Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 16

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&#lt;p&#gt;Morning was more awkward than the day before. The 3 of them could hardly look at each other during
breakfast. Thankfully, Zaden had a meeting with one of his managers and left to the city. Orion kept his
distance from Selena because every time he gets closer to her, her taste comes back to his tongue.
Eventually they bumped against each other. She crossed her hands over her chest and leaned over a
door frame. She pursed her lips and raised her eyebrow. Orion became uncomfortable at her reaction
and rubbed his neck with his hand. He understand that eventually, he has to face her.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Look, I’m sorry for the way I behaved yesterday. Both times… I don’t know what got into me” he was
formulating more lines before she stopped him.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Apology accepted. I hope this means such act won’t be repeated?” she slightly tilted her head and
Orion nodded
&#lt;p&#gt;“Ok, let’s go. Oliver is waiting out there” they patched up but she still had a small alarm bell, deep down
her heart. The day went by fine and Selena is always accompanied by Jeffry or Oliver when she was
with Orion. The wooden slab letter translation took time, Makeala had to rewrite each sentence so that
it will look bigger and then the elders would translate it, she would write it down into another paper.
Plus, the elders need their rest, time to eat and their personal affairs to be taken care of, too. Zaden
and Orion had to stay back till they figure out what is the letter about.
&#lt;p&#gt;Later that evening, Zaden came back. He must have gone shopping before attending the meeting
because now he is wearing a silk black shirt with a grey trousers and looking dashing than ever. He
walked into the yard with his hands in his pant pocket, his usual relaxed but arrogant mannerism. He
saw Selena from far, sitting on her father’s lap, on a rattan swing at their front porch and her brother,
Aaron feeding her with oats from an opposite chair. He said something, making Selena laugh. No
wonder why she was fine with being feed or feeding others food, it is not affection, it’s just what she is
used to. When they were done, she noticed Zaden coming towards them. Leonardo received a phone
call and got busy answering that while Aaron had gone inside the house to discard the soiled dishes.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Zaden came to stand in front of her and winked both his eyes with a smile. Selena frowned, just a
wink? Orion had said he is sorry like a hundred time but Zaden doesn’t seemed to be bothered.
Arrogance by blood, probably.
&#lt;p&#gt;“ I see you had dinner already?” he said.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Yup” she answered keeping the same level of arrogance. He took a few steps forward, closer to her
and she flinched as she dropped her hands from her waist, holding her pants fabric like a small child
&#lt;p&#gt;“You didn’t come to sleep on the couch yesterday, did you?” she shook her head no, her eyes on the
floor as if she is the guilty one.
&#lt;p&#gt;“You didn’t miss me?” he tilted his head slightly in attempt to see her face but failed. She shook her
head no again but this time, there were a small drag, as if she is hesitating. He took one more step
forward, narrowing the gap between them even more. He lifted his head up before letting out a low
sigh. His eyes were checking around while he spoke the next words in a very low, husky voice
&#lt;p&#gt;“But I missed you a lot…” her eyes widened but still focused on the floor. Her hands are now together
as she fiddled with her fingers. He grabbed a lock of her curl and fiddled with it in his fingers. He let go
when he realized Leonardo is done with his phone call and pretended to be normal. But Leonardo
noticed a sudden change in his daughter. Her innocent eye is now filled with anxiety and her playful
fingers, now fiddling nervously with the hem of her shirt. Not only once, but he had noticed such
change in her eyes every time she is around Zaden, a stranger that she meet a week ago.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Hi Zaden, how was your day? Did you manage to settle your issues?” Leonardo asked with concern
&#lt;p&#gt;“Partially solved. I’m afraid we might need a few more days. I can book a hotel room if…” he didn’t
manage to finish his sentence before Leonardo intervene&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“No no…I insist. You took care of my precious baby in the middle of forest and mountains. At least let
me do this favor” he said, earning a smile from Zaden. Selena was mentally chocking her father for his
decision. She excused herself while Zaden and Leonardo settled down on chairs at the porch, talking
about news, business and stuff that bores her to death.
&#lt;p&#gt;At night, when they were all heading upstairs to sleep, Zaden’s eye kept boring at Selena, over
Leonardo’s head. He need to tell her a message but couldn’t get any private time with her and now her
father has his hand around her shoulder. Selena felt his gaze from the corner of her eye but she
choose to ignore him, walked into Daisy’s room and locked herself up. Zaden cursed her under his
breath as he gave up the idea to meet her downstairs in the middle of night and shut his door, a.k.a
Selena’s room. He snoozed off for a few hours due to tiredness but when he woke up in the middle of
night, it was difficult to fall asleep again. He decides to go sleep on the couch and grabbed a pillow and
walked out with only sweatpants. As he approached the stairs, he heard a creaking sound and
frowned. As he walked down, he saw Leonardo, covered with a huge bulky blanket, on the rocking
chair. He turned around when he heard Zaden and signaled him to keep quite. Zaden came closer to
him, tilted his head to get a more clear visual. It was not just a bulky blanket, Selena was wrapped in it,
on her father’s lap.
&#lt;p&#gt;“She had a nightmare” Leonardo said almost inaudible. Zaden smiled as he walked to the couch and
settled down. Leonardo leaned his head back and went to sleep while sitting. Only Selena’s leg with a
silver anklet and a silver bell can be seen from this point of view. The image of Selena sleeping on his
chest, twice, came back to him. He thought it was affection but now, he has second thought about it. It
is just what’s she is used to. Now, recalling the stomp in basketball court, the way her father and
brother hugged her the day she came back, feeding her in the evening, how they are so scared of
offending her, the photos in her room and just generally how they take care of her, Zaden could see
how much love was she showered with. A sudden pain hit him hard, could he ever be all this for her?
Being a Samrat comes with its own package of complications. Could she ever be this peaceful in a
werewolf life? She did higher studies in her favorite field, something that not all will choose, Marine&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Biology and she also had already set a foot in the field. She is more of a practical and logic or evidence
based thinker while werewolf life based on a lot of blind beliefs. Is it really necessary to disturb all this
just because he fell for her? But the thought of not being able to see her again, crushes his heart to bits
and pieces. If he can find Ozrain Samrat and give him back, practically what he has been searching for
200 years, his bloodline heir, that would release his pack from a great danger that might hit anytime.
&#lt;p&#gt;He is torn between his life choices. He re-assessed all his choices again and again the whole night, not
getting a single drop of sleep. At about 6 am, he finally fell asleep.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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