jeep. All 3 jeep came to a stop
&#lt;p&#gt;‘Stay inside’. A mindlink from Ozrain boomed within their ears and they obeyed. Doors of the third car
opened up, silencing the growls from those wolves. Ozrain and his pack stepped out. He strode calmly
with full confidence towards the red wolf. Eye of the red wolf slowly changed from fierce, to clear and
then widened significantly. He bend one of his front leg and bowed his head, making sure the neck is
visible to Ozrain. A chain reaction took place as all the other wolves bowed to him
&#lt;p&#gt;“Delta Maximus... I am honored with your loyalty” Ozrain said with a calm expression. Back in the jeep,
Selena and her leader's pack was watching inattentively. Selena pulled Zaden even closer to her, his
forehead is now touching her cheeks, as if he is a teddy bear and she is a 5 years old girl.
&#lt;p&#gt;“This should be easier than I thought” Zaden said, eyes still fixed at Ozrain. And they all nodded, eyes
fixed at Ozrain. The so called Maximus wolf, shifted into his human form before he took huge strides to
Ozrain and hugged him
&#lt;p&#gt;“King Ozrain!!!How I have been dying to see you one last time”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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