Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 10

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&#lt;p&#gt;Selena was reliefed that her friends and she, herself had a chance to escape from this place. All she
has to do is to endure Zaden and Grandpa Kai until they reach home. To her understanding, they can’t
do anything to force her back here if she refuses to come with them from her home. She got ready as
quickly as possible but didn’t pack any of her dresses as she doesn’t want to raise suspicion. She
heard a knock at the door and opened it to see Zaden, one hand leaned on the door frame while he
dropped his head down. He doesn’t look excited or anything near to that for the fact that they might find
a link to proof that she is a Samrat. In fact, he looked pissed, as if he hated this whole idea. He turned
around and walked out of there, not even stopping to check if she is following him or not. Truth to be
told, he did hate this idea. He wanted to proof a link as bad as anyone else but he expected it to take
some time. This is sooner then he anticipated and if they find a proof, then they have to inform Ozrain
and he might take her away. That thought had been raking his mind for the past hours. Selena followed
him silently.
&#lt;p&#gt;They arrived at the front yard where Grandpa Kai has already taken the rear seat. Selena’s eyes
wondered around hoping to see her friends but she saw none and Zaden was walking straight to the
four wheel jeep, showing no sign of waiting for anyone.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Where are my friends?” Selena finally opened her mouth
&#lt;p&#gt;“Who said they are coming?” she panicked at what Zaden said and her breathing started hiking while
she licked her upper lip trying to content herself.
&#lt;p&#gt;“What do you mean? I came with them and I expect to leave with them. I am not going anywhere
without them, you understand that?” her head slightly tilted to the side as she glared at Zaden. He
walked closer to her but she didn’t budge
&#lt;p&#gt;“You are to go out of here with me and you are to return here with me. Until then, your friends will
remain here. If you decide to take a detour, you won’t be seeing your friends in one piece. You&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;understand that?” Selena’s eye froze with fear as images of her friends being torn to pieces by wolf
flashed by her
&#lt;p&#gt;“I had a tiring start today and I have my own ways to contact my pack to finish the job any time I want.
So, I would suggest you to be a good girl…” he pulled out a hand from his black jeans and caressed
Selena’s cheek “and do as I say” she took a few steps away from him, avoiding his hands. She stood
there, brainstorming a way to turn things to her liking, any excuse or drama that she can pull off but
nothing came. Tears clouded her eye as she dropped her head and walked past him towards the car.
She opened the back door and sat with Grandpa Kai, behind Zaden. Zaden followed her with a smug
look, sat on the driver seat and begin driving. He looked back anytime he could to see her grimed face,
the usual bubbliness has died out. Her head tilted further back as possible to look at the house before it
disappeared from her view. A drop of tears rolled down her cheeks and the beaming sunlight amplified
the tears as crystals to Zaden. She swiftly wiped it off with her fingers. Zaden rubbed his neck in stress.
Maybe he was too harsh, he thought but it was necessary at that situation and he will never actually
harm them.
&#lt;p&#gt;They were just 30 minutes into drive when Grandpa Kai complained about his knee and needed to
stretch his legs on to seat next to him, so Zaden stopped the car and Selena got off, walked to the front
seat, next to Zaden. She felt a slight fear building within her towards Zaden, he can be vicious beast
under stress. As a result, she clinged close to her door, palm intertwined on her lap, never to speak to
him, look at his direction or even breathe audibly next to him. Zaden clearly felt the sudden hostility, like
a wall between them. As much as he would like to break the wall by pulling her onto his lap for a kiss
but this could be beneficial, given the current situation.
&#lt;p&#gt;After driving for a while, they came to stop at a restaurant for lunch, a bit further from mountain Manuka
base. Selena walked quietly behind two men, one with masculine build and steady walk, another with
walking stick and a bit of a bend spine. At the table, she sat in front of these two men
&#lt;p&#gt;“What would you like to have, my child?” Grandpa Kai asked with concern to Selena&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Hmm… I’m not hungry grandpa. I need to use the washroom, excuse me” she walked away from them
&#lt;p&#gt;“What did you do to her?” Grandpa Kai sneered at Zaden, and he explained what happen before they
begin driving.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Are you nuts? Are you top gone cuckoo? “ Grandpa Kai circled a finger next to his temple. Zaden
sighed low.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Why would you do that when we are not sure she is a Samrat?” Zaden drooped his eye to the ground.
Then it clicked
&#lt;p&#gt;“Ooo… you like her? And you don’t want to let her go?” he let out a low chuckle.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Son, love can’t be forced. You can’t bound her with a golden chain and expect her to like you. Gold or
not, it’s still a chain” Grandpa Kai raise his eyebrow. His face filled with lines, freckles and endless
&#lt;p&#gt;Selena had a cup of fresh juice that was forced to her by Grandpa Kai before getting into the car.
Zaden came way behind them, and they had to wait in the jeep for a few minutes. He climbed up and
thrust a tin foil wrapped sandwich onto her lap before starting the engine. Selena turned to see him,
clenched jaw and eye focused on the road ahead. Her eyes remained on him in confusion for a few
more seconds before he said in a deep, low voice
&#lt;p&#gt;“I’m not hungry” she said low, facing the window. The jeep pulled over to the roadside the next minute
&#lt;p&#gt;“Grandpa, could you please excuse us” he said politely and Grandpa Kai obliged with a gentle smile.
Seeing the old man walking past her triggered an alarm as Selena opened the door and tried to jump
out of the jeep but a firm hand grabbed her gently and pulled her in. Her heart thumped loudly through&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;her chest. Had she pushed him too much? Is he going to threaten her again? He then leaned across
her to close the door, took the sandwich from her lap and unwrapped it. He pinched off a small piece of
the sandwich and shoved it to her mouth as her eye fluttered at his sudden movement. He pinched
another piece and brought it closer to her when she held his wrist to stop him as she was still chewing
on the last piece. His heart softened at her touch as he fancied her lips. When she is done, the let go of
his hand and this time he feed her gently and his fingers grazed a little onto her lips. She tried to take
the sandwich of his hand but he pulled it away from her, pinching off another piece. Apparently, he
enjoyed feeding her.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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