Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 17

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Wake up, sleepy head…” Zaden blinked his eye to open. It was way brighter than normal. He looked
around to see Selena sitting at his feet.
&#lt;p&#gt;“What time is it?” he asked in a husky low voice.
&#lt;p&#gt;“About half past 12pm. Why?” Zaden snapped up to sit.
&#lt;p&#gt;“How come no one woke me up?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Who would want to mess up with a sleeping alpha?”
&#lt;p&#gt;Makeala already send an email to Selena of the translated letter and Selena got it printed out. Grandpa
Kai, Zaden, Orion and Selena sat down as Grandpa Kai started to read the printout.
&#lt;p&#gt;I am in pain, in great pain. I can feel my baby dying, his soul slipping off my grip every second. His
heart beat slowing down to almost none. It has been days, my baby is suffering for days. An innocent
soul who never committed any sin, have not even harmed an insect yet he is suffering a painful death.
&#lt;p&#gt;What sin did I do to deserve such a heartless punishment? I loved a werewolf, is love a sin? If so, God
is the one to be punished for giving me the ability to love a beast. God, including your Moon Goddess
are the one to blame, not me or my baby.
&#lt;p&#gt;Mark my words, you will pay. You will pay for the slow death my baby and I suffering now. You will
regret the minute you left me to die, tied up here, on this tree. I will reincarnate, somewhere in the
corner of the world and I will come to find you
&#lt;p&#gt;I will hunt you down, every single one of you. I will rise again from the peak of mountains, with my own
army of loyal followers, raging with red eye. When I do, you are no longer the king of beast. Mark my&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;words, your kingdom is no more yours. You will be spell bound and beg for death under my feet. Under
my feet….
&#lt;p&#gt;All eyes were on Selena. She was the only werewolf born after 5 generation and she remained hidden
for 24 years, even after her first shift. She is the one who came to Mountain Manuka with the intention
to hike it. Ozrain Samrat, a whole army of Samrat and their rogues have been hunting for her. Ozrain is
known to travel around the world to find his bloodline when she was just 10 hours away but she still
haven’t found a trace of her. The writer was angry with god, and Selena doesn’t believe in god too.
&#lt;p&#gt;“What?” Selena asked in confusion
&#lt;p&#gt;“Don’t you see? This manuscript is referring to you. You are the rebirth of Elisa Mitkoi!!!” Orion
exclaimed. Selena stood up from her seat
&#lt;p&#gt;“What makes you think Elisa Mitkoi is the one who wrote the manuscript? “ they were all dumbfound.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Then who do you suggest wrote this?” Zaden questioned
&#lt;p&#gt;“Someone who took Grandma Carol’s bedtime story a bit too serious. All I know is that my mom was
obsessed with my moon mark. Even she could have written it, who knows.” She made sense and they
didn’t have a counter statement to hers.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Let’s assume the manuscript is original and written by Elisa Mitkoi. Look at me!!! Do I look like I can
take down an army of werewolves? Have I ever consciously shifted to wolf? For god sake, are you
guys 100% sure that I am a werewolf? Have you seen my wolf? Think Zaden” Selena snapped.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I have seen your eye changing color” Zaden said low
&#lt;p&#gt;“Excuse me” Selena jerked her head back a little with a frown&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“ You were angry with Orion yesterday and steaming in your room, do you remember me coming to
coax you? You looked at me, your eye was pitch black with silver rim” Zaden said. Somewhere in his
heart, he knew she will find a way to counter this and he hesitated.
&#lt;p&#gt;“ It was a dark room Zaden” Zaden pushed his chair back vigorously and walked out of the room. His
anger was rising every minute he is here, trying to proof her that she is a werewolf. Orion ran following
him and grabbed his arms but he ripped it away. He stormed out of the house.
&#lt;p&#gt;Back at the room, everyone walked away from Selena. She kept staring blankly at the manuscript. The
original wood slab is quite hard to replicate but again, how did a dying woman managed to carve out a
letter on tree bark? Her heart beat slowly started increasing but she didn’t notice it as her thinking is
focused on the manuscript.
&#lt;p&#gt;‘Mom did a DNA test from an unknown sample that matched to me. Could the sample be from the
&#lt;p&#gt;Blood started rushing up to her head causing slight dizziness. She blinked for a second long as she
tries to snap out of her dizziness.
&#lt;p&#gt;‘ If the sample is from manuscript, it matched me. Which means I am related to the writer. But again,
what if Daisy wrote the manuscript, being her daughter, of course my DNA matches with hers.’
&#lt;p&#gt;The room around her began constricting as a sudden chill creeped up her fingers. That’s when she
realized she is having another panic attack. She ran to her bathroom, took a bottle of pills from the
cabinet and refilled a cup nearby. Orion grabbed her hand with pills
&#lt;p&#gt;“What are you doing?” Orion asked&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Let me go…” her voice was way lower and doesn’t sound like her, her breath trembles as well as her
hands. He let her go and she quickly swallowed those pills with some water
&#lt;p&#gt;“Is that sleeping pills?” Grandpa Kai questioned and Selena nodded her head that is leaned back to
bathroom wall, swallowing gulps of air trying to cope with her body. Orion grabbed her hand and
dragged her out of the bathroom, the room and then outside of the house. Leonardo and Aaron who
was discussing about Zaden storming out is now shocked by Orion’s action pulling half-awake Selena
out of the house. They ran behind them and managed to stop in front of Orion.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Let her go, she is sick” Aaron bursted out. Selena could barely keep her eye open as her head rolled
up and down uncontrollably. She sweat profusely as she breathed out loud. Leonardo snatched her out
of Orion’s hand and hugged her to his chest where she finally got a place to rest her head.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Leonardo please. Let me explain. She is not having a panic attack” Zaden came out of the woods
rushing towards Orion. Orion looked behind him
&#lt;p&#gt;“Zaden. She is having one more of the panic attack “ Orion hugged his waist explaining to Zaden as if
he is having a panic attack. Zaden looked up at the sky
&#lt;p&#gt;“It’s full moon. She is having attack on full moon. She has been shifting every full moon” Zaden rushed
towards her
&#lt;p&#gt;“Leonardo please, let her go. She will be standing here, right in front of you, I assure you that” he said
trying to change Leonardo’s mind. By now Selena had blacked out. Before Leonardo could say
anything, they heard a low growl from Selena, hidden in Leonardo’s chest. It was pretty dark out here
that Leonardo started looking around for the source of growl. Then he noticed Zaden’s eye focused on
Selena. He looked down as he heard another stronger growl from her. He lifted her head up to face
him, her face was white as snow. At first, Leonardo thought she is pale until a glimpse of shine caught
his eye. She is has a sheen of silver on her skin. Her eyes were still closed. Her hair slowly started&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;changing from root, black to very light silver. Leonardo eye widened and he froze with Selena’s chin in
his palm. Zaden had to act, he grabbed Selena arm and carried her to a clear space. He placed her
down and stepped back. Orion took his phone out as he recorded what was going to happen. Selena’s
dead like body is now moving slightly as she bend to fetal position and then suddenly arched her back
as her hand got thrown to side. A series of bone snapping sound came along. Orion started grabbing
his head and passed the phone to Aaron who is now freaking out. Orion’s wolf screaming to be
released. Zaden was much more in control but his breath hiked as he watched Selena. Selena started
to grow a layer of silver fur. Her short nails has turned into claws. Her spine twisted and elongated. Her
face elongated to snout and within the next minute she had turned into a complete wolf. Orion has
started turning but Zaden withhold himself from shifting. He needs his human to face her wolf, just in
case she became intimidated by other wolfs around her. Selena’s wolf is much much more bigger than
what Zaden has expected, almost as big as his wolf or even slightly bigger than his. Zaden careful
steps towards now fully turned Selena. The wolf was still unconscious. He bend forward to have a
better look at her. Simply divine would be the correct description. A complete silver wolf wearing her
leather necklace from waterfall. The fur coat was super soft and shiny as it reflects the moon shine. A
lump of black fur formed a moon mark even on her wolf form, right below her ears, just like her human
&#lt;p&#gt;Zaden placed his palm on the silver wolfs face to only cover 1/3 of it. The wolf suddenly huffed out a
breath and shook its head. She stood up with 4 legs and staled a bit to left and right before came to a
steady stand. The wolf who is now panting, opened its eye and focused on Zaden, who is now
awestruck. A pitch-black eye with silver rim, staring back at him emotionless. A beast by nature that is
as beautiful as the moon itself, yet ironically, for someone who is so blessed by the Moon Goddess,
she doesn’t believe in God. Zaden shifted under her stare, a pitch black wolf with golden eye, soon
accompanied by a golden brown and dark brown wolf. Her eyes swept from right to left, landing on
Orion’s golden brown wolf, to Zaden’s pitch black wolf and Grandpa Kai’s dark brown wolf. They all
waited with anticipation of what she would do next. Naturally, a sense of protectiveness surged through&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;3 of them towards her. One, because she stood there as a Samrat who can be their alpha and wolf’s
basic genetic make-up is to obey and protect their alpha. Two, she is an innocent Bambi, hidden within
a Samrat that needs their protection until she learns to defends herself. Three, they fell a certain
attachment or could be exaggerated as ‘fell in love’ with her beauty.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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