Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 934

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Set Off

“Arrange a car and cancel all my meetings for today.”Murray was so happy that he couldn’t keep his
mouth shut.It was the first time that the two of them had heard about Melissa since they separated for
such a long time. He was naturally more excited than anyone else.

“But Mr.Gibson. Your appointments are very important.We have to sign the contract with other groups
in half an hour.It’s a rare opportunity for us, “the secretary said with hesitation.took Murray a long time
to win this cooperation opportunity.

Murray waved his hand and said, “Just cancel it.No matter what kind of work it is,please help me
postpone it.Now, Melissa is my priority and nothing else.Let’s put it off later.”

The secretary sighed at the enviable relationship between her boss and his wife.

The boss was a handsome and rich golden bachelor,while the boss’s wife was a beautiful and
independent boss. The two of them were a perfect match and they had two lovely children.

The secretary was envious with their lives secretly Murray had arranged the car to drive towards the

As for Melissa,he didn’t tell anyone about her return this time,not even her disciples. He wanted to help
her father secretly get rid of this difficulty and didn’t want to rely on more people.

Her father and mother were also very excited.It was the first time for them to come back here in more
than ten years,and for sure,they would be adjusting to the environment here.

Melissa pushed her father while he was in the wheelchair as they boarded the plane. The three of them
walked out of the VIP passage, while Murray was waiting for them inside.

As soon as they got off the plane, Melissa had arranged a car to pick them up and send them directly
to the hospital.

On the other hand, Murray had been waiting for Melissa for half an hour, but he didn’t see her.

“Where are they?Didn’t you say that the plane had already arrived?Why haven’t I seen them
yet?”Murray accused the secretary for providing incorrect information The secretary was even more
confused. The news that she received today was definitely what she had said to her voice. She didn’t
have any clue that Murray didn’t see his wife.

“Mr.Gibson,don’t worry. Take your time. Maybe the flight has been delayed and will show up soon,”The
secretary tried to persuade him in a calm voice and she was afraid that Murray may lose his temper.

Murray hung up the phone and decided to wait for a couple of more minutes.

He had been waiting at the airport for the whole afternoon,but he didn’t see Melissa. There was not
even a shadow of the woman.Now,he was completely pissed off.

“Check it now!If you still can’t find out where Melissa is,or if the information is wrong, don’t come to
work tomorrow!”

The secretary was frightened by the shout on the other end of the phone.She knew that Murray was
already at the end of his patience.

On the other side, Melissa’s phone kept on ringing but no call was answered.

She had already arranged a hospital for her parents and even contacted a doctor. All this was done by
herself,and she did not rely on the power of Murray.

She was relieved to see her father and her mother.

“Our daughter is really a grown up.She has done a lot of things for so many years,”her father couldn’t
help but sigh.

Melissa went straight to the doctor’s office to communicate with the doctor about her father’s condition.
She even gathered several experts she knew in this hospital.

All the experts along with Melissa were in the small meeting room.

“This is the examination my father did abroad. They confirmed that he has uremia.But even though this
is the diagnosis of the doctors there,I also want to ask you if there is any possibility that an operation
can cure it or any other way you know.”

Although,to herself, Melissa knew that this was impossible just like what the doctor said in the previous

Several experts were stunned. Their reactions were something that Melissa was already expecting.
How could it be cured?Death was what was waiting for the person who was diagnosed with this

“If we force an operation,there will be a high risk,about 8-%,”an elder doctor said after their discussion.

Melissa agreed as she nodded.

“But according to the current situation, how long do you think the medicine will last?”Now, she has
made it through.In the first three months, Melissa felt lucky,but she wouldn’t know how long that would

“You are also a doctor.I think you know what’s going on inside,and the situation is very
complicated.So,we don’t dare to make any conclusion at this point of time.It depends on people. Some

people may take medicine for one or two years, while some people take medicine for half a year. These
all have something to do with the patient’s own health.”

Melissa already knew all of these.She asked these doctors to come here to see if there was any other

“Mrs. Timothy,you should consider giving him a conservative treatment.”

It took a while before they came up with a plan of a conservative treatment.

The only thing that she needed to do now was to persuade her father to go with her at the hospital
once a week for a checkup.His cooperation was a must for them to be successful.

Melissa nodded silently.

The secretary finally found out Melissa’s whereabouts.

“Just now, we did find Mrs. Timothy. They left through the VIP passage,so you didn’t see
them.Now,they seem to be going to the hospital to do an examination for someone.I heard that it’s very

It took the secretary nine efforts to get the information.After all, Melissa was a top hacker. No one could
find out what information she wanted to hide.

Murray snorted and hung up the phone. Then, he drove to the hospital that was mentioned by his

Melissa didn’t tell her father the news. Instead, she walked into the ward with a big smile on her face.

“Let’s go home.It’s not safe to stay in the hospital.I am just getting stressed the longer we are
here,.”Hearing this, her father nodded her head and naturally agreed to her daughter.

Then, Melissa packed up all their things and put them in the trunk of the car.She was ready to leave the
place with her parents.

As soon as the car started,they saw a car coming towards them.

As soon as Melissa got out of the car and was about to curse, she saw Murray sitting in the car. Then
she stepped on the gas and changed direction and left directly.

Murray followed.

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