Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 11

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&#lt;p&#gt;It took a total of 4 hours and 30 minutes till they arrived at Selena’s house. It wasn’t a big house, a
simple double storey house with a reasonable yard. The jeep pulled up their yard and the house door
opened up before they could get down from the jeep. Two large build man was already walking towards
them with a wide grin. Selena ran towards the first man who looked much older, grabbed his neck and
jumped up to wrap her legs around his waist. She is so small in his arms, covered with tribal tattoo. He
gave her a long, hard kiss on her cheeks before she lay her cheek on his shoulders
&#lt;p&#gt;“I miss you, dad…” it came as a muffle.
&#lt;p&#gt;“ I missed you too, baby Bambi…” she chuckled.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Hey” another man said with discontent from behind and Selena dropped down from her dad.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Hey bro…” she extended her hand for a shake but that man with an irritated look pulled her hand into
a hug as he carried her off ground
&#lt;p&#gt;“I thought you said no more hugging” her voice came restrained due to the forceful hug.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Not when you go missing for a week without any contact” he said with a laugh. He placed her down
and wrapped his hand across her shoulder, hiding half of her body with his. Zaden felt so jealous of
their interaction, how freely they can show their affection to her or call her by a nickname or being able
to say ‘I miss you’ without getting a weird look from her. She turned around to see Zaden already
walked close to them with a smile on his face.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Dad…Zaden Black, Grandpa Kai. Zaden, Grandpa Kai, my dad Leonardo and my dear brother, Aaron”
they shook their hands and introduced themselves. Leonardo first question after that was where her
friends is. She felt froze for a minute
&#lt;p&#gt;Shit I didn’t think of that&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“They are on their way in another jeep” Selena eye snapped at Zaden. It must be a lie to stale the
current situation but she played along and invited them to their house. Selena offered her room for
them to freshen up and get ready to go meet Grandma Genesis while she used another room to
freshen up and rest. Zaden didn’t understand, why does she have to give away her room and use the
other room which he presumed to be a guest room but he shrugged it off. Selena’s room was simple,
white wall with black wood framing windows and a queen size bed which was extremely soft. The walls
were filled with photos of her memories, mostly with her mother. A row of friend’s photos arranged
chronologically, from when they were somewhere around 5 up to today. No wonder why she cared so
much about them, they have been together practically their whole life. There were a portrait photos of
her as a baby, pouted her lips as a drop of tears rolled down her eye and the moon mark were then just
a dot. A weird photo of her in teenage, sleeping in a fetal pose on top of a car. Another photo of her
wearing an oversized sunglass, oversized heel, a handbag and a red lip, wearing nothing but panties
made Zaden huff a laugh. The thought of having a baby just like that made him blush. She seemed to
be the type that lives her life to fullest, everyday counts as what can be seen from the photos. She had
been to gun shooting, horse riding, diving and there was one picture that caught his attention the most.
A picture taken from back view, in greyscale, her head turned to sideways, so part of her face and the
moon mark is visible, her hair flowing down her back but swept slightly to blowing wind and she was
actually sitting on a cliff edge where the sun is setting down. But she didn’t smile, she was blunt. Zaden
goes around her room, checking her items when he found a small blanket with rabbit prints on them.
Her smell invaded him as he brought the blanket closer to his nose, the same smell he fell for that day
at the mountain foot, the smell that was capable to distract him, the smell that he indulged, the next day
at the waterfall. His lips curled slightly upwards as he froze at the blanket.
&#lt;p&#gt;“She is lovely, isn’t she? Ow how I wish I could have been young. I would sweep her off her feet and
marry her” Grandpa Kai as he tried to balance himself with the walking stick
&#lt;p&#gt;“Wow, slow down, tiger” Zaden supported him by his arm and gently helped him to lie down.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“I’m going to take a bath, you stay here. Don’t go snooping around.” He said sternly and left to take a
&#lt;p&#gt;Selena walked out of her other room and meet Zaden’s chocolaty eye at the end of the corridor. He is
wearing a white t-shirt and light blue jeans which reminds her of her dream crush. They walked towards
each other and when they were close enough, she peeped to the back, looking for Grandpa Kai.
&#lt;p&#gt;“He will be out in 10 or 15 minutes” he said and she nodded. They went downstairs and Selena made
coffee for all of them. Zaden was busy talking to Leonardo and Aaron, they seem to bond well with all
sorts of manly discussions that could never interest Selena. Soon, after the coffee break, they headed
to Grandma Genesis’s place which was across the town. Her hand had just grabbed the jeep handle
when another jeep similar to theirs, pulled up to their yard. Her friends got out of it. Selena shrieked
and ran towards them, so did they and hugged each other in the mid-way. They were touching Selena
everywhere, Jewel turned her round and round. Orion stepped out of the car and walked behind them
&#lt;p&#gt;“Are you ok? “ Jeffry asked
&#lt;p&#gt;“I’m fine. How did you guys get here?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Orion said we can go home, and he drove us here but we thought you are still at the mountains!!!” they
must have left the mountains within hours after Zaden did or else they couldn’t have made it here this
fast, so Zaden wasn’t lying earlier. She turned to face Zaden and smiled at him which spells thank you
all over it. Her nodded in response.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Hey there, pumpkin. I haven’t seen you in a long time too, don’t I deserve a hug?” this was Orion,
already splayed open his arm ready to receive her. She hugged him gently and said thank you. After
being depressed for 2 days due to Zaden’s restriction, he finally felt relief.
&#lt;p&#gt;Orion joined them in one car towards Grandma Genesis house. On the way, Zaden asked&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“ Why did you sleep on the car roof” and earned a confused look from her.
&#lt;p&#gt;“The photo wall, there was a picture of you sleeping on top of a yellow car roof” he explained and she
rolled her eyes away to face the road.
&#lt;p&#gt;“That was on my 16th birthday. Apparently, I have low tolerance to alcohol. My dad looked for me
everywhere and I was found sleeping on top of a car roof.” Grandpa Kai and Orion let out a heartly
laugh while Zaden tried his best to restrain his laughter.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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