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Chapter 928

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arrange the funeral

Then,the manager took them to the reception room. There were more than a dozen middle-aged
women standing inside, who looked dignified,gentle,and kind.

Melissa looked at them carefully and they seem all friendly.

“You can introduce yourselves one by one,so I could know you.”

Melissa said and they did.

Every time they introduced a person,Melissa would ask them a question about parenting to test their

As a result, these people performed very well and answered all their questions.However,there were
some differences between the actual skills and professional questions they could answer.

Melissa pointed at four people.”These people look good.I want them all, but I have a month’s probation

The manager was very satisfied to hear that.”Of course,you can. We can pay all the expenses during
the probation period.”

Hearing this, Melissa immediately waved her hand. After all,her child was still in the ICU and she
couldn’t go back home yet.As for the cost,she could afford it.

“How about this?My four children are still in the hospital. You need to take care of them in the hospital
for a month.If there is any charge or changes,report to me immediately.”

After Melissa finished her words, she asked the manager’s affirmation.r.

Jill, on the other hand, stayed by her side and didn’t say anything.SHe just watched silently as she
finished everything.

“That’s good. They can go to the hospital tomorrow.”

The Manager checked with Melissa again and watched them leave.

Sitting in the car, Melissa looked at the silent Jill and knew that she had a question.

“You can ask whatever you want to know. There is no need to hide anything between us.”Melissa told
her directly.

“You have arranged all the four nannies in the hospital. What do you want to do?Won’t you stay there
to take care of them?”

Jill had this question earlier,but she didn’t say it.Melissa had arranged everything well, but she didn’t
give her specific details.

“I have to go out for a while.I think you need to take good care of this child during this month’s business
trip.”Melissa looked at Jill thoughtfully.

“What happened in the company?Why did you choose to go on a business trip at this time?”Jill felt that
Melissa was hiding something from her.

“Before everything is settled,I can’t tell you so much. Anyway, I will go on a business trip after the
nannies go to work tomorrow. As for the company,please take care of it for me.”

It seemed that Melissa had expected Jill’s arrival.

“If you won’t tell, I’ll leave tomorrow!”Jill fixed her eyes on Melissa,waiting for her answer.

“You won’t.”

Because of this, the two of them came back to the hospital together.

After settling down the four children, Melissa said a few more words to her subordinates before leaving.

As for the company,Jill became responsible for all the appointments.

Jill felt that something was wrong, but she couldn’t tell what it was.She immediately called Murray.

“Melissa is leaving today. Do you know that?”

On the other end of the phone, Murray was also confused. They didn’t know where Melissa had gone.

“Doesn’t she care about the babies?”

“You two quarreled. Don’t use the baby. Why did you left them in the hospital?” Jill couldn’t help but
scold Murray.

After hanging up the phone, Murray rushed to the hospital.

She saw Jill and the four nannies sitting on the chairs and quietly watching over the four children.As for
Melissa,she had already disappeared.

As soon as Jill saw Murray, she immediately asked him to take care of the four nannies and the kids.

“I can help you take care of the children, but you have to find out where Melissa went first.Without
saying anything,she handed over the company and even the children to me. Where is she going?”

The two of them didn’t know each other well nor seen each other recently. They just knew each other
silently as they were acquainted.

Murray was also very anxious. They immediately checked the flight of Melissa and found that it had
already left.

As for the flight information,it was confidential.It seemed that Melissa had hidden all the information
about her using her hacker skills.

“If you want to do your own things,I won’t stop you. But isn’t it too cruel to treat the four children like

In the face of Jill’s accusation, Murray just sat in the chair silently and took care of the children.

For the next few days, Murray took care of the kids himself, while Melissa disappeared without a trace.
The people he sent out to look also faced confusion as they couldn’t find any clue.

Jill also came to take care of the children from time to time.Melissa’s subordinate came in with the
medical records and was not so surprised to see Murray.

“Here is the list of the children. They are getting better. They can be discharged tomorrow.”

Murray took the form and looked at the children’s name on it. The column was still blank.

“Didn’t Melissa say anything to you when she left?”

She shook her head.”I have no right to interfere in other people’s affairs.I just mind my own duty.”

She didn’t have much interest in Murray.

“The kids can leave the hospital tomorrow. You go through the discharge formalities for them.”

After she told Murray everything,she left.

Seeing the kids staring at him with their big eyes, Murray’s heart softened.

In the old house

“Mr.Marc,I heard that two more children came and Melissa also left. What’s going on?How could our
own children be mixed into other people’s bloodline?”Melissa was really a troublemaker. Marc was
always the most well-informed.

Marc had been thinking about four children and why Melissa was not taking care of them.

“Let them deal with their own business.As elders, we can see that they are safe.”His grandfather’s
greatest wish was to see his grandchildren safely and settle down. Now that his wish had been
fulfilled,and Melissa had also done a good job,he naturally couldn’t complain.

“Why do you look like this?After all,this is your own child.”Mr.Marc was unreliable,so she wanted to rely
on herself.

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