Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 15

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&#lt;p&#gt;“ I’m sorry... I kissed her neck… I’m really sorry” Orion said with fear dripping in every word and his
voice is trembling. Zaden escalated to another level of anger in a snap and threw him across the room,
hitting hard on the wall. He walked over, grabbed his neck and start squeezing it, making him suffocate
for his breath. Everyone around him tried to stop him, even Grandpa Kai was ignored. Something else
is possessing him, the thought of another men kissing her was revolting and the view of Orion turning
blue in his hands was the cure. Selena heard the loud thud downstairs and she took control of her
anger, rushed downstairs to see Zaden chocking Orion and he is turning blue. She stormed to Zaden.
Her father worried, tried to stop her but Grandpa Kai stretched his hand as barrier. To Grandpa Kai, she
is the cause of the conflict, and she is the fix too.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Zaden!!!” she exclaimed while grabbing his arms but his hearing is deafened by his anger.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Zaden…listen to me” she kneeled in front of him, between Orion and him. He didn’t seem to budge.
She turned to look at Orion who is in immense suffering at the moment. She grabbed Zaden’s wrist
with both hers and hitting him, tried to pull him away. The skin to skin contact made him return to
reality. He let loose a little but not completely. She turned to Zaden again, her eye is now back to light
grey and tears rolled down them as she begged him
&#lt;p&#gt;“Zaden please…let him go” she cupped his chin. He isn’t budging. She has to do something. With quick
thinking, she took a deep breath and her inner voice took over
&#lt;p&#gt;‘You are calming down for me… you can’t refuse it… I need you to calm down now…. You are nothing
but a small boy in my hands…calm down…breath…zone out’
&#lt;p&#gt;She was caressing her thumb over his cheeks while still had his face in her palm. Zaden slowly let go
of Orion. Seeing she has situation under control, Grandpa Kai gestured everyone to leave the room
and they obeyed. The 3 of them need space to resolve this. Selena turned around to face Orion. She
gently slapped his face trying to bring him back as he coughed and gasped for air. Zaden has kneeled&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;down now, he wrapped his arms around Selena’s waist and pulled her to sit on his lap as she yelped
out of surprise. Zaden’s anger subsided but his possessiveness and guilt of not being there for her took
&#lt;p&#gt;“Just be mine…and only mine” he whispered to her ears. He then buried his face in the crook of her
neck. Her butt clenched, her eyes squeezed shut at his movement and she swallowed her saliva. The
ticklish sensation his soft yet firm lips spread through her skin was unbearable. As much as she wants
to pull away, she also wants him to calm down and if this is what it needs to tranquilize him
momentarily, then why not. She gathered all her strength to fight the ticklish sensation creeping through
the veins in her neck and focused on Orion. She slapped his face gently a few more times but couldn’t
find her voice. He shook his head to consciousness and the next minute, he hugged Selena from the
front, laying his head on her shoulder
&#lt;p&#gt;“I am sorry…I really don’t know what got into me…I’m sorry, sorry, sor…” he started rambling
&#lt;p&#gt;“Shu…just breath…” she had her hand over the back of his head and another hand stuck in his hug. To
make her suffering worse, Zaden started swirling circles on her neck with his nose. She opened her
eye and mouth wide but nothing came out as her breath got stuck in the hollow of her throat. The
natural sweet, exotic scent of her, exaggerated due to sweat from basketball game earlier and it is a
tranquilizer for him, everything around became blank. He could only feel her, her smell engulfing him
thoroughly. To aid her suffering Orion started moving. He kissed her shoulder with every word he
&#lt;p&#gt;“I’m sorry…I’m sorry…” his moustache brushed against her skin sending another wave of tickle. He
slowly moved to her jawline, still planting his kisses. Selena’s breath is picking up its pace, trying to
provide enough oxygen to her body in coping with her current awkward situation. Zaden moved his
hand into her shirt, grabbing her waist gently with his palms. She gasped. Orion moved to her
collarbone, sucking and nibbling, moving his head to sync his torture. Now, it has gone from mere
ticklish to something else, pleasure, the kind she had never experienced before. Her breath trembled&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;and she dropped her head back on Zaden’s shoulder. This is bad and dangerous for a virgin. She has
to control 3 of them now, and it’s getting harder and harder with herself control at stake. She grabbed
hard on Orion’s hair as she bite down her lips, her whole body is trembling and she let out a moan
which triggered Zaden to come out with his tongue, wondering as it wishes from her neck to the back of
her ears and her earlobe.
&#lt;p&#gt;“No…” she mumbled low and struggled to take control of the situation by pushing away Orion’s
shoulder but he pushed her hand to the side and hugged it, just like her other hand. In other words, her
hands are tied between his hug. Like it or not, she is stuck between 2 wolfs. Wolfs are possessive over
their mate but she is not mate to any of them but she figured they will have some sort of
possessiveness towards a woman in their embrace. So far, she had subconsciously zoned them out
from each other. They are in their own world with her in both but how long can she keep up when she is
losing control of herself.
&#lt;p&#gt;Orion took it too far when he kissed her lips, making her moan even more. She can feel a sensation
building up at the bottom of her tummy, mixed with anxiety in her heart and a thousand electric sparks
through her vein. Both the boys enjoyed her moan, they are enjoying her and their hard manhood is
rubbing her thigh and butt. Orion tried to get into her mouth as he ran his tongue along her teeth but
she is not letting him. He grabbed her lower lips with his teeth and sucked on it a little bit harder before
trying to enter his tongue again, as if he is begging to be let in. Selena let out a tiny whim from the
pleasure and she can’t take it anymore. The pressure that has been building in her lower stomach
released like a snapped rubber band, making her wet down her legs. The smell of her arousal slapped
both Orion and Zaden in their faces. Realizing what just happen, Zaden moved back in shock,
effectively dropping her on her butt and releasing her from Orion. They both stumbled back, landing on
their butt. All 3 of them are breathing heavily right now, with Selena being the heaviest. She had the
back of her palm over her mouth as she still is trembling&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Ok, next time, I don’t care if you guys rip each other apart” she said sternly with a glare before
standing up and storming to her room.
&#lt;p&#gt;That night, it was raining. Selena, Orion and Zaden, lay on their bed, in different room but despite the
perfect whether to sleep, they couldn’t. Even though Selena and Zaden would prefer to sleep on the
couch, they forced themselves to stay in bed.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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