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Chapter 929

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the secret of Melissa

If she couldn’t get Marc,then she had someone else.

“Don’t play tricks on me. Don’t think that I am unaware of what you want to do.It’s our job to secure our
children’s futureAs for you, I’ve told Murray to let you stay at home and behave yourself.If you dare to
make any trouble again,don’t blame me for being ruthless to you.”Marc snorted and went upstairs with
crutches on.

Melissa sat on the sofa alone.She didn’t know who to vent her anger

She called her sister.

“I heard that you left.Don’t you want to see the children?”she asked directly.

“Why didn’t you tell me the news earlier?”

“I thought you would complain,so I didn’t answer you,”she answered.

The girl on the other end of the line asked for her address.

At the same time, Murray was still in the hospital and picked up the four children and went home. Their

The four nannies were also there to take care of them along with him.

Looking around at the layout and decoration of the house,the first thing that came to their mind was
that the house didn’t seem to have been bought for a long time,but no one had ever lived in it.

Jill and Anthony’s room was upstairs, and they also lived here with the children.However,Anthony was
usually busy with his work and couldn’t see anyone.

Murray called Melissa again,only to find that his call was still unanswered by her.

It had been more than ten days already since they didn’t receive news about Melissa.Even if there was
an accident,there should be news about it unlike now.It was as if she vanished.

“The kids have settled down. You can go back now.After all,you still have your own life.”Jill was also
very polite,completely treating him as an outsider and not the children’s father.

“It’s my duty to take care of them.”Murray exclaimed.

“When Melissa left, she told me that the four nannieswould take care of the kids after they were
discharged from the hospital.”Although Jill didn’t agree with Melissa leaving,she would unconditionally
support Melissa’s decision.

Sitting on the sofa, Murray looked out of the window and took a look at his watch.”It’s time.Someone is

Standing on the stairs of the second floor,Jill asked, “When did you arrive?Who will come?”

Before Murray could say anything, there was a knock on the door.

Murray hurried to open the door. The workers outside carried luggage downstairs one by one.

Jill immediately stepped forward and stopped the workers.”Whose luggage are you carrying?”

“Mine!”Murray said in a hoarse voice.

“Are you crazy?You can’t live here.”Jill had expected that Murray wouldn’t compromise so easily.

What’s more,she knew how to be active in front of Sylvia.

“She just asked the four children to live here,and she didn’t say that she wouldn’t let me live here. From
a legal point of view, we are still husband and wife,so naturally we should live together.”

What Murray said made Jill’s jaw drop.She could only watch as they moved his things inside.

Soon the whole living room was filled with his stuff.

Jill almost dropped her jaw.

“Are you sure that Melissa won’t get even with you after she comes back?”

“Wherever the kids are,I would be there.”Murray replied briefly and began to pack up.In the afternoon,
the house that originally belonged to Melissa had been changed into another one.

Since Melissa wasn’t there, the four nannies didn’t dare to make a sound.

Jill was completely helpless. She threw up her two hands and sat on the sofa.”Are you going to let me
and Anthony leave from now on??”

However, Murray shook his head with a smile.”I won’t be so careless or reckless. You can live
wherever you want.”

Jill gave her a thumbs up!

In this way,they lived together.Murray took care of the children in the daytime and observed the four
nannies to see their character and work skills.

He had lost a lot of weight in just a week.

Even Jill, who was standing by the door, was a little moved. She leaned against the door and looked at
Murray, who was changing diapers and washing milk bottles.She said to Anthony,”That would be you in

the future.” Anthony rolled his eyes at her.”Of course, we should learn from each other.Look,Melissa is
not here!” Then he whispered in Jill’s ear,”In fact, I know where she is.”

Upon hearing this, Jill’s eyes widened and pulled him into the room.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”At first, they thought that Melissa would leave without saying
goodbye.But unexpectedly, she told Anthony something.

“Not only me,but also her subordinate in the hospital knows it!”

Jill stood there like a fool,as if she had been abandoned by the world.”Why do you keep it from me?You
treat me as a fool.”

Anthony didn’t know what to say.”Yes, you are right.How can I take you as a fool?”

Upon hearing this, Jill slapped Anthony across the face.

“Tell me,where is Melissa?”

“After she left,she went to another country.In fact,she didn’t go to work.She just wanted to develop her
career. What’s more, there were two people there,so she had to bring those two people over.”Anthony
answered seriously.

Melissa only told him and his disciple about it.

Anthony actually knew everything about Melissa. The most important

thing for hackers like them was to be honest. As for her subordinate in the hospital,Anthony couldn’t
figure it out.

“Who are the two other people abroad?” Jill immediately recalled that Melissa had some relatives
abroad,but she couldn’t find any clue.

It was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

“Of course,it’s her parents.”

Anthony knocked her on the head, and Jill immediately understood.

“I remember them.She said her parents went abroad at that time. But she hasn’t contacted them for a
long time. Why did she contact them recently?”

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