Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 37

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&#lt;p&#gt;“A WHAT???” Sitka is at top of his anxiety level, figuring out thousands of counter attack they would
need in the near future.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Amphisbaena, she said. Now, first of all, it would be perfect if we can stop that thing from getting out of
our waters. How are we going to find and fight that? Its buried in the lake bottom” Zaden asked, they all
had 1 answer but none dared to speak out
&#lt;p&#gt;“Selena” A shaky voice came from behind, Grandpa Kai
&#lt;p&#gt;“If the creature is still there, it comes out for Selena” he said
&#lt;p&#gt;“I was hoping for a Plan B” Zaden mumbled to himself.
&#lt;p&#gt;“No, we can't do that. She haven't recovered from her injury and now we want to push her into the
waters again? We might risk losing her” Orion exclaimed. The fear of losing her is real in his heart. He
rarely slept last night after knowing that the incident is an attack and not an accident. Everyone kept
quiet, as if they agree with Grandpa Kai. Orion looked from one face to another and Zaden was deep in
thought. Orion slammed his chair to the ground and walked out of the communal room. He headed
straight to Lake Thao. He sat there, on the bank, reassessing what he could do. He wanted her, a
throbbing pain in his heart is a clear sign of that. Giving her up to Samrat or throwing her into a
creature's grip is not an option. He grabbed his hair into fist and let out a scream that echoed through
Lake Thao. Drops of tears ran down his cheek as he bite down his lips.
&#lt;p&#gt;‘There must be a way…There must be away…’ he kept repeating in his mind. He sat there not noticing
how time had flew by. Then, it clicked. He ran back to the brick house in wolf form, shifted in front of the
pack, standing naked. Makeala passed him the hospital blanket and he drew that around his hip.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I have an idea but it might hurt her a bit. We take her blood and drop it to the lake, baiting the Goya to
come out and once it's out, we attack” the pack straightened their back as they looked at Selena.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Selena smiled, filled with proud as she nodded yes to the plan.
&#lt;p&#gt;It was already 7pm when they arrived back to the lake with Selena in Zaden's hand. The pack stood
naked by the lake including Makeala, not bothering to look at each other's body. They were focused on
tackling Goya. Zaden took Selena to the wooden plank bridge and placed her gently on the edge. He
walked away with hesitance as he won't be able to slit her palms. They all looked at each other, hoping
someone will do it on behalf of them, but none came forward. Selena smirked. She took the knife and
slit her palm, yelping at the pain. She looked up at them and when they nodded, she shut tight her eye
and extend her hand to the waters. She still don't dare to look at a pack of werewolves and need to
close her eye when they shift. The pack turned into their wolf form in a second and walked to the edge
of bank, end of wooden plank. Selena is in front of them, their eye focused on the water. In search for
any sign of movement. Drops of blood gathered at one end of her palm, gaining weight by second,
finally dripping down, drawing a beautiful wavy pattern into the clear lake water. A wave of energy
rippled through the water. She pulled out her hand, into her chest, thrusting a piece of clean cloth in
hope to stop the bleeding. The surrounding became silent, too silent. Not even a cricket chirped, no owl
hoot, no frog croaked, not even the wind bellowed. The 4 wolves know that a storm is about to evoke
beneath this silent, they stood there, not daring to breath heavy or even blink. Minutes felt decades.
Oddly enough, Selena wasn't afraid to sit further away from the pack. All of a sudden, a swoosh of
water rose to about 10 feet height in front of Selena. The water cleared to reveal the dreadful creature,
a 10 foot height above water, red eye with hands like attachment that is stout. It didn't have a thick
body thou, more of 60cm thickness. The smell it emit was vomitable. It stood in the middle of lake, in
front of Selena, slithering it's tongue but Zaden stopped the pack from attacking. With a gasp,Selena's
heart skipped a bit and a chilly numbness crept up her body, from feet to head. As Selena laid there
with wide eye looking straight into the creature, she didn't notice another one creeping from below the
bridge, peeping its head up, less than a feet in front of her.

&#lt;p&#gt;Zaden order as a vicious growl erupted behind Selena. The wolfs jumped into the water with Makeala
stood next to Selena, pushing her behind. She had recovered half way in her wolf form yesterday night
but there was still another 50% to be healed. The snake has 2 head, each at the end of its body. One
head peeping up from the bridge edge, earning a growl from Makeala, as she threw a heavy hit on it,
scratching its skin with her claw. The other pack members had swam up to the head standing in the
middle of lake, biting on its body as forceful as possible. Goya let out an ear screeching scream as she
swooshed her body across the lake. In a second her whole body dropped down into the lake in one
straight line, as if the lake just swallowed its length. Selena and Makeala waited eagerly for the pack to
resurface but none did. Selena's and Makeala's heart beat kept rising with every passing second. A
drop of tears made its way down Makeala's burgundy fur. She blinked her eyes repeatedly before
bowing her head. But just before the head touches the wood plank, a body of silver, jumped across her
head, diving into the water. Makeala blinked profusely a few more times before she realized it was
Selena. Her duty is to guard her. She jumped into the water. Deep down in the water, the silver wolf
kicking its feet in synchronize, glimmered all the way to pack leaders who are currently entangled by
the large white serpent, as it encircled them with her body. It froze once it sensed Selena in the water,
snapped both its head to her direction, losing its grip on the pack leaders. It swooshed at lightning
speed towards Selena and Makeala. Selena turned around and swam as fast as she could, past
Makeala. The pack leader had to resurface for breath. Once they were stable, they dug back into the
water and swam to Selena, pushing their feet as forceful as they could. Selena is naturally a superb
and fast swimmer, even in her human form but in the mid of swim, she diverted her path to left, before
resurfacing for a minute. When she dug in back, a white head with red eye was already too close,
making an impact on her. She rolled her body slightly making the serpent slip, still manage to hit her
body and went directly towards a huge rock, behind Selena, clashing with it hard. A wave of vibration
spread through the lake after the impact. The white mass slowly dropped down to the bottom,
motionless. With that Selena swam back up, barely able to stand on her feet, climbed up the banks.
The pack followed her. She panted for her life, her wolf started coughing out blood as it collapsed to the&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;ground. The others rushed to her but stopped at their step when another low swoosh was heard. The
serpent wasn't dead, it resurfaced, climbing the opposite side of the lake
&#lt;p&#gt;‘Zaden, follow it. I need to know it’s hiding spot’
&#lt;p&#gt;With that mind-link from Selena, Zaden and the boys went chasing after the serpent. None of them
realized that they started moving at Selena's order, not their alpha's order. They thud through the forest
floor as fast as the wind, when finally, the white body caught Zaden's eye. Goya already climbing up
seventh mountain at high speed, when she heard the thud of werewolf pack. She reached the trap pit
which haven't been covered yet, since they are waiting for cement load from city. Goya slithered into
the pit and as if she possess magic, the metal cover twisted open and shut behind her. By the time the
boys turn back to wolf, twist open the door, shift back and head outside, she was gone with no trace.
The pack still dispersed to all direction, looking for any clue but it was as if she went invisible. Before
going back, they searched the cave as well to no avail. Once they climbed out of the pit, they shifted
back and speed up. Image of Selena coughing blood came flashing in front of them. On the banks of
Lake Thao, Selena laid unconsciously in her human form. Makeala have already dressed and she used
Zaden's hoodie to dress Selena. It stopped at her mid-thigh and she wore nothing under the hoodie, as
all ripped during the unexpected shift. Zaden carried her as delicately as possible to the pack hospital.
&#lt;p&#gt;At the pack hospital, it took the whole night for the doctor to treat her. She went through a minor
operation to fuse together her ribcage and her neck was badly injured as well. After the long wait,
finally the doctor came out
&#lt;p&#gt;“Well, Zaden. She had a few broken ribcage and a minor compression on her neck. We have done all
necessary procedures and she is recovering well. She should be functional in 2 days a...” Zaden cut off
the doctor
&#lt;p&#gt;“Wait, what? 2 days to recover a broken rib? That's wolf recovery range” Zaden frown heavy&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Yes, that's what she is doing. Werewolf recovery. But do mind this 2 days, don't shift. She might have
to wear the cervical collar a bit longer, you know, precaution.” The doctor shrugged his shoulder. If
Selena is recovering at werewolf speed, doesn't that mean she is already in control of her wolf?
&#lt;p&#gt;After the doctor excused himself, Zaden and the pack went in to see her. She is unconscious, dressed
in hospital gown with heavy bruising from her neck to her face. None of them had the guts to look at
her for more than 10 minutes. This incomplete wolf took the hit knowingly, to save the pack, when they
had already mentally gave up. If it wasn't for her, the village would have suffered a major loss today.
They all left except for Zaden in the room and Orion, sat at the bench out of her room. Zaden grabbed
hold of her hand, close to his face. His lips rested on them as occasionally uncontrollable tears escape
his eyes. He wiped them off, moved her blanket down and raised her hospital gown gently, enough to
expose her stomach. Her blanket was covering below her hip. Her once clear skin, now has a huge
scar and purple in color to her whole left side. His hand trembled as he touched her bruise. It might hurt
as hell if not for the drugs that is infused into her through IV drips. He gently, as light as possible, laid
his cheeks on her stomach. She still had the same warmth, only her smell is different then before,
mixed with disinfectant and the surgical glue. It doesn't matter, he can get her smell back when she is
back. Most importantly, he need to hear the heartbeat. The sound that can soothe him. He let out a sob
&#lt;p&#gt;“I told you...don't come here, stay...but you are just too Selena...” he snuggled a bit
&#lt;p&#gt;“What am I supposed to answer your dad...that I failed to protect his daughter?” he whispered to her
&#lt;p&#gt;“Tell him that she took it to save her boyfriend...” Zaden snapped his head up. Two black eye with one
blood shot, not so scary at this moment
&#lt;p&#gt;“Hi matey...miss me?” she asked with a smile. Zaden moved up to her lips, kissing it ever so softly,
avoid touching any other part of her.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Were you taking advantage of me?” she pointed at her exposed stomach. Zaden let out a huffed
chuckle before pulling down the hospital gown, as it was before.
&#lt;p&#gt;“How are you feeling?” she smiled gently before nodding.
&#lt;p&#gt;“You are not allowed to shift for 2 days, can you handle that?” Zaden asked
&#lt;p&#gt;“Do I have a choice? Did you get Goya's hide out?” she asked.
&#lt;p&#gt;“We got its entry way. Take a wild guess” he is now sitting in his seat, her hand in his.
&#lt;p&#gt;“The pit?” and he nodded.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Anything that goes into the pit gets spelled and remained undiscovered by other werewolves, even
when they roam the whole Mountain Manuka, just like you. You must have moved close enough to be
spelled when you came across the camping zone.” He explained.
&#lt;p&#gt;“How did she shift before midnight?” Zaden asked
&#lt;p&#gt;“She the moon goddess, give her the strength to shift. She managed to just touch me and
that’s all needed” she answered. A girl who doesn't belief in god is now praying?
&#lt;p&#gt;They hold their position for the next hours, talking about everything and anything, stealing kisses and
hugs in between. Little did they know, another pair of eyes had been observing them, Orion. His blood
is boiling with what Zaden did. To him, he seduced her wolf, just as he guessed, with every night trip
they have been going. He found a way to save her from the Goya but now, he has no idea how to get
her from Zaden, just blunt rage. He paced around the corridor, waiting for Zaden to come
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