Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter CHAPTER 3

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&#lt;p&#gt;CHAPTER 3
&#lt;p&#gt;They boys were very friendly except for the black haired one, called Zaden Black. He is leading the
way, the further in front the group, constantly checking the surrounding. The one with golden brown
beard and man bun is Orion. The blond with blue eye who looked way younger than the rest is Sitka.
They engaged in conversation through out the walk. Orion seem to approach Selena more, trying to get
her involved but Selena was way too tired to give lengthy feedback. From the corner of her eye, she
could see Zaden looking over his shoulder every now and then towards them or precisely, her. She
swept the thought away with excuses such as she is too tired to imagine such thing. After about 45
minutes, they arrived at their place which is a village at a valley, surrounded by hills, hidden from
&#lt;p&#gt;“THIS is your place” Selena stressed on ‘this’ more then necessary, turning everyone’s attention to her.
She was dumbfound for a moment
&#lt;p&#gt;“It’s just that….its so….primitive” she finally found her tongue and Zaden’s attention. He slowly walked
to her through the now silent group, stopping too close, face to face with her. She had to look up in
order to face him, since he was much taller than her.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, baby girl” husky, deep voice with a hint of anger in his tone although
his face showed nothing much, enough to send shiver down her spine. Selena made a few slow nods
and pursed her lips shut. Her head down, looking at Zaden’s shoe. When he turned around to walk
away, she slapped her forehead due to her stupidity, downgrading those who helped them at worst
situation. They all silenced up till they reach the village.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Sweet dreams, chief”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Good night, chief” everyone they came across wished Zaden and addressed him as ‘chief’.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;He must be someone important in this community. Aaargh…you and your fucking filthy mouth, Selena.
&#lt;p&#gt;Selena mentally slapped her own face. A small girl came running towards them and Zaden immediately
crouched down, ready to grab her and she pounced right into his arms, as he ended up carrying her.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Zaden, Zaden. Mummy wants me to go to school. Could you please put some sense through her? Me
still very little, me don’t want to go to school” she earned a chuckle from Zaden, as well as the whole
group. Trailing behind her, another tiny and thin woman followed, the mother of the small girl
&#lt;p&#gt;“With that mouth, you should have been to school a long time ago. Tell you what, I promise to buy you
one, I repeat, one chocolate if you go to school” the little girl cheered up and nodded as she scrambled
down Zaden’s arm and headed to her mother but stopped within a few steps and turned around,
focusing on Selena. She then hooked a finger and wiggled it calling Selena front. Selena point at her
own self with wide eye to receive a nod from the girl. She walked quickly towards her and crouched
down with one knee bent to almost touching the ground. The little girl observed her facial features for a
moment and winked her eye with a cute smile. In return, Selena winked and tapped her nose gently
with her index finger. The girl giggled loudly and pulled straight one of Selena’s curly hair, then
releasing it to make it bounce
&#lt;p&#gt;“You are prewty…” her pronunciation wasn’t spot on but made her point across and ran back to her
mother. Selena remained in the position for a few second, smiling with a confusion before looking up at
the cold face of Zaden. She quickly dropped her head to ground and swallow saliva down her throat
before standing up and walking back to her friends. Sensing the gaze of Zaden following her, she
grabbed the hem of Oliver’s sleeve and hid herself behind him. Zaden shook his head and turned
around, resuming his walk. A few minutes later, they came to the end of village and headed to a darker
path which was hedged with roses and tulips, which ends at a row of tall trees. They walked pass the
tree into a clearing which was lined with fire torch, heading towards a 3 story brick building. The outer
view of the building was made out of red brick and lined with white wooden frame for the doors and
window and white roofing, giving the house a vintage but clean look. Zaden didn’t bother to invite&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Selena and the gang, he walked straight in and climbed the stair heading upstairs. Inside, the walls
were plastered and painted white with a fireplace, visible from the house entrance. 2 staircases starting
from the sides of fireplace, curved and disappeared to a corridor, where rooms after rooms were lined
up in a row, giving a hostel or dormitory like vibe. The newcomers looked at the place in awe when
Oliver finally spoke
&#lt;p&#gt;“Not so primitive huh?”
&#lt;p&#gt;Sitka led the way, showing the friend to guest rooms. Jewel normally wouldn’t fall asleep easily at new
place, so the girls decided to stay together in one room and boys in one room. The girls took a hot
water shower and headed to bed. That night, Selena had the most breathtaking dream. A man whom
features were blurry, white button up shirt and light blue jeans, standing with his back to Selena in a
rose garden. Selena walked up to him as he turned to look at her. He held his palm out for Selena to
take and she did, gently placing her palm in his. He then pulled her closer to him, sliding his other hand
to hold the back of her waist. He placed Selena’s palm over his chest and covered it with his, radiating
warmth all over her. He then took his hands off Selena’s hand and held her chin between his index and
thumb, guiding her face to look directly into his eyes. She could tell that she is looking into his eyes, but
no real eyes were seen in the dream. He then run his thumb across her bottom lips, slightly pulling it to
&#lt;p&#gt;“Mine…” a low, sensual and husky voice, imprinted deep into her mind. He then leans forward and
kissed her lips ever so softly, sucking her lips while his head moved to sync his action. His hands are
now behind her head and her back, as he enjoyed every bit of the kiss. Every single touch felt real to
Selena, as if she was really living the moment. He pulled her roughly closer to him even more, if it is
even possible, continued to enjoy her. In a snap, they were both in bed, naked under a silky black
duvet and sheets. The duvet was pulled up to her neck, hence hiding the man perfectly. He on top of
her, his hands entwined with hers as he pinned them to her sides, sucking and nibbling her jawline,&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;neck to ears to his pleasing, letting Selena moaning with pleasure. Her feet felt cramped as a tonne of
different feeling exploded through her body. Then, from a far vision, the duvet started moving up and
down, around midway of their body. She is aware that she is being penetrated, her virginity being
invaded. But to her surprise, it did cause a bit of pain but at the same time a pleasure that overcomes
pain, as her eyes rolled behind her head. She grabbed on to the man’s hair as he buried himself in the
crooks of her neck. His groan and moan itself was enough to drive her crazy, added with her gasp for
air at each thrust as her system refuse to breathe normally. A soft flute was playing in her mind, tying
the whole situation to the dreamland. Her mental image snapped again and now she laid on the man’s
hard robust chest, while he ran his fingers across her exposed arms. Her neck is flushed pink and she
looked calmer than ever. Her fingers were circling on his abdomen when her eye caught a cue of who
this man is. He was wearing a necklace with leather strap and turquoise stone, finished with a pair of
feathers dangling at the bottom. The necklace that she found at the waterfall. Her eyes snapped open.
It was early morning as she could hear the birds chipping. She checked her watch and indeed, it was
7.30 am. She sat up on her bed, rubbed her hand over her face and then moved the palms to grab her
head. She sat there in daze for a few more minutes, processing her dream. The chain was by her side
on the bed, must have slipped out of her pocket in the midst of her sleep. She took it and held it in her
fingers, as tenderly as possible
&#lt;p&#gt;“Who are you? What are you doing to me?” she mumbled low to herself. She stood up and walked to
the windowsill in her room, eyes still on the locket. She sat on the windowsill, pulling her legs to her
chest, the hand holding the locket on her knees while she started at it with a frown. A low sigh escaped
&#lt;p&#gt;“That is an exceptional piece” a voice snapped her out of her daze. She looked up and her light grey
eyes landed on Zaden, who is now leaning on the window frame from outside with his arms crossed
over his chest
&#lt;p&#gt;“Excuse me” Selena asked with confusion. He pointed at the chain in her hand&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“That is a precious stone, a special stone because it combines both turquoise and gold” he took the
chain from her hand and wrapped it around her neck.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Two odds from two world bind under 1 mass, it rarely happens but when it does, they shine together.”
He then uses his whole index finger to flip out her hair between the chain, making it slide perfectly fit in
her cleavage.
&#lt;p&#gt;“It suits you and your eye” his lips curved to a corner forming an almost smile. If Selena wasn’t this
close, she could easily miss it. Without realizing, she was staring deep into his chocolate eye and when
she did realize, she snapped out of it and cleared her throat.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Ummmm… I’m sorry about yesterday…about calling you” she got cut off
&#lt;p&#gt;“Primitive cave man?” he raised his eyebrow at her
&#lt;p&#gt;“I did not say cave man” clearly annoyed, but he just nodded
&#lt;p&#gt;“Forgiven… you want to join us for a morning run? That is if you civilized people have the stamina to
run with us” her eyes wide opened to accompany her jaw. She pointed her index finger at him and
shook it like a warning
&#lt;p&#gt;“You wait right here” she then stormed to the bathroom allocated for them, brushed her teeth and
changed into another pair of sports attires, a ¾ Adidas legging and a loose, pink sleeveless shirt, hair
high in ponytail and she strode out to the front door while mumbling curses through her breath. She
was greeted by a group of people including Jeffry, Oliver and some other new faces. A woman who
was bombshell, caramel skin tone and green eye stretched out her hand to Selena
&#lt;p&#gt;“Hi, Makeala”&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Selena” she shook hands with her. Then 2 more guys followed her introducing themselves as Sultan
and Xavier. Orion and Sitka were also there, already stretched and ready to go
&#lt;p&#gt;“Shall we” Orion motioned to begin, and they started with fast walking, to jogging and then to running.
Within 30 minutes of running Jeffry already stopped, holding his stomach as he bended down,
motioning that he gave up. The group let out a low chuckle, except for Selena who gave him a death
glare as they resumed running. She was able to keep up with them until they arrived at the mountain
peak, where the whole valley with mountain peaks around them came visible. Selena stopped at the
view and walked slowly closer to cliff edge, looking down from it. The vast blue sky over a blanket of
green trees and mountains with a speck of humanity evident at the middle of the valley.
&#lt;p&#gt;“That’s not the only village. We have another 2 over the mountains” Orion stood beside her as he
&#lt;p&#gt;“How did you guys manage to establish anything here? Electricity, water supply, food and medical
attention. And wow, the house that we were in yesterday. I don’t mean to offend, by the way. Just
curious” Selena
&#lt;p&#gt;“We were not always so well equipped. It takes a lot of effort and vision. Ever since Zaden took over,
he made it possible. There is a solar station and wind turbines enough to supply us with electricity year
round, but we still try to keep it to minimal. We have a farm for each village where a group of people
work to produce food. And there is a lake right between those hills, you see?” he leaned his head
closer to Selena as he pointed to her left. Selena narrowed her eye and nodded
&#lt;p&#gt;“All the village residents are free to go fishing or swimming anytime they wish”
&#lt;p&#gt;“And in terms of education?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“We have a preschool and primary here. For secondary and higher studies, the kids have to go out of
this mountain and survive on their own. They will return weekly once, and the chief will go visit them&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;once a week or so” Selena remained silent for a while before Orion motioned towards the others who
are now at least 300meters away from them. They turned to walk towards them.
&#lt;p&#gt;“How did you guys get funds for such big projects? I mean, wind turbines or solar system are not
cheap” Selena tilted her head to side, focusing on Orion
&#lt;p&#gt;“Some of us work in the city, some of us own properties which is rented out in the city. And chief here,
has a few businesses in city, managed by humans”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Humans???” Selena went blank
&#lt;p&#gt;“I mean… I meant to say friends” Orion stuttered before clearing himself. Selena swept it away as
mistaken wordings.
&#lt;p&#gt;Her inquiries about their lifestyle went on until they reached home. They seem to be self-sustaining and
well equipped. When they arrived at the house, all the others that went for a jog and Selena’s friends
were gathered up at the entry and she slide to sit next to Oliver.
&#lt;p&#gt;“We have a….suggestion. Makeala offered us to stay for the whole week, we have no issue. But Jeffry
and you…” he shrugged his shoulders
&#lt;p&#gt;“Then Jeffry and I will go back, you guys can return home whenever you wish” Selena shrugged back
&#lt;p&#gt;“What if Jeffry wants to stay too?” Zaden interrupted from behind the group, earning everyone’s
attention but his eye focused on Jeffry with a glare, as if he is threatening him. Jeffry threw a hopeful
look at Selena as he pouted his lips, making her threw her hand in the air
&#lt;p&#gt;“Jeffry, Matron is going to kill us. Unlike you, I wish to work there for a long time, possibly the rest of my

&#lt;p&#gt;“We can ask her…if she says no, then we two can go back, deal?” Jeffry stretched out his thumb. After
some thinking,
&#lt;p&#gt;“Fine” Selena slapped his hands away.
&#lt;p&#gt;“But there is no phone connection here, we have to go to mountain foot to make call. I will get the four
wheeler and we can go in 15minutes” Orion said as he left those two speechless.
&#lt;p&#gt;They got to mountain foot on the other side, made a phone call and to their surprise, Matron agreed.
They then proceed to inform their family about their extension in stay, did some shopping since they
didn’t pack for the whole week and went back to brick house. It had turned dark when they arrived and
it looks like the whole village had gathered there, with bonfires and barbeques, with a long row of table
just behind the tall tree hedging. Each house contributed a dish to the table, and it was an extravagant
buffet, popping out the friend’s eye. They felt bad not being able to contribute anything but Xavier and
Makeala managed to coax them.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Come, eat something” Orion held Selena’s hand as he pulled her to the table and all others followed
them. Noah was a bit overwhelmed and got carried away with the delicious food choices. The others
also treated themselves to a hefty meal except for Selena. She took a small piece of tuna sandwich, I
slice of chicken strip and a ladle full of fruit salad. They sat by the bonfire, on a rock. Zaden walked out
of the house as he greeted some people and walked to the table and got himself some food. He then
searched around for his team and walked to them. He sat opposite of Selena, next to Orion.
&#lt;p&#gt;“ Is there any special occasion today? Any reason for this gathering?” Noah asked
&#lt;p&#gt;“Yeah, it’s dinner time” the friends exchanged look to Xavier’s reply
&#lt;p&#gt;“You mean this is how you guys eat every day?” Noah, with a narrowed eye and raised eyebrow
&#lt;p&#gt;“Yeah” Xavier, Sitka and Orion answered unanimously together.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“It’s how primitive we are” Zaden’s statement made Selena choked on her food as she started
coughing and Orion stormed near to hand over a glass of water as he tapped on her back.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I said I’m fucking sorry” she burst at Zaden when she was done coughing. At this point she started
hating him.
&#lt;p&#gt;“ I didn’t say that out loud” Zaden said in confusion only to be walked out by Selena.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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