Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 44

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&#lt;p&#gt;Zaden and his pack are now standing at the river bank. The water is so still, and it's an exceptionally
deep river. Crossing it might be risky for both human and wolf. Dangerous creatures such as bull shark,
piranha and anacondas have grown out of proportion in these waters due to no interference from
outside world. Zaden has checked with his patrol team. Ozrain Samrat haven't left the mountains. He
still can sense her presence within his territory but they didn't find her in any other 2 village which
means, for some reason, she must be in elderly village. He has to cross over alive to be able to bring
her back. He had been trying to link his father, Draven but so far no reply has come through. He
couldn't mind-link Selena as well, which means she must be in the third floor of their house, across the
river. A few rooms on the third floor and dungeon was built to disable mind-linking and special abilities
of werewolf. Alexandrite, a very powerful crystals has been embedded around the bottom and top
edges of the room. With the energy it emits, all special ability is blocked.
&#lt;p&#gt;If Ozrain ever wants to leave these mountain, he has to come across the river. The best option for now
is to wait. Every minute is stabbing knife into Zaden's heart, thinking how Selena might be suffering
over there. Is she feed? Did they inflict any pain to her? Is she in a comfortable situation? Is his baby
doing fine? Did she remember her promise to shift?
&#lt;p&#gt;He recalled the days when they had Selena captivated at the second floor of the red brick house. He
feed her dinner, thinking that she might stab him with the dinner knife. How nice would that be now,
having her push a knife through him, in front of his eyes and embrace, instead of across a dangerous
river, in an unsure situation. He didn't stop mind-linking his dad but to no avail. It is midnight now
&#lt;p&#gt;Back at the elderly village, Selena still haven't moved from her seat. All of a sudden, a memory came to
her mind. A memory from her point of view, Zaden sitting in front of her with his hand cupping her face,
eyes looking straight into hers, glistening under the moon light.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Promise me that no matter what happen, you will keep shifting every night. Promise me that you would
keep on doing this with or without me...”&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Selena frowned slightly. Where did this memory comes from? She doesn't remember him telling her
those words. It must be from her wolf. But how would she shift, usually it happens without any
interference from her. Now she doesn't know how or what to initiate. The wolf is inside her, finding it
would be a good starting point, she thought. She closed her eye, blanked her mind from all the storms
going on around her. She failed miserably to connect with her wolf, as she missed Zaden terribly. His
face, his smile and those bronzy chocolate eye kept interfering. No wonder why her wolf would only
come out when he is around, so that no distraction comes to her mind. She didn't give up, she kept
trying again and again till 3am. All of a sudden, her surrounding felt extremely silence and empty as her
vision constricts. She felt like she has detached from her body, like flying, feeling so light but at the
same time, her body felt extreme pain all over, tip to toe. Then, she got sucked back into a hole, a
vortex. When the inertia stopped, she snapped her head left and right, but it was pitch black. She can't
see anything. A fear started creeping up her leg when the scenery in front of her began gradually
fading from pitch black to gradient black. She blinked her eyes a few times. The view in front of her
kept sliding left and right although she is not moving her head. Her view came on and off, like blinking
although at the moment, her eyes are wide open and she is not blinking. She felt her view raising
upwards and began shaking, even though she is standing still. The view in front of her tilted upwards,
the crescent moon is visible from her current room. A painful howl erupted from around her. It took her
a while until she realized that she is behind her wolf's eyes, not in control of her body. Her wolf is out.
Selena bend her head down to look at her paws and her wolf also bend down, a silvery paw with blunt
claws came to vision.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Oh shit” she said out loud and her voice echoed around her, making her shut her eyes tight. She
snapped her head up and the wolf does the same. So, she has some basic control over her head. She
jumped up and down trying to move the body but nothing happened, so she can't move her body and
can't see her human body as well. She sees a wolf's body instead. It was a very confusing state and
after a few more experiments, she sat quietly, as well as her wolf, frozen gaze at the moon. Another
pair of eye are also frozen at the moon, Zaden and little that he knew, Orion wasn't sleeping as well. He&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;has the same level of hurt Zaden has, only his is considered inappropriate and shouldn't be expressed,
she is their Luna.
&#lt;p&#gt;Selena didn't know when but she had fallen asleep on the floor, naked. She stood up and grabbed a
blanket in a hurry when a knock came from her room door. Without waiting for her permission, the
intruder enters the room. Ozrain became uncomfortable at the state Selena is now, he snapped his
head to side
&#lt;p&#gt;“Hmm...I will get you some cloths” he placed a plate of toast and scrambled egg on the nearby table
and walked out. Soon, an omega she-wolf came with some clothing for Selena. She showered and
slipped into a pair of sweatpants and t-shirt. She sat back at her chair, looking out of the window. She
doesn't know what is her heart looking for at the horizon. A hope, maybe, although her logic tells her
that it is impossible for Zaden to come here, he said so himself. He built a foul proof system that is
working against him now. Another knock came from the door and Ozrain entered again. Selena saw
him with a raised frown, before slowly laid her head on her knees, facing the window. Ozrain paced to
her. He gently brushed his palm over the back of her head
&#lt;p&#gt;“Could you at least eat something?” he said, his gravelly voice is low and pleading. He had another
chance to have his daughter again, he belief so, but she is hurting herself and possibly his grandchild.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I want my Zaden” stubborn but calm. Ozrain moved to her knees and crouched down.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Your Zaden is not coming, I am not giving you to him. So, cooperate. You wouldn't want to hurt your
baby, would you?” he said
&#lt;p&#gt;“I want my Zaden” it seems like that's all her vocabulary capasity is and that she never learned any
other word. The same happened at lunch and again, at dinner. She didn't took even a bite of food and
started loosing energy that now, she laid on the bed. Ozrain tried every method possible. He sent
Mother Ruth to make her eat, he used harsh tone and threat, plead, force feed but nothing worked.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“I want my Zaden” that is all she kept repeating. Truth is, his remembrance is shattering her from within
that maybe, Ozrain doesn't have to kill her. That night, she shifted to her wolf. She kept her promise but
this time, it was easier and less painful than before to be sucked into the vortex. Like her, the
magnificent silver wolf also did not move and laid its head on the floor, tears after tears flowed down
her silver fur. Selena could feel her pain now, mixed with her making it unbearable as she kept
throbbing and twisting behind the frozen pitch black eye. The wolf cooed, before forced to close her
eyes, falling asleep, hoping it will calm Selena down.
&#lt;p&#gt;It hasn't been any better across the river. Nelson came by to deliver the pack their food. All ate except
for Zaden
&#lt;p&#gt;“Zaden, you need energy to fight when she comes. Please...” Orion tried to force him into eating
something. He stood up and walked away to the woods nearby, where he climbs up a large rock and
settled down to get a better view of the mountains, where his heart is beating towards. When he
returned, the rest of them were sitting down to discuss, Zaden joined in
&#lt;p&#gt;“Zaden, if the alexandrite can block mind-linking and a wolf's special ability, shouldn't that block his
alpha order too?” Makeala asked
&#lt;p&#gt;“I am not sure. Alpha order or shifting is a wolfs natural ability, coming and remaining within them. An
alpha is always an alpha. Unlike mind-linking and special ability, the energy starts within but is exerted
on others. It may or may not work” Zaden said low and they all remained silent before Sitka decide to
&#lt;p&#gt;“So, what will we do when they cross over? What is the point of us waiting here?” he exclaimed
&#lt;p&#gt;“The point of ME waiting here is to be as close as possible to her, maybe even lay my eye one more
time on her. Who knows, if the circumstances changes, I might get her back. It's a hope, a tiny drop of&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;hope and I'm fighting to avoid it from evaporating. So, please... If any of you feel like this is a waste of
time, just leave.” He exclaimed before dropping back to low tone, his eye didn't budge from the horizon.
&#lt;p&#gt;“That's not what I meant, Zaden. We should be forming a plan of attack when she is here, not just
simply wait” Sitka said. He took a step to Zaden before Nelson stopped him and turned him around,
guiding him somewhere else, giving some space to Zaden. Zaden feels mentally worn out. He has
been thinking about the same, a plan of attack while trying to connect with his father and mother the
whole time. It is tiring. Zaden gazed at the moon before he too, slipped into deep sleep.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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