Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 14

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&#lt;p&#gt;There was another thin wooden slab in the chest box. It was written in a language that looks ancient.
After some discussion, they decide to show it to elderlies in the village but Selena was against it. She
didn’t want to let go of her mother’s possession. So, they took some photographs and sent it to
Makeala and she would have to hike up and down the mountain to print out those photos. There were
also some blood reports of Selena. Her blood was matched as distant relative to an unknown DNA
provided by Daisy but there were no clue of who it was. Daisy was doing some research, mainly
concerning Selena and their ancestors, she must have speculated about them being a descendent of
werewolf but never told anyone about it. It was about 5 pm and Selena gathered the rest
&#lt;p&#gt;“Look, yes, apparently my mom thinks that I am a werewolf but we have of no proof of it. Everything
that we have seen and discussed today might be just a coincidence. I mean, I have never shifted to a
wolf before, not that I can remember. I don’t want my dad and Aaron to be dragged into this mess. It’s
about time they come back home from our café, so can we please forget about this whole thing for a
while?” she joined both her hands together in a praying position while her feet kept shuffling sideways.
The others agreed and soon Leonardo and Aaron came back home.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Hey there little Bambi” Aaron hugged her and lifted her up off ground. Zaden smiled recalling what she
said last night
&#lt;p&#gt;‘Oh, I hate being small. You are nothing different from Aaron’
&#lt;p&#gt;Leonardo simply placed a kiss on her forehead once Aaron was done. Selena made coffee for all of
them and when she came out, Grandpa Kai was already sleeping in the rocking chair and none of the
boys were visible. She heard some noise outside and walked with the tray of coffee. They were in the
basketball court behind the house but this court was a little different from typical one. There were tree
stomps, about 2 feet in height, arranged around the court. It did raise questions in Zaden and Orion but
they shrugged it off as ornaments for the basketball court.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“There is our star player” Aaron exclaimed, earning a glare from Selena. She then placed the tray on
one of the stomps and sat on another nearby, one of her feet on the stomp, raising one knee to her
&#lt;p&#gt;“Who, she?” Orion pointed at Selena, mocking her. She was annoyed and rolled her eye while sipping
a cup of coffee. Jewel, Noah, Jeffry and Oliver made an entry to the court at that same moment.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Do not underestimate shorties” Noah warned them.
&#lt;p&#gt;One thing led to the other, now Selena is in the court, hoodies off revealing a sleeveless, body con t-
shirt which was enough for her to win Zaden and Orion because they got so distracted by the little
cleavage showing through. She bounced the ball from right to left, sweats dripping off her face as she
travels through the court and made a perfect shot to the basket. Ok, she is good at shots when
someone passes the ball to her, that doesn’t make her a good player. From far, Jewel was sitting on a
tree stomp and Selena, being the little cute thing she is, stood in the middle of tall, well build man. The
scene itself is odd. Now Orion has the ball. Others are her friends and family, so they will give her the
ball but not Orion or Zaden. This is where the true player comes out. Orion determined not to give her
the ball, he turned his back to her as she tried to snatch it from sideways. He slowly moved to the edge
of the court, bouncing the ball in attempt to avoid Selena
&#lt;p&#gt;“Ops, wrong move bro!!!” Jeffry said with a laugh making Zaden puzzled. He stopped for a moment,
clutching his waist with his hand and narrowed his eyes to Orion and Selena. Selena waited till Orion
became too cocky and bounced the ball way too high. She stepped on the stomp, jumped up and hit
the ball which has bounced higher than Orion head, hit it with her palm, stealing the ball as it flew to
Oliver’s hand. Zaden’s eye widened as he snapped his head to Jeffry, who has a smug look on his
&#lt;p&#gt;“Oliver!!!” Selena shouted, earning Zaden’s attention back. Now, Oliver being the temporary keeper,
passed her the ball and she surpassed every opponent like a pro and made another perfect shot. She&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;is definitely good at making perfect shots as the ball didn’t touch the hoop.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Ok, fine” Zaden took it as a challenge. She lures the player to edge and uses the stomp to get some
height but what if the opponent doesn’t go to the edge? She can’t win now, can she? When Zaden got
the ball, he was especially focused not to go anywhere near the edge and aimed straight to the hoop.
Selena managed to stale him when she came to his front, trying to snatch the ball away, dripping in
sweat and panting, eyes focused at the ball. Everytime she almost caught the ball, he bounces it high
above his head, so that there is no way she can get it.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Give up, baby girl…” he said in low deep voice after a few failed attempts by Selena. She was irritated
for a second but then a smirk formed at the corner of her lips which was enough to confuse and distract
him. He semi-crouched with his legs slightly open when bouncing the ball. Selena moved to his side
and tried to snatch the ball. As anticipated, he bounced the ball high and Selena stepped on his thigh,
jumped up and hit the ball with her palm and Noah caught it this time
&#lt;p&#gt;“What?” Zaden stood there puzzled. Selena already got the ball back from Noah. She turned around
and smiled at Zaden while biting her lower lips. She made another shot to score.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Wait, that’s not fair” Zaden exclaimed, not being able to accept his defeat. Selena had already caught
the ball falling from the hoop
&#lt;p&#gt;“What’s not fair?” Aaron asked
&#lt;p&#gt;“Selena, your sister. She is using prop around the court to score.” Orion supported his alpha
&#lt;p&#gt;“And other players body!!!” Zaden exclaimed
&#lt;p&#gt;“She should be banned from basketball world” with Zaden’s statement, everyone in the court moved
closer, arguing against each other&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“That’s her talent” Leonardo
&#lt;p&#gt;“That is not talent, that is cheating” Jeffry taking side of his team and soon there were mixed voices that
Selena couldn’t pick up a sentence from what they are talking
&#lt;p&#gt;“Aaarhhh…” she shouted before running away from them, with the ball. If she cannot play, then no one
&#lt;p&#gt;“Selena” her named echoed from her back.
&#lt;p&#gt;She ignored and ran heading to the nearby garden. She slowed down to catch her breath when a hand
grabbed her arm and turned her around. She missed her balance at the sudden movement, slipped
and fell flat on her back, pulling together the hand that was holding her. Orion fell on top of her, seizing
her breath for a moment.
&#lt;p&#gt;“My god Orion, you are fat” she said groaning under him. He giggled at her neck, as his face rested on
the crook of her neck when he fell. She has an exotic smell that he can’t really put his fingers on.
Realizing their odd position, Selena became uneasy and tried to push him away but couldn’t move him.
He grabbed her wrist and pinned it to the ground next to her head
&#lt;p&#gt;“You can’t escape from me, Selena” rubbing his sharp nose to her nose. She giggled at the tikling
feeling his beard made when in contact with her neck. His eye widened in amusement. He then rubbed
his chin against her neck, making her tickle more. Wrong move. She shrugged her shoulder, shrinking
the space in her neck crook and Orion’s lips accidentally brushed against her skin sending tingling
sensation across his lips. He needed one more taste. He leaned forward and gently sucked her neck.
She felt a clog down her throat as she gasped too sharp. He didn’t dare to look at her face, his breath
stilled and his mouth felt dry. She pushed him away and scrambled back to her feet before walking
away. Anger struck her bad. Zaden and Jeffry noticed the way she entered the house, like a possessed
woman. She went straight upstairs and the 2 followed. She sat on her mother’s bed with hands&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;gripping the bed by her side tight. Her breathing is heavy as she clenched her jaw and her eyeballs are
slightly red. Jeffry and Zaden slowly walked up to her
&#lt;p&#gt;“Selena…” Jeffry called out her name
&#lt;p&#gt;“Jeff, I need to be alone now.” Her voice was trembling but she kept her head down. Jeffry had been
with Selena, he understood and was about to back out but Zaden didn’t want to. He crouched down in
front of her with his hands on hers. His touch immediately flashed back and image of Orion on top of
her, sucking her neck. Her head snapped up at him. He saw her eyes. Her usual eye color, light grey
with black rim, is now pitch black. This is common for werewolves, the wolf part has different eye color
than the human part and shows u when the wolf is in control.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I said leave me alone, NOW” her voice was also different. Her usual sweet voice accompanied by
another more magnetic but gravelly voice, sending chills even to an Alpha. He stood up and they
walked away, closed the door and went downstairs where Orion had just stormed in followed by others
&#lt;p&#gt;“What happen Orion?” Zaden asked through gritting teeth, suppressing his intention to kill him.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Nothing…I …just that…I….” he stuttered. Zaden grabbed his collar and force him to face his, is Alpha
is in control as his eyes was swirling between his bronzy eye and gold. &#lt;/p&#gt;
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