Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 5

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&#lt;p&#gt;CHAPTER 5
&#lt;p&#gt;After the dinner, Selena and Jewel walked to their room to sleep. Although it sounds silly, Selena was
excited. She was eager to meet her dream boyfriend and maybe he would reveal more of himself
tonight. But to her surprise, the dream begins with Selena being carried on his shoulder while she was
punching and kicking him with all her might. In a blink, he threw her onto a bed with black silk sheet.
Her hair flung above her. In another blink, he is ripping of her panties, the last piece of clothing that she
was wearing, making her completely naked. The next blink, his hand with bulging muscle was fighting
Selena’s as he tied her to the bed. In another blink, Selena was looking at him with a. terrified
expression, her mouth taped with a grey tape. He caressed her cheeks making her snap her head,
repelling him for a second. Her eye moved slowly from her side to in front of her, probably following his
move. She felt him between her thighs, licking her sensitive spot, softly at first but then it took a wild
turn, like an animal drinking water from a pond with his tongue, lapping roughly over her slit and knub.
She let out moans after moans at each stroke and warm liquid kept flowing out of her. Her legs begin
trembling at the repeated sensation her body is going through and her back arched high. He slides a
hand up to grab one of her perfectly shaped breasts, pinching its peek with his thumb and index finger.
The feeling that aroused from that was unbearable for Selena, yet she could do nothing to push it
away. She started writhing and snapping her head, trying to endure the extreme sensation that she
never though a body could feel. He doesn’t show any sign of stopping as he grabbed a thigh, locking
Selena still while his tongue penetrated her, again and again. A sensation builds up at her lower
abdomen and then it came bursting out. It felt forever when he finally stopped and straddled her chest.
She could see from his behind, where his manhood is not visible, but his butt was. He peeled off the
tape on her mouth making her winch a little. He then ran his thumb across her lips, stretching and
pulling it slightly. She thought he had calmed down but then he grabbed the back of her neck and came
closer as her eye widened and she begin kicking her legs behind him, as he thrust his now hard
manhood into her warm lips. He seems to have no sympathy towards her as he grabbed her head with
both his hands and started thrusting even faster, making her gag and tears flowing down her face&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;constantly. Then he moved back to her thighs, thrusting her sensitive part with now possibly, bigger
erection. She screamed out loud as he violently moved against her, faster and faster. It felt like it has
been going on for a long time before he leaned forward to her neck as he kept penetrating her. He
latched on her neck viciously
&#lt;p&#gt;“Mine…” his husky voice mixed with a groan was now terror to her. He traveled down to her breasts
and licked at them from bottom to peak, as his assault down there continued. Another build up began
and soon, it burst flowing out of her. At the same time, he yelped a bit as his seed filled her from inside
and he retreat. Selena could hear his heavy breathing by her ears
&#lt;p&#gt;“One more time?” Selena snapped her eye open wide as his manhood begin erecting again, gently
grazing her thigh.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Selena…Selena” Jewel’s voice woke her up from dream. She scrammed to sit on her bed, panting for
&#lt;p&#gt;“You are trembling, what happen?” Jewel asked with concern
&#lt;p&#gt;“Nothing, bad dream” Selena still panting for air as she wipes off the sweat from her forehead
&#lt;p&#gt;“Doesn’t look that bad to me” Jewel pointed her eye to Selena’s leg, and she also darted at that spot
only to see a pool of liquid on the bed under her butt. They then exchanged looks. Jewel grabbed her
upper arms, pulling her to stand.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up. It’s ok to get wet dream, forget about it” she accompanied the now
limp Selena to washroom. She had trouble falling back to sleep after that
&#lt;p&#gt;In the morning, as promised, she prepped breakfast for around 15 people and they came one by one to
help her arrange stuff outdoor, on grass, sort of like a picnic, only closer to home. Zaden didn’t come
and when questioned, Orion told her that he had to go to city for a meeting.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“If you guys don’t have anything planned today, maybe you all can come with us to the east side farm.
We are going on a regular visit” Orion suggested and they all agreed
&#lt;p&#gt;It was under a hill and the hill was actually cut into terrace to make more space for farm. They had
cows, chickens, ducks, pigs and goats, running freely around the farm.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Good morning, Beta” one of the farmers came forward wishing Makeala. His eyes then widened
before he reconstructed his sentence
&#lt;p&#gt;“I mean, morning Mrs.Beta” he pretended that Makeala’s surname is beta. They then splitted up to
parts of farm. Orion followed Selena to pluck beans.
&#lt;p&#gt;“You seem a bit down today?” Orion asked. After a bit of hesitation, Selena replied him
&#lt;p&#gt;“ I didn’t sleep well last night. A bit tired, that all” they kept talking until they are done plucking all beans
and he guided Selena into choosing which beans to pluck and so on. When they are done, they had 4
big basket of green beans which some workers came and took.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Come” Orion gestured as he walked to somewhere secluded, behind the farm. He turned to a corner
and disappeared. Selena also took the turn to find a flower garden, filled with colorful butterflies and
bees. Orion was settling down by a tree and patted the ground, suggesting Selena to sit. She did so.
They didn’t talk, instead just observed the butterflies. After a while, he stretched out his legs flat,
wrapped his arms around Selena’s shoulder bringing her down to lay on his lap
&#lt;p&#gt;“What are you doing?” Selena was shocked
&#lt;p&#gt;“You look tired, go to sleep. I don’t have a comfortable pillow here, so…just sleep” Orion said in a low
and soft voice. Selena tried to get up
&#lt;p&#gt;“No Orion, it’s ok” but he pushed her back down&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Oh, come on…You wouldn’t have said NO if it was Jeffry, or Oliver or Noah, right? Just imagine their
face over here. Problem solved” He circled his index finger over his face. Selena pursed her lips and
turned to face the butterflies, laying on Orion’s lap.
&#lt;p&#gt;“We used to come here often when we were kids…Zaden, Makeala and me…”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Hmm mmm…” Selena. He slowly ran his hand through her hair, playing with each lock of curls and
before she realized it, she fell asleep. It must have been at least an hour before Orion woke her up, it
was passed lunch time and they are going back home. She pulled herself up to sitting and stretched
her arms above her head, dropped her hand, looking back at Orion who is now rubbing his eyes. He
must have fallen asleep as well. They walked back to farms house where the other should be, but
Orion purposedly slowed down his steps. He didn’t want these moments to pass away this fast. He
thrust his hand inside his pocket and shrug his shoulder, walking side by side with Selena. He blushed
pink like a teenager talking to his crush. Selena frowned at him and narrowed her eye
&#lt;p&#gt;“Did you get bitten by insect or something? Your face is pink, no wait, red” not knowing what to answer,
he rubbed his hand against his neck
&#lt;p&#gt;A simple lunch was served at the farmhouse. After that, they spent a few more hours there, talking and
playing games before heading back to brick house. It was about 5pm when they arrived and the sun
was hot. They were sweating profusely, so Selena had pulled her hair up into a messy bun. At the
entrance, she saw Zaden, all dress in black suit, accompanied by an elderly man. They were
discussing something that they didn’t notice the other approaching from behind.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Hey Chief” Selena greeted Zaden from behind, as she doesn’t want to embarrass him in front of the
elder man. He looked over his shoulder and turned around when he realized Selena was there. He
forced a smile to her. Then he looked at the elder man&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Grandpa Kai, this is Selena. Selena this is Grandpa Kai” Grandpa Kai’s eye widened in astonishment
as he stretched out his hand to greet her and Selena shook it
&#lt;p&#gt;“You are a Samrat?!?” it was half question and half answer. Selena face turned confused as she
blinked a few times, turned to Zaden
&#lt;p&#gt;“What’s a Samrat?” a pin drop silence engulfs the whole area, only wind whoosing through
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