Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 941

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a car accident

Due to the enormous amount of work that day, Melissa hardly got time to move her eyes from the
files,so she didn’t give a single glance to her cellphone.

At the same time, Murray was also busy with his meetings one after another. Both of them were
working extremely hard which resulted in exertion.

“Mr.Gibson.”A loud voice came from behind.Murray turned around and saw his secretary standing there
with a worried face.

As much as he wanted to know the reason behind the sudden interruption,he didn’t ask.One of the
things that irritates him the most was being interrupted.

And right now he was standing in the meeting where his secretary had grabbed the attention of every
colleague by barging into the room. calm.

“Can we talk about it after the meeting?”Murray tried to maintain his

“It can’t wait.Moreover, it requires your urgent atte-attention.”He stuttered.

Upon hearing about the seriousness of the situation, Murray dismissed the meeting.

“What happened?”He instantly asked his secretary.

“We are trying to put a hold on the situation….” He started but Murray stopped him amidst.

“Don’t waste my time and come to the time immediately.”

It was clearly seen that Murray was angry and he didn’t want to indulge in baseless excuses.

“A terrible car accident happened on the main road. We came to know that Claire Gibson was in the
same car. She has been sent to the hospital by the local people there.”

The last sentence was spoken in an utterly low voice.

Murray was completely shocked by the news and Uncle Gibson who was also sitting in the meeting
room passed out.

“General manager…General manager…”the person next to him shouted.

The sudden chaos in the meeting room knocked Murray to reality again. staff.

“Take him to the hospital right now.”Murray shouted and ordered his

Without wasting time,they helped Uncle Gibson to get into the car.

Meanwhile Murray followed them.On the way to the hospital, he kept calling Melissa.But all his efforts
went in vain.

After giving it a long thought, he decided to know more about the current situation.

“Have you investigated it yourself?What exactly happened there?” Then he paused and continued,
“Isn’t she in Melissa’s company?How come Melissa didn’t know anything about that?”

There were so many questions running in his mind. But he got no answer.

“Why are you not speaking anything?I am asking you something.”He said in a frustrated voice.

The Secretary didn’t know the details either.He instantly reported him the news,the moment he got to
know. There was no time for him to investigate and he didn’t want to face the wrath of Murray.

On the other hand, Melissa’s meeting just got over. She was happily turning towards her cabin but
suddenly Renita pulled her aside.

It was so unlikely of her which made Melissa astonished.

“What happened?Is everything alright?”There was a smile on the corner of her lips.

“Listen to me carefully.Don’t panic.”Renita held her hand.Her face turned pale.

“You are scaring me now.”Melissa knitted her eyebrows together.

The car in which Claire Gibson left to see the film met with a terrible accident. The driver died on the
spot. “Renita closed her eyes and bit her lower lip to stop the sound of sobs.

Melissa’s world went upside down. Her legs started trembling after listening to the news. She was
breathing unevenly as if she was feeling suffocating.

Beads of sweat covered her forehead.

“Claire,how is she?”She asked Renita.

When she didn’t reply to Melissa’s question. Melissa took a step ahead and rested her hand on her

“Just say that she is alright.”She almost begged.

No matter how much difference of opinions they had,Melissa never wanted anything bad to happen
with Claire. And the fact that she might leave their lives like that.

“I don’t know anything about it. But I heard that she has very few chances of survival. All we can do is
pray now!!”She said in a slow tone.

Renita hardly completed it,Melissa rushed downstairs. Worse thoughts clouded her mind.

Without any delay, Renita followed her.

The two of them wanted to reach the hospital as soon as possible.Meanwhile Murray and Uncle Gibson
were waiting there for a long time.

As soon as Melissa reached there Uncle Gibson saw her. He strode hurriedly towards her and then
started shouting, “I want my daughter back soundly and healthy.Just give my daughter back!!”

Tears poured in her eyes and started falling down. This wasn’t something she had ever wished for.

“I didn’t do anything.”She spoke between the sobs.

“I don’t want to hear anything. Just give my daughter back.”Uncle Gibson held her wrist tightly.

Seeing the situation getting out of the hold, Murray ran in their direction and pulled Melissa at his side.

“Calm down!!! request you to calm down, Uncle Gibson.I know the situation is bad but we don’t know
the truth yet. You can’t blame her for this.”Murray rested his hand on Melissa’s shoulder and patted her

“My daughter was in the company’s car.She had a car accident within working hours.I can’t ignore that.
What exactly did your wife ask her to do?”Uncle Gibson shouted at the top of his lungs. them.

“Keep your volume down, this is a hospital.”One of the nurses scolded

“No matter what, your wife has to take the responsibility.I am not going to spare her. Mark my
words!!”Uncle Gibson whispered.

Seeing how brutally Melissa was being accused,Renita stepped in.

“We had arranged a studio tour for Renita.She wanted to enter the entertainment industry so we
thought that she should get familiar with the industry beforehand.

Moreover,the car and the driver were from the company. And he was an experienced man. Whatever
happened is surely unfortunate but Melissa has nothing to do with that.”She explained.

But uncle Gibson was not ready to hear anything. He was blinded in anger.

Amid the tension, he pointed his finger at Melissa and warned, “Pray to god that nothing will happen to
her. Otherwise I will not spare anyone.”

“I haven’t done anything.”Melissa started but he showed his palm.

“I only have one daughter.I have raised her with all my heart.Previously

I accept that she did wrong to you. As a result you sent her abroad,I never said a word to you.

Now she came back after so long and wanted to get a job in Murray’s company.I didn’t agree but still I
took advice from Murray and sent her there.But it’s not even two days completed, and she is already on
the death bed.”

He broke down after saying that.Anybody could see how irreparable the loss was.

“Uncle Gibson,calm down first. There are fair chances of Claire’s survival. We can’t lose hope. Trust
me it’s going to be alright.Melissa had no choice but to persuade him kindly.

When Uncle Gibson didn’t say anything, Murray stepped ahead.He kept his uncle’s overcoat on the
chair and held Melissa’s hand just to take her in a corner.

He wanted to know about the whole situation and he can start that with Melissa.

“I’m asking you why did you ask Claire to join the crew?”Murray asked her angrily.

Although he didn’t understand the internal structure of Melissa’s company, he knew that it was not
Renita’s job to work with the crew,but an assistant’s.

“I am also feeling bad but don’t put this on This is the arrangement of our company.She is just a
new employee. Every task has been designed accordingly. “Undoubtedly Melissa was feeling emphatic
towards Claire.But she was getting agitated with the fact that they were trying to put all the blame on

Although Murray hadn’t said that, his actions and words were clearly telling that he was also putting all
the responsibility of that unfortunate event on her.

“I knew that you never liked Claire.It’s my mistake that I sent her to your company.”He shook his head

“Woah!!Just calm down.So now, I know this is what you think about him.If I am so wrong and eventually
this kind of person in your heart then I don’t think there’s anything else that we should talk
about.”Melissa hurtfully mumbled.

Although Murray didn’t intend to say that, when those words came out of his mouth,it seemed like that.

“Let me tell you one thing Mr.Murray,I can never play with someone’s life due to my personal disliking
towards that person.I am not a petty person like that.”She said in a teary tone.

The one thing that seemed so weird to her that everyone was busy blaming her rather than
investigating the truth.

“I didn’t mean that.”

Murray swallowed his breath. Deep inside his heart, he knew that he did wrong.But this time Melissa
royally ignored him and his apology.


He called her name but she walked towards the operation theater.

When she arrived there, she saw Renita persuading Uncle Gibson, “Your daughter Claire is a strong
woman. Trust me,she will be fine. Don’t worry.”

They kept waiting outside the door of the operating room, but no doctor came out of the room. With the
passing time,tension kept increasing in the air.All they wanted was an assurance.

While the operation lasted for a whole day. Now it was dark outside..

At last,Claire was pushed out from the operating room. When Uncle

Gibson saw his daughter lying motionless on the bed, with so many injuries and bruises on her fair
skin. He broke down in tears and stood there with trembling legs.

“How is the doctor?Is he still in danger?”

“How is she now?Is she out of danger now?”

Murray stepped forward and asked the doctor. “When the car accident happened,she was probably
talking on her cellphone and the sim went inside her head. In order to take that out,it took a lot of time.
For now she is in a coma.We are not sure when she will regain her consciousness.It will take a day or
maybe forever. Just pray to god.”

The doctor’s words completely disappointed Melissa.

She had thought that Claire would wake up. Then maybe she would be free from this accusation and
they will get to know about the truth.

“This can’t be true. She had to get better as soon as possible.”Melissa murmured.She didn’t believe it
at all.

Then they took Claire into the ICU.

When Uncle Gibson saw Melissa,he knelt down in front of her and begged,”Please forgive my
daughter. This time she doesn’t have any intentions of stealing Murray from you. She just wants a
steady job like everyone else. Please let her go.”

Melissa was confused by his words. She didn’t do anything wrong. Why were they hell bent on putting
the blame on her?

“Get up first.”

Melissa and Renita walked up to him and helped him to stand up.

Unfortunately,Uncle Gibson didn’t listen to them and kept blabbering.

“I know there are so many flaws in my daughter.At times she might be wrong too but what can I do?
She is my blood and trust me,this time she only needs a stable career. Nothing else.I hope you will let
go of the past and will not go after her. She is in a coma and isn’t in a position to harm you. So please
leave her now.”

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