Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 12

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&#lt;p&#gt;They drove through a narrow path, covered with gravel to a large metal gate. Selena and Orion got off
to open the gates before the jeep could pass. A few more minutes, they arrived at a small piece of land
in the mid of woods, where sun shone bright despite being surrounded by trees. There is no doubt this
place has wealthy mix of wildlife, with birds chirping, colorful butterflies seen everywhere and multiple
bee colony stand around the property. A very small wooden house, painted white, possibly 10 feat by
10 feat, situated in the middle of flower gardens, vegetables patches and fruit trees. A thin lady and a
fat one was working at the farm, scouting down to pull weeds and another one picking tomatoes into
her apron. An old lady with glasses sat on the entry, knitting in her rocking chair. She narrowed her
eyes at the figure approaching her at a high speed.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Grandma ma…” Selena shouted, making her realize who it is in front of her. She tried her best to
stand up but Selena caught up to her first and kneeled in front of her, giving her a hug. A familiar
Grandma smell made her recall her mother’s embrace, since she used to visit her with Daisy all the
time. The beauty of grandmothers is they are extremely tender to their grandkids, more than their own
children. Grandma Genesis is no exception, as she gives special attention in spoiling Selena, too.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Oh my dear Bambi… I thought you have forgotten me. How long has it been? How are you?” the
sweet but shaky old lady voice asked her, filled with excitement. She fumbled for her glasses and wore
it. When she looked up, she saw 2 men approaching her, 1 hot and dashing and another who is
probably about 10 years younger than her, but the fact is, Grandpa Kai is already 248, triple her
&#lt;p&#gt;“Oh I see you finally found someone. Oh dear, he is so yummy” Grandma cupped his cheeks within her
palms, making Zaden pout and with his wide eye, he looked like a goldfish. Selena grabbed Grandma’s
shoulder and opened her mouth to explain but Grandma Genesis didn’t spare anytime to give the most
embarrassing comment&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“But he is so huge, how is my tiny Selena supposed to bare you at night?” Selena’s eye widened
spontaneously as she shut her own mouth with her palms and Zaden, who had been released from
Grandma’s grip, started running his fingers through his hair.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Grandma ma, he is not my boyfriend” Selena exclaimed when Orion walked from jeep to them
&#lt;p&#gt;“So, is he? He is smaller than him but sti…” grandma’s word got cut off
&#lt;p&#gt;“This is Zaden, Orion and Grandpa Kai. They have been taking care of me when I lost in a mountain
hike. NO BOYFRIEND here grandma!!!” she exclaimed towards the end of her sentence and Grandma
Genesis pursed her lips in frustration. Orion and Zaden felt a little odd at the word she used to define
her stay at the mountain, taken care of. Did she genuinely felt that way after being kept ‘room-arrest’ for
a day and half, later threatened to rip her friend apart?
&#lt;p&#gt;Grandma Genesis makes the best oatmeal raisin cookies and they were served with hot cup of milk.
They talked a little about some other stuffs before Selena hesitatedly brought the issue about Elisa
&#lt;p&#gt;“Grandma ma, you remember a bedtime story that you use to tell me, about The King of Beast? How
did you...or… where did you get that from?” there was a moment of silence as they anticipated for the
answer but Grandma Genesis stared back for longer than necessary, making things uncomfortable
&#lt;p&#gt;“My grandma Carol used to tell me the story and I passed on to you. She used to say that it is based on
a true story but I don’t buy it” she let out a small giggle.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Where is this Grandma Carol originate from?” Grandpa Kai
&#lt;p&#gt;“Serchembet, a small village outside what now known as Makoya City” It was far away from where
Ozrain and Elisa used to live but makes sense since they bedtime tale says Elisa’s daughter was taken&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;away to south and they are not sure Coral is Elisa’s daughter or not. If she is not, then she might have
been thrown far away from Elisa’s place.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Grandma, is there any chance you remember who the parents of your Grandma Carol were?” Selena
asked with her chin propped up in her palm. Orion’s eye kept darting back to her every minute or so.
Grandma Genesis frowned deeply trying to recall anything, any clue that can recall their name but none
&#lt;p&#gt;“No… but your mother used to keep a family tree drawing and some other things that was handed over
from Grandma Carol. I didn’t pay close attention to the content, neither did your mother, but she still
kept it as a heritage, so to say” Grandma Genesis finished with a casual shrug.
&#lt;p&#gt;As much as they the 3 of them, Zaden, Orion and Grandpa Kai, wanted to run back to the house and
look for the drawing, they had to stay put when Selena wanted to cook dinner and eat with her
grandma. They sat on a wooden picnic table set behind the house, had their dinner and stayed chatting
till late night. Selena sat in the middle of Orion and Zaden while Grandpa Kai and Grandma Genesis
sat next to each other, since they needed the space to stretch their feet. Selena felt so stuffed and
sweaty, snuggled in the middle of 2 gigantic, warm-blooded werewolves, both serving her dishes when
her stomach is already full. Sitting opposite, Grandpa and Grandma can see that both the guys are
actually competing to please the little thing in between them, that they kept staring at them.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Damn, Selena you can really cook” Orion complemented her, placing his hand onto her lap.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Yes Selena, and I thought you said you cook occasionally but these taste like done by well-seasoned
cook” Zaden slightly turned his body, sliding his arms around her waist.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Would you like to eat some roasted chicken?” they all shook their head since they are full
&#lt;p&#gt;“Then move you two, I’m stuck in between two ovens” she pushed them both earning a little space
before fanning her t-shirt. Grandpa and Grandma ended up giggling.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;They arrived home at about 10pm and Selena went straight to her room while the others stood at
corridor, utside the room, looking baffled. She seemed not interested in investigating what her mother
had inherited. Orion ended up sharing a bed with Aaron, Grandpa Kai and Zaden shared Selena’s bed
but Zaden couldn’t shut his eye until 1am due to Selena’s strong scent woven in her bed. He had a
hard time controlling his mind, as images of Selena and her smile flashed in his mind, again and again
and again. Finally, he had enough with the tortured and grabbed a pillow before departing to ground
floor to sleep in the couch. To his surprise and aiding in his irritation, Selena was already there,
sleeping on one of the couch.. It was dark and the moon light shining through front window gave a
vague view of inside the house but for Zaden, his alpha wolf eye made it clear that she is also trying to
sleep. He could pretend not seeing her and go back to the torture chamber or he could cross her to get
to the other couch, next to her head since the couch is arranged in L-shape. Great, there is no escape
&#lt;p&#gt;“Hey…” he said
&#lt;p&#gt;“Hey…” she replied
&#lt;p&#gt;“Couldn’t sleep?” she just nodded with a hum. Her eyes didn’t follow Zaden, they were frozen,
observing a rocking chair on the opposite site. Zaden became curious, but at the same time, he didn’t
want to disturb her as well, so he sat there on the edge of his couch, near to her head, crossed his
arms across his chest. It took her about 7 minutes before she talked which felt like an eternity.
&#lt;p&#gt;“When I was little, everytime I had a nightmare or it is raining with thunder, I used to sit on my mom’s
lap on that chair. She will read me stories and sing lullaby and rock me till I fall asleep” there was a
pause. She then turned around to face the couch’s back.
&#lt;p&#gt;“She died in a car crash about 5 years ago… She was always there for me but this past years…”
Zaden heard a tiny little sob and immediately, he melted like ice cube on hot pan. A pair of hand
slipped below her shoulders and thigh, scooping her up from the couch, flipping her towards a hard
chest. Selena stunned with surprise.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Oh, I hate being small. You are nothing different from Aaron” she slapped his chest while a laugh
escaped between her dreadful sobs. He smiled in return and sat on his couch. Zaden didn’t talk
anything for a while, just hugged her to his chest while he slugged against the couch. After some time,
he broke the silence.
&#lt;p&#gt;“You don’t have to look through her stuff if you don’t want to…” he blew softly at her forehead, removing
one stray hair out of the way. His hand had slipped from her thigh to her arms, embracing her into his
warm chest.
&#lt;p&#gt;“We have to…She was obsessed about my moon marking when all of us accepted it as normal. Now, I
feel like I owe her, thanks to your Grandpa Kai” she rolled her eye but he can’t see since she has her
head tucked under his chin. Zaden playfully swat her arm with a bite on his lower lip.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Is that your mother’s room?” he asked and she nodded. She couldn’t understand till this second why
he never failed to make her comfortable, why is it so easy to open up to him even though she had
known him for only this 1 week. For one minute, he comforts her with his warm nature, soft touch and
gently smile. The next minute, he is this Alpha of a wolf pack who would threaten her, being plain cold
to her or have her detained in a room.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I haven’t revisited her things in a long time. It brings back memories that is too painful to deal with, you
see…” she said
&#lt;p&#gt;“Then think of something that makes you happy before going through her things” he said while shuffling
back to lean flat on the couch. Zaden on couch and Selena on Zaden. The first thing that came to her
mental image with Zaden’s words was her dream crush and his bronzy chocolate eye. She had
successfully avoided him last night but oddly, she misses him. She yearns to touch him one more time.
She took out the chain from her jacket and run her thumb over the stone. Zaden peeped over her head
to get a glimpse of the locket.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Ahh, the precious locket!!! I wonder what it’s doing in your hand and not on your neck. Who gave it to
you?” he said with a hint of sarcasm
&#lt;p&#gt;“No one. But it reminds me someone…” she said low
&#lt;p&#gt;“Someone special, I guess?” Zaden, curious of what her answer would be
&#lt;p&#gt;“ Sort of…”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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