Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 943

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an honest man loses his temper

After she left,her father couldn’t stop his tears from falling down his cheeks.She didn’t go far and heard
their conversation.

“I am so helpless right now.In place of protecting her from everyone,l have become a burden on my
daughter.I don’t know when this disease will be cured?I can’t even do anything even after knowing

Her father was saying in a teary voice.

He kept blaming himself and patting his chest in anticipation.

Calm down. What are you doing?Do you think your daughter will appreciate you after seeing this?You
are her hero,and the hero fights back rather than accepting defeat.”Her mother was trying to be a
strength to her father.

Meanwhile she was thinking about how much alone their daughter was.She cursed herself for coming
back too late.If they wouldn’t have stayed abroad for so long. They were able to be Melissa’s support
long back.

Today, when she saw Melissa crying,her heart broke into pieces.

“I’ll investigate this matter myself.I will find out who did this to my daughter and trust me,I am not letting
them go then. They will pay for her every tear.”Her father used to be one of the richest businessmen in
the city and had some connections and experience about the upper class.

Although the company had been closed for a long time,it did not mean that his ability had disappeared.

Standing at the corner of the room, Melissa had tears in her eyes.. Thinking about the attitude of
Murray in the hospital,she felt as if her heart was stabbed by countless needles, and it was as painful
as the real wounds.

When Renita returned to the company,as Melissa had instructed, she parked her car in the
underground garage and went upstairs directly.

However,their company was not in a mess.Several core leaders were in charge of different
departments. Everything was going according to the plan,but the entertainers who were not very
outstanding,might be excluded.

Even Jennifer came there after she got to know that the crew members were asking for leave.

“You don’t need to come here. Don’t you know this will be harmful for your future projects.”Renita was
angry when she saw Jennifer there.

“Such a big thing has happened.How can I turn a blind eye to it?” Jennifer replied back.

She was waiting for Claire all that time, but she never expected that this was the reason for her

“Don’t worry.I’ve already started to look into it. Nothing will happen.”Renita took a deep breath.

Meanwhile she was quite efficient and she had already found out about the driver of the car.

.Although the car and driver belonged to their company,the driver was temporary and didn’t have much
contact with them.

“Do you need any help?”

Jennifer was also anxious, hoping that she could help.

“There are so many employees in the company, but I didn’t let them get involved. Besides, Melissa has
said that the company is responsible for you..Only if the company can protect you, will you go further.”

Hearing this, Jennifer was furious. “What are you talking about?You just want to abandon us,don’t

“I haven’t said that. Nobody is abandoning anyone. Now give some rest to your head.”Renita shook her

Renita was so busy that she didn’t know how to persuade Jennifer.She just told her not to be nosy in
that matter.

While Murray and Uncle Gibson were still in the hospital.

“Tell me the truth.Just because Melissa hated Claire so much,that’s why she hired someone and
planned this whole accident?”Uncle Gibson asked her.

Murray immediately shook his head and said,”Uncle Gibson,you’re being oversensitive.Melissa won’t
do such a thing and she can’t hurt anyone rest alone Claire.She has already forgotten what happened
in the past.Besides,Melissa really wants to train Claire well.”

Although he had a big quarrel with Melissa just now,he couldn’t let anyone question her.

“Don’t think that I don’t know you are trying to cover up for her..Although you two are family, I know
exactly what you are upto right now.”

Uncle Gibson thought to himself.

“In the past few years, I have never fought or taken anything from my family.No matter what I got,I was
not someone who would fight for money. At that time,even if you had a fierce fight with grandpa,I
wouldn’t interfere.”

These were Uncle Gibson’s innermost thoughts, which had been buried in his heart for a long time.

“I don’t want to meddle in any fight with two of you. As long as you don’t come in my way and don’t hurt
my daughter.I will stay away from you and on this I don’t want any further discussion.”He said.

“We have nothing to do with this accident,especially Melissa.She didn’t even know about this.”Murray
tried to explain.

“But I can’t stand it anymore today.I have seen how Melissa treated Claire”

As long as Uncle Gibson mentioned Melissa,Murray felt uncomfortable.Uncle Gibson always felt that
Melissa had something to do with the sudden change in his daughter’s attitude.

“I know you don’t like Claire and don’t want to keep her in your company.Fine!l understood but you
can’t hurt her.She is an innocent person and she doesn’t deserve this.”

As soon as he completed his words, Uncle Gibson began to cry again. Murray had no choice but to
persuade him. Meanwhile Mr Marc also got the news and rushed over.


The family finally reunited in the hospital.

“What the hell is going on?I was freaked out when I saw the news. What happened to Claire?Is she
alright now?”Mrs. Timothy took this opportunity to spread the news, fearing that others didn’t know the
relationship between Claire Gibson and Melissa.

“Murray,tell me what happened. Does it have anything to do with Melissa?”He strictly asked him. This
time,Mr Marc also got angry. After all,it was about the Gibson family.

“As I said,it has nothing to do with Melissa.She isn’t responsible for this.”!”He had explained all the
things to Uncle Gibson.

Why didn’t he stop Mr.Mac from asking the same question again and again. Why the hell nobody
wanted to believe that Melissa had nothing to do with this?

Mrs. Timothy also tried to persuade him,”it was your cousin who met with an accident. It didn’t mean
that we were intentionally accusing your wife.on.We just felt that it was too strange and there was
something we didn’t know.”

“Why did such a big thing happen when you called Melissa here?And where is she hiding
now?”Mr.Marc thumped the crutch heavily and kept mumbling Melissa.

“She was here only.It was Uncle Gibson who scolded her and sent her home.Moreover she had to get
back to take care of the children.”Murray muttered.

“Doesn’t she know your Uncle Gibson is angry now. Just because of a few words she left the hospital.I
can’t believe this.”Mrs. Timothy finally seized an opportunity to criticize Melissa.How could he let it go?

After all,this was a once-in-a-lifetime good opportunity for her.

“My poor daughter was doing fine and walking on her legs two days ago. Today she is lying on her
death bed. But I am sure she is going to wake up.”.”Mrs. Timothy cried. Her tears fell down and she
snorted,, which made Uncle Gibson sad.

“Why are you even crying?”Mr.Marc roared at them.

“I can’t do anything about it. My daughter is unconscious.I am feeling terrible right now.And all you can
question here is my tears?”Unexpectedly,it was the first time that Uncle Gibson,who had been greeting
his teacher,faced Mr Marc and got angry.

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Chapter 943

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