Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 19

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&#lt;p&#gt;Rays of sun creeped through the curtains, hitting Selena’s face. Her once pitch black vision is now red.
She slowly blinked open her eyes. Another morning, only today, she is a werewolf. She sat down on
Daisy’s bed, stretched her body till she felt weak and loose. After a long hot shower and dressing up in
a blue jeans and black t-shirt, she went downstairs. At those last steps, she heard a series of door
shutting sound made her wonder what is happening outside. She strolled over to the front door to see
Orion loading luggage and they are all dressed up casually, ready to leave. Climate took a drastic
change as dark clouds gathered, about to pour down any minute now. Selena’s heartbeat increase,
accompanied by her widening eye. Is this where she parts with her family? She completely forgot about
returning to Mountain Manuka and none of them brought up the topic after they came here. Will she
ever wake up in her father’s hands? Will she ever play basketball with Aaron again? Her heart is
throbbing with pain. Right at that moment, Zaden turned around to see her, standing frozen at the door
with a terror and agitation in her eye. He started walking towards her and soon the other 2 noticed and
followed him
&#lt;p&#gt;‘I’m not going. I am NOT going…that’s all you have to say. What can they do, I have my father and
brother. They can defend me, don’t they? Wait, how are they supposed to fight 3 werewolves? Wait, I
am a werewolf, I can do that. Ya right, a werewolf that can’t shift at her will, pfff’
&#lt;p&#gt;She mentally slapped her face. Zaden was already standing about 10 feet in front of her with a merely
there smile and both hand thrust into his jeans pocket while the other 2 beaming with a toothy grin
behind him.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Bye, take care” the grin on other 2 dropped spontaneously after Zaden’s word. Selena exchanged a
‘what the fuck’ look with Orion and Grandpa Kai. Zaden turned around, not waiting for a response and
walked away. Orion grabbed his arm
&#lt;p&#gt;“Zaden, what are you doing?” he questioned&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Going back home without Selena” he said
&#lt;p&#gt;“What if Ozrain comes looking for Selena?” Orion
&#lt;p&#gt;“Who is Selena?” Zaden winked at Grandpa Kai and Grandpa Kai understood his decision.
&#lt;p&#gt;“You can’t do that. This…she… I mean” Orion stuttered not knowing what he is trying to say
&#lt;p&#gt;“I can and I just did. From this moment onwards, no one in Mountain Manuka pack is going to mention
Selena” he exerted his alpha aura and immediately the whole pack at Mountain Manuka was
mindlinked the order. Orion felt helpless as all the energy in his body drained out in a second. Right at
this very moment, he understood that he didn’t just like this women, he loves her. He ran as fast as he
can towards Selena and hugged her tight, wishing this moment will last for an eternity. He tried to hold
back his tears. Selena on the other hand, didn’t know what to do. She wanted to stay but then it hurts
so much seeing them leaving. Why is that? She is more attached to her father and brother, known them
longer and shared with them more than anyone back in the mountain, yet it hurts. Maybe its just a
temporary feeling.
&#lt;p&#gt;Orion let go of Selena, didn’t look into her face and walked away to the jeep. Grandpa Kai held her
hand and placed a kiss on it
&#lt;p&#gt;“My dear, would you do me a favor?” he asked
&#lt;p&#gt;“Yes Grandpa” somewhere in the deep corner, she wished he would ask her to come
&#lt;p&#gt;“Promise me you will be happy, every day…every minute…every second of your life” the next second,
a string of tears fell down her cheeks as she sobbed. Grandpa Kai has known her for such a short time,
yet he still wishes for her best, nothing against her will, like her mother does. As if the mother earth felt
her, the clouds split up and started pouring down. She gently hugged Grandpa Kai one last time.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“I hate you” Orion who had just passed Zaden, said through his gritted teeth, loud enough for him to
hear it. Zaden’s back was facing Selena. He pinched his lips. Grandpa Kai followed Orion to his jeep
and now Zaden is standing alone in the yard, heads dropped down. He doesn’t have the guts to look
into her eye one more time although his heart and entire system begged him to. He lifted his heavy leg
and took a step forward, when a sweet voice stopped him.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Wait…” Selena’s voice came from far behind. She ran to him, dismissing the rain around her. She
stood behind him, not too close thou.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Why?” she had to ask. He remained silent, still with heads down. She took a few steps to close the
gap between them and gently grabbed his arms, not exerting any effort to turn him around.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Zaden…” she whispered and he turned around with red eye but a calm face, looking down at her. His
eye followed her facial features, her magnetic eyes, curly locks, her sharp nose, her eyebrows that
frames he eye perfectly and her round rosy lips. When will he ever see them again? When will he ever
embrace her to sleep again? When will he get another chance to kiss her again? The thought ripped
his heart apart. He stretched his hand to grab her neck and her waist, moved forward and leaned to
kiss her lips, head slightly tilted to side. Aaron who was standing at the porch, felt a sudden urge to
protect his little sister. He took a step with balled fist when Leonardo held him back
&#lt;p&#gt;“Wait” Leonardo hushed him
&#lt;p&#gt;“What? He is kissing her” Aaron said
&#lt;p&#gt;“Look at her, she is not fighting him” he said low. Aaron looked one more time. Selena had her hand on
his waist and another cupping his cheeks. Aaron frown dropped to relax and he withdrew his steps.
&#lt;p&#gt;Selena was showered with million drops of cold raindrop but a drop of hot raindrop stood out, running
down her thumb which is holding his cheeks. There was no lust in the kiss, he didn’t try to open her
mouth, he didn’t exert any dominance, just a gently nibble at her lips while he moved his head to pull&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;her lips gently and repeat his act, again and again and again. Orion saw this from the jeep rear mirror.
He gritted his teeth and gripped the steer wheel tightly till his fingertips were white. A pain stabbed his
&#lt;p&#gt;‘He ruined everything… he took her away from me and now he dares to kiss her’ he thought to himself
&#lt;p&#gt;Zaden let go of her lips, but kept coming back for a peck. His forehead is now resting on hers and his
hands has moved to cupped her chin
&#lt;p&#gt;“I’m going to miss you, baby girl…” he sobbed while the rain did the perfect job of hiding his tears.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Why?” Selena had a hard time bringing the single word out
&#lt;p&#gt;“You don’t need Mountain Manuka or Samrat or this werewolf life” he gave her another peck.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Everything you need is right here… I don’t want to rip you away from that. After reading Elisa Mitkoi
manuscript, I don’t want to give you to Ozrain. He probably will kill you, just like he did to Elisa. You will
be more peaceful and happy here. You have to erase this past weeks from your memory, understood?
Forget us…” he gently caresses her cheeks with his thumbs and incomes another peck. Her tears
flowed uncontrollably, although she didn’t understand why, and she nodded.
&#lt;p&#gt;“You will come see me right, whenever you are in city?” Selena whispered and a sharp sob came from
him as he shook his head no.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Zaden…” she looked at his eyes which is closed now
&#lt;p&#gt;“If I see you one more time, I won’t be able to leave… Nothing should interfere with your life, including
me” he opened his eye and held her hands, brought it up to his lips, placing a kiss on its back. He took
steps backward with eyes now focused on hers and stretched her hand as far as possible before letting
go. He took a few more steps backward before turning around to his jeep. Selena dropped to her knees&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;to the ground, she felt weak within. Leonardo and Aaron ran towards her and kneeled next to her,
hugging her.
&#lt;p&#gt;Zaden couldn’t stop his tears throughout the drive to Mountain Manuka. Thank god, Grandpa Kai
wasn’t here. He needed these few hours alone. Orion on the other jeep, has all his feeling pent up
because Grandpa Kai was there. His throat closed up, covering up his tears. That night, Selena was in
her father’s arms on the rocking chair, eyes wide awake till early morning, before she felt too tired to
handle her situation and slipped to sleep. Zaden was also awake till late night in his room. The image
of her face in the rain kept hunting him, turning into an unbearabale weight. She clearly showed that
she wanted to come with them, but he had to do this, for her own good. Time will cure the pain, it
always does. He then decides to go to her room at second floor, where she was imprisoned in his
embrace a whole night. He lay down on the bed which still had her smell and finally was able to get
some sleep. Orion on the other hand, shifted into his wolf and ran wildly through the vast of Mountain
Manuka till his paws hurt, easing the pain within him. Tears flowing out as the wind blows it away
through his fur. He didn’t get to say a proper good-bye to her. He shouldn’t have left things the way he
did. He went to the highest point and let a painful howl to the Moon Goddess that even the Goddess
would have dripped a few drops of tears for him. Its his habit to share his pain to the forest. Only the
trees, the wind, the night creatures and this highest point of Mount Manuka knows the depth of his
pains. He shares them to no one else.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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