Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 30

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&#lt;p&#gt;“He claimed you as his!!! Do you even know what that means?” Makeala was circling Selena, who is
now sitting solemn in a single couch, in her room
&#lt;p&#gt;“Yes I do, Makeala. It means I’m just a mere property that they can declare who owns me and who
doesn’t. For your information, I am not a property!!!” Makeala jerked her head back in surprise at her
point of view. Selena sighed
&#lt;p&#gt;“Makeala, I am really tired. I feel like my head is about to split open. I need to rest for a while, if I am
going to Lake Khalifa today” Makeala nodded and walked out of the room.
&#lt;p&#gt;Selena thought a lot. The image of Zaden claiming her as his, only made her even more agitated. She
doesn’t want to go to the lake, or shift into a form where she is not in control off. Soon she fell asleep.
&#lt;p&#gt;Hours later, a knock on the door woke her up. She opened the door and Zaden was there, clearly
pissed off.
&#lt;p&#gt;“You were supposed to come down at 11pm, baby girl. Its 11.45pm. I have been waiting for you” he
kept his glare intense the whole time he talked. A clear blue line ran up his neck, his neck looked
strained accompanied by a cold face.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I’m not coming” Selena said with almost the same intensity and pushed the door to close. A thud
stopped the door, Zaden had his palm on the door, stopping it in its way. He then pushed it open,
pacing step by step into the room. His anger radiated through his whole body till Selena felt intimidated,
she took a step back every time he took a step forward.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Why?” his question came out with a low growl
&#lt;p&#gt;“I don’t want to” Selena said, subconsciously coming out low.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“You don’t want what? You don’t want to shift to a wolf? You don’t want to be a werewolf? You don’t
want to go with me? You don’t want to be anywhere near me? You don’t want what?” Selena thud
against the wall, she had reached the end of her room.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Or you don’t want to defend yourself when one day, Ozrain Samrat comes to stand in front of me and
snatch you away, because belief me when I say, he will. Are you telling me that you are killing the
Ozrain Samrat within you and letting Elisa Mitkoi, to live? A weak, fragile human, who was unable to
defend herself, her daughter and the unborn child in her womb…”
&#lt;p&#gt;“SHUT UP!!!” in a snap, her wolf took charge, standing in a semi wolf form, her eye glaring with anger.
Zaden let his wolf take control as well. Selena grabbed his neck
&#lt;p&#gt;“How dare you talk in such a away about her?” the whole room turned chilly. Her wolf is extremely
defensive over Elisa Mitkoi.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Who do you refer to as weak? The person who is not equipped with the ability to fight back or the
person who used her disability to kill her? Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘pick someone your own
size’? One of you a pathetic werewolf decides to pick on her. Now tell me Alpha Zaden, whom will you
pick to fight, Ozrain Samrat or Elisa Mitkoi?” she growled in anger, her grip didn’t budge and caused a
slight strain to Zaden. Her anger is so great that she is willing to hurt her mate. Her growl vibrated
through the wall, waking up the whole floor. Zaden could have knock her off in a second but as she
said, he is not going to fight the weak ones, even if it means he getting killed. Instead, he tilted his head
down against her restraining grip. His golden eye glowed, looking straight into her eye. She flinched as
if she just realized where her hand had been and let go of his neck as if she had been electrocuted.
Her eyebrows frown, regretting what she had done. She paced back, Zaden softened as a gut
clenching pain surged him at her retrieval.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Baby…” he stretched his hand grabbing her waist&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Baby… look at me…” he said softly, in a whisper.
&#lt;p&#gt;“…” she grabbed her head and slides down to the floor, slipping off Zaden’s hands. She is
hearing a wailing cry for help, just like she did with the python but she is in no position to help. She is in
her own conflict. She curled up on the floor, grabbing her hair into a fist, letting out a painful scream.
Zaden kneeled next to her, worried as hell for her. He pulled her up and hugged her, while rubbing her
back to calm her down. His touch helped a lot to clear her mind. These animals had done nothing
wrong. Now, they need her, she must go. She shifted in a second, in Zaden’s arms, forming a wolf that
is bigger than Zaden itself. Zaden pulled himself back, looking at her in amusement.
&#lt;p&#gt;‘Pack of Mountain Manuka, get into your houses, NOW!!!”
&#lt;p&#gt;Zaden mind-linked his whole village, alerting all the leader’s pack, including Orion as they rushed
downstairs. They stopped abruptly when they saw a magnificent silver wolf squeezing through Selena’s
room door, followed by Zaden.
&#lt;p&#gt;“She shifted inside?” Orion asked in confusion
&#lt;p&#gt;“Who is that?” Makeala asked
&#lt;p&#gt;“Who do you think?” Orion
&#lt;p&#gt;“Selena?” they all chorused and Orion nodded
&#lt;p&#gt;Selena paced step by step forward, her shoulder blade moved in sync with her steps and a snarl in her
lips. Her eye are pitch black as usual but her eyeball are all red. She didn’t actually give out any order
but she exerted a dominant aura that made everyone in her path bow in respect, not submissive. An
angry Samrat’s wolf with Alpha Zaden backing her up, deadly combination. She stepped down the
stairs, reaching the ground floor and stepped out of the house. The silver wolf rolled her neck and&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;concentrated, trying to narrow down the location of the wailing cry. Then she snapped her head east
and started running. All the leader’s pack shifted and ran behind her.
&#lt;p&#gt;‘Territory pack, disperse, NOW!!!”
&#lt;p&#gt;Another mind-link sent out. She ran along the mountain foot already crossed 5 mountains and heading
to the sixth, which is the boundary between 2 villages
&#lt;p&#gt;‘Young Village residence and territory pack, disperse, NOW!!!”
&#lt;p&#gt;On the 7th mountain, Selena started to run up the mountain. Maneuvering through the trees as if she is
familiar with this forest, moving a tad faster than the rest. Approaching the tip of the mountain, she
started sniffing around and let a snarl. Zaden smelled it also, rogues. Selena jumped off ground, thud
her paws against a large tree, twisted her body towards another tree and thud her paws again, moving
in a swift zig zag, till she reached the top of the tree and shut down, as if she is hiding. The other wolfs
are not good at climbing trees, not this fast anyway.
&#lt;p&#gt;Zaden ordered so that it will be easier for them to hide too. The whole pack is naked now, and they
hide behind large trees. The surrounding vicinity became silent. Only cricket chirping can be heard. All
of a sudden, a low grunt of what sounded like gorilla came from nowhere. The pack looked around but
they can see nothing.
&#lt;p&#gt;‘Nobody move’.
&#lt;p&#gt;A deep husky voice invaded their mind-link, it was Selena. They stayed in the position for an hour or
so, before twigs started snapping and out came 2 rogues from behind the bushes with a human,&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;poachers. They came standing right below Selena and looked at ground, crouched down. They
seemed to be happy
&#lt;p&#gt;“Well well well…look who is here, an uninvited guest” one of the rogues said as he tilted his head up,
looking straight at Selena. The human followed his head and pointed his gun as soon as he saw
Selena. The pack leaders agitated but another stern order from Selena put them back in their place.
The hunter fired a shot. From far, they can see that it was silver bullet, made to kill werewolf. Selena
remained calm standing on all four legs above the tree. Just when the bullet was about to hit her, she
jumped to the next tree and zigzagged down to the ground, stretching her paws hitting the hunter
directly on his face. He dropped his gun but the rogue, with a cocky look, took another gun and pointed
at Selena. She remained calm. The rogue waited for her to make a move but she didn’t budge. Finally,
he lost his patients. The pack heard a shot but Selena still didn’t move. Tension was rising as all of
them started breathing heavy. Maybe she got shot. Another shot was heard. A few seconds later, they
heard her commend
&#lt;p&#gt;They shifted into wolf form and jumped out only to see Selena dragging one of the rogue by his ankle,
his head hitting every tree and rocks on the way. Selena’s eye filled with rage and snarl on the mouth
biting the ankle. She headed straight to Orion and dropped the rogue in front of him. She nodded to
Orion and turned back to get another rogue. Orion looked close at the rogue, his hand was holding the
gun and his chest was bleeding, which means he shot himself. Selena dropped another rogue at
Orion’s feet and went back for the hunter, dropped him to Orion’s feet as well. She then went back to
the spot where she climbed up tree previously and jumped downwards to the ground. All the other
wolfs except for Orion came running to her. There is a huge pit dug down there, a trap enough to fit an
elephant but today, a mountain gorilla fell into it, with her baby. She was wailing to save her baby.
Selena stood chinned up in front of the gorilla and the gorilla bowed to her. She then grabbed the baby
gorilla and jumped out of the pit, placed the baby down and jumped back in for the mommy. The&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;mommy was a bit heavy for her that she couldn’t jump out. Zaden jumped in. He laid down for Selena
to climb up him with the gorilla. She did and the others helped from above to pull out the mommy.
Zaden looked at Selena and she bowed thankful to Zaden. He snuggled his head against her neck,
inhaling her wonderful smell, cooing soothingly. They then jumped out of the pit. Selena didn’t pay any
attention to Orion thereafter, hence the rest of the pack followed her, walking pass Orion.
&#lt;p&#gt;Images of his mate bleeding from silver bullet in her heart, flashes again and again in front of Orion’s
eye. His blood started boiling, his eyes turned red. Zaden and the pack heard a painful scream from
behind them. They paused for a second but then resumed their walk, heading to the brick house.
&#lt;p&#gt;Orion had ripped each and every joint of the 2 rogues and a human hunter. He is now covered with
blood, looking like a Satan rose from hell, yet a sense of peace surged within him. He could feel the
wind blowing against him better, he could smell the air around him better and he could run a tad faster,
as he felt lighter then ever. They might not be the same person who killed his mate, he never saw
them. At this moment, he is grateful that he never saw the poacher who killed his mate or else, his rage
would have been focused only on that one but now, every rogue and poachers feeds his anger.
&#lt;p&#gt;The walk home was awkward for the leader’s pack since they couldn’t take their eye off Selena. Orion
came thudding behind them, covered in blood and they all scrunched away from him. Selena looked
behind at Orion, she then switched course and headed to a river nearby and jumped in. All 5 joined in
and the night went by just like that. They reached home and climbed upstairs in their room before
shifting to human again. They all slept at 4am in the morning and woke up late the next day, missing
their morning resistance training.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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