Novel Name : Sinful Love

Chapter 1: The Bedtime Story

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&#lt;p&#gt;Once upon a time, in a distant land, there lived a beast who was the most powerful, merciless and
fierce of all, making him the king of beast, King Samrat.
&#lt;p&#gt;His endless thirst to self-perfection made him the best as a leader, a philosophist, a healer or a warrior.
His thinking and idea were radical and uncontemporary, marching his faithful followers ahead of others,
hence they were the most respected pack.
&#lt;p&#gt;The king, however, fell in love with a human girl, Elisa Mitkoi. She was as delicate as a flower with a
glowing fair skin, soft pink lips and a pair of eyes to melt the ice mountain. She too loved the king with
all her heart. Every night, when the village has hushed down, the lovers will meet in secret, as it is a
cringing sin to be in love with a beast. Soon, their love was gifted with a baby girl and Elisa moved into
a hut, deep in the forest to keep her sinful love away from the world. The baby girl would probably be
the most mesmerizing baby in the world and beyond. Her round grey eyes with black rim, twinkle as the
star of night, chubby cheeks with a hint of rose and nose too sharp for a baby. The two girls became
the heartbeat of the king. If the king was ever late to arrive home, his baby girl would crawl to the
doorstep and wait there for his return.
&#lt;p&#gt;Faith took a horrible turn when the king was compelled to marry one of his kind so that he would have
an heir for his blood, since he has no other siblings. He had to agree for the betterment of his people
and married another, Queen Aira. Enduring the stabbing pain in his heart, he never returned to his
family in the forest hut. He shed tears every night, looking at the moon at the thought of his baby girl
and love of his life, waiting at the doorstep for his return. Months went by when one day, the Queen
saw the king’s tear and confronted him. He confessed of his love and couldn’t bare the pain of leaving
them anymore. Queen Aira was a kind and sensitive woman, she understood her husband’s pain and
motioned him to go and bring his family in forest, back to their palace.
&#lt;p&#gt;The king ran as fast as he could with all his might to his beloved Elisa only to find an empty hut at the
forest. He went to her village, to her formal house to no avail. It is said that Elisa was 3 months&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;pregnant when he left and died in the attempt to give birth to him. Unfortunately, the baby boy born
dead as well. Being ashamed of her sin, her parents gave away his daughter to a far away family from
south, erasing any trace of Elisa once and for all.
&#lt;p&#gt;The broken king went back to his palace, gave his crown to his Queen and left the palace to south, in
attempt to search for his only daughter. Every night he will hover over trees, searching through
doorsteps after doorsteps for his daughter, hoping she would be waiting for his return. Rumor has it that
he never found her and till today, he hovers over tree, waiting for his daughter. And so, my little girl, if
you step outside at night, he will take you and bring you back with him.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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