Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 39

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&#lt;p&#gt;Selena had just done taking a bath. Her hair and body felt sticky after 2 days being hospitalized, so she
put extra effort to scrub herself clean. She tied a towel over her chest and rubbed her hair between
another small towel in her hands as she walked out of the bathroom. Not even a step out of the
bathroom, she bumped into a hard chest, making her fluster in attempt to grab something. A pair of
hands grabbed her upper arm and pulled her forward, preventing her from falling back. She looked up
with a wide eye. Who else can the culprit be, its Zaden. She gulped her saliva at his lusty eye and the
gesture of biting his lower lips. His scent seemed to have heightened noticeably. She closed her eye
slowly as she rolled her neck, not much different from her wolf. After being with her wolf so many times,
Zaden can read when she is lusting. He leaned down and placed a kiss, soft and supple, on her lips
without any announcement or approval. Both her eyebrow cocked up in surprise while her eyelid
remained closed. When he let go, she exhaled her breath that she was holding before slowly opening
her eyes. It feels right. It feels amazing. Her delicate muscles clenches involuntarily as the sparks
between them immobilized the rest of her. But Selena being Selena, her fear of losing virginity raised
an alarm
&#lt;p&#gt;“I think we should...” Zaden cut her off with another kiss. He let go before running his finger through her
&#lt;p&#gt;“Zaden its...” he gave another kiss, this time slight more aggressive than before, as he inhales via his
&#lt;p&#gt;“Wait...” her voice came out almost inaudible with a tremble but he knows what he need to do to make
her submit. Another kiss follows. Her breath became shaky as she refused to open her eyes, grabbed
his bare shoulders, trying to obtain a little stability. A smile came to his lips.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Are you scared?” she nodded, eyes still closed but head tilted down a bit. He smiled even wider and
took a few steps forward, forcing her to step back. They stopped at a wall. Zaden cupped her face, as
streams of hot breath exhaled through his lips hit her forehead, indicating how close they are right now.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Don't be...I won't do anything, and I mean anything, that you don't like...” she opened her eyes,
agitated because she know she wants him too. Zaden kissed her a bit more intensely, sucking her
plum, full lower lips and licked it with his tongue as her breathing picked up pace.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Zaden please...” she begged, not sure to stop or to start
&#lt;p&#gt;“Just say stop...that's all you need to do. A word” he kept licking her lips and sucked her tongue. He
slowly went lower and lower and even lower to her collarbone, shutting her down completely. No more
protesting. He carried her to the single bed, sat her on the edge and went down on his knees. He slide
his hand between her thighs before lowering himself down. Curtained by her white towel, a sudden
warmth spread between her thighs as Zaden's hot breath and skin grazed her delicate skin, warmer
than normal human being. She is blind-sided, not knowing what hit her, something soft, slippery and
warm. When she realized that it is his tongue, a conflict with in herself erupt. It is suppose to be
disgusting and dirty, having a tongue in the most private part but then it feels way too good to stop him.
His tongue concurred her sensitive spot, making her writhe and squirm in pleasure. She plopped back
to the bed
&#lt;p&#gt;“Zaden...” she wanted to stop him right when he changed his tactics, kneeling in front of her, looking
straight into her enchanting eye, inserting his finger into her. She shot up to sitting position and her
towel came loose. Her smooth, perfectly curves body, reflecting the sun that is settling down now.
Zaden clenched his jaw at the view. He is completely engulfed by lust, a rumble erupted from his chest
as he watched Selena reacting to his touch. Her moan and scream soon became as addictive as a
drug can be, waves of ecstasy hit him. He wanted a little more, and little more, just a bit more. His
breathing spiked more and more as he threw his head back, letting himself free to enjoy every bit of her
moan and warmth. Her wolf was much better at controlling her moan but Selena let everything out. Her
body began trembling as a squirt of juice spilled on Zaden's hands. He pulled his hands out and took it
closer to his mouth when Selena hurriedly caught his hand.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“No...dirty...” she whispered between her shaky breath. He pulled his hand, making her jerk forward,
closer to his face so that she could see clearly how he is enjoying the dirty stuff. She bit her lips hard at
the view of him licking her juice from his fingers. He then leaned a bit to kiss her.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Ready for the next level?” he asked when he was satisfied with his kiss. She doesn't know what is
that, the next level he was referring to, but she nodded and he moved closer to her, lowered his
sweatpants and rubbed his erect manhood to her knub. She hissed and moaned. Gently, he entered
her as she gasped sharp and followed by a loud moan. He thrust her, slow at first but took a wild turn
within minutes. The pleasure made Selena's brain numb as she gave in, dropping her head on Zaden's
shoulder. The little angel has taken refuge on his shoulder. The relief and pleasure he felt, not from sex
but from the love she poured out was beyond comparison. Anything he does is allowed. He thrust his
hand to the nape of her neck and hoisted her up, facing him as his hip kept moving back and forth
slowly. A drop of tear ran down her cheeks, happy tears that is. He kissed her cheek, not allowing the
tears to drop to ground. He kissed her lips, as his hands moved up to her hair and his shoulders
shrugged, careful not to be rough, more to cherishing her. He pulled her to kneel on the ground, turned
her around and pushed her back against the bed, entering her from back position. She let out a scream
&#lt;p&#gt;“Zaden!!!!” she screamed. Another blast of juice came wetting his thighs.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Just tell me to stop...please...make me stop” he said through his panting breath, as if begging for
someone to control him. He don't think he can stop even if she says so. He continued, slapping his skin
against hers as she bounced forth and back on her bed, grabbing the sheets into a fist. She felt another
swirl at the bottom of her abdomen
&#lt;p&#gt;“Please!!!” she screamed pleading him
&#lt;p&#gt;“The word is STOP, baby girl” he grabbed her waist from back, snaking his arm around her stomach
and banged even faster as she came bursting for the third time, together with him. Zaden slumped his
body on top of Selena's back and remain frozen for a few more minutes, before retrieving himself from&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;her. He helped her to lay on the bed, before laid next to her, still breathing deep. He pulled her loose
body to his embrace, snuggling to his chest. His usual warm body was cold, as a thick layer of sweat
covered him.
&#lt;p&#gt;“You are...that was...oh my god...” he whispered and she let out a giggle. They stayed so for a while.
&#lt;p&#gt;“That didn't hurt at all...I was told that it would hurt and bleed for the first time” she whispered, although
the whole house or even the village might have heard them a few minutes ago.
&#lt;p&#gt;“You were not a virgin, baby girl...” he said and Selena looked up at him
&#lt;p&#gt;“Were not?” she cocked her eyebrow. He ran a finger on her hairline
&#lt;p&#gt;“Your wolf and I had a little fun, a dirty type of fun...” he said and she stiffened
&#lt;p&#gt;“What?” she raised her eyebrows in disbelief. He nodded with a smile. She hit his chest hard
&#lt;p&#gt;“I can't believe this. You two used my body? Behind my back?” she is now propped up on her elbow,
fully energized.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Your wolf is a naughty girl and she knew I was her mate from day one. You can't control the mating
instinct of a wolf, Selena” he said gently, kissing her cheek
&#lt;p&#gt;“Out!!!Out!!!” she pushed and when he didn't budge, she punched his chest. Zaden caught her wrist,
pinned her to the bed before devouring her beauty, one more time. She is helpless in his touch, melting
like a dew drop under sunshine, maybe she has been spell bound.
&#lt;p&#gt;That night, they walked to Lake Khalifa, with Selena leading the way, stomping her feet with a grumpy
face and mumbling curses under her breath. She is still angry with Zaden. They sat far apart at the
banks as they waited for midnight, when her wolf came out. Sexy, calm and confident as she always
has been. She leaned back, propping herself with her elbow, her head slightly tilted up to face Zaden&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“So...was she better than me?” she asked
&#lt;p&#gt;“Oh stop it. You two are driving me crazy. She is mad because I had sex with you and you are jealous
with her. Both of you are mine, both of us is yours. What am I? “Zaden exclaimed frustrated. She
turned around, crawled to him before dipping her head down to kiss his crotch, over his sweatpants.
Her butt formed a heart shape right in front of Zaden, instantly turning him on. She looked up with a
slutty eye and her devilish smirk
&#lt;p&#gt;“Our sex toy” she straightened up, pushing him back. It's her turn now. Obviously, she is much more
opened to sex then her other part is. After that, they shifted to wolves, ran around the lake, not
forgetting to satisfy their wolfs as well. They returned home at dawn, as usual. Zaden was completely
exhausted, coping with both of them. He has to keep on this for another 5 day, 5 more day and it's over.
&#lt;p&#gt;Zaden woke up the next morning. He had one of the deepest sleep after repeated sex, the day before.
The bed was empty next to him, Selena was not there. He looked around and there is no sign of her in
the room. He got up, took a shower and went looking for her, as he can sense her in the communal
&#lt;p&#gt;“ Oh come on, 2 just got together. What could he have done to upset you? Besides, you
can control his mind and make him do whatever you want, isn't it?” Zaden heard Makeala's voice from
the doors of communal room itself. He slowly walked into the room with both his hands in his pocket,
immediately masking his scent. He needed to know the answer to Makeala question. Selena stood with
her back to Zaden, wearing a cheeky lace white dress. Makeala stiffened when she saw Zaden but
didn't give him out. Selena was busy, scooping ice cream from the tub, over the bar counter, she had to
tip toe every time she scooped the ice cream.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Control his mind??? That rascal doesn't let me think or concentrate...or breath. You have to think,
concentrate and breath to be able to control someone” she said with a hint of frustration. Zaden pulled
her by her arm, she collided with him. Without no prior warning, he smashed his lips to hers, being as&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;rough as a wolf can be. He bite and sucked her lips before entering her oral cavity to devour her alive.
One of his hand was snaked around her waist and another pushing her head by her neck to stay glued
to him. He pushed her backwards till the nearest wall, so that he can have one free hand to roam
around. Selena, protested with her might, to free herself to no avail, like a fly in glue trap. Soon, within
seconds that is, she melted like putty in his embrace.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I guess the tracking can wait?” Makeala said from behind when Selena picked up a book from nearby
table and threw at her. She rushed out.
&#lt;p&#gt;“The communal room is temporarily inaccessible” Makeala shouted before closing the door behind her.
After a few more minutes, Zaden let go of her lips. He managed to break the skin on her lips.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Rascal long you going to stay mad at this rascal?” he bend down and took a bite of skin on
her neck, sucking it hard, leaving Selena yelping as she squeezed shut her eye. A sharp pain erupted
and Zaden released his scent, calming her down immediately. He detached his wet lips from Selena’s
neck before revisiting the spot. Satisfied with his work, he let go of her
&#lt;p&#gt;“There, something to remind you to never stay mad at a rascal” he said as Selena rubbed her neck,
right below her jawline.
&#lt;p&#gt;After the momentary punishment, Zaden held Selena's hand and led her to the front door. Every omega
she-wolf that crossed her let out a giggle with palms over their mouth, embarrassing Selena even more
&#lt;p&#gt;At the door, they saw Orion walking towards them. He stopped in front of Selena
&#lt;p&#gt;“Hi there my dear Luna...” he said with a faint smile but his eyes exuded pain. Selena snapped her
head at Zaden before asking aloud&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“What's a Luna? Oh no, don't tell me that's another bloodline I have inherited” Zaden and Orion
laughed at her
&#lt;p&#gt;“Luna is the mate of an alpha. She is responsible for the children and ladies in the pack, sort of a
mother” Zaden explained
&#lt;p&#gt;“And the pack will go to any extend to keep their luna safe, sort of like a queen in chess. You catch the
queen, you end the game” Orion added
&#lt;p&#gt;“And now, you are our future queen” Makeala echoed from behind them as she walked in with Sitka.
&#lt;p&#gt;“You just have to be marked by alpha to make it official” Sitka added. Selena stood in the middle,
confused, darting her eye from one to another, like a lost child.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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