Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 923

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sometimes you ask for help

“If you don’t mind the trouble, just come. But the moment you showed up,I will take the four of them to
another hospital.

Hearing this, Murray flinched.

“I won’t force you.I just have a request.I want to come to see my children every day,is that okay?”

“You don’t deserve it!”

After saying that,Melissa went back into the hospital.

She put the four children together.Originally, there were two pairs of fraternal twins. Her twins were
already in stable condition but the other twins were still in bad condition kids.

She couldn’t let the other two kids go although they were not her real

The operation had been arranged in the afternoon. Melissa found another four nannies to take care of
the two children, and she moved all her things out of Murray’s house!

Murray faced the empty room alone. The joy that once belonged to that room disappeared.

And all the things important to him were taken away from the room.

Murray looked around in disappointment, not knowing whether it was right or wrong.

Vivian also got the news and directly drove to Murray’s house.

Melissa had known the means of the Dewar family.Vivian had known it,but he ignored it.

“Is Meli really leaving?”

In just two days,Murray seemed to have changed into a totally different person.

He couldn’t move forward without his family with him.

“I’m sorry.It’s all my fault.I shouldn’t have come up with such a bad idea.I shouldn’t have destroyed the
relationship between the two of you. I’ll explain it to Meli now.”

It was not until this moment that Vivian realized what a ridiculous thing she had done.

“No.don’t let her vent her anger on you. After all, you still have a bright future.”

Murray knew the power of Melissa. Once she knew that everything was done by Vivian,it might be
difficult for Vivian to get back to her life.

Melissa had always been cruel and merciless.

“I can’t just watch you two become like this!”The more she thought about it,the angrier she got.

She called Melissa and drove as soon as she got her location.

Melissa was waiting outside alone while the other twins were having surgery.

When Vivian arrived,her heart softened when she saw Melissa alone.

“Don’t worry.Everything will be fine.”

Melissa encouraged herself.

“They are having an operation but they are not my real babies!How poor they are…”

“Aren’t the two kids very healthy?”When Vivian took the two children,the director of the hospital
specifically told her that the two children were very healthy.

How did it happen?

“The two of them have congenital heart disease, and it is very serious.If it was not found in time,I’m
afraid that the two of them would have…”

Melissa couldn’t even imagine what would happen!

“Don’t worry.Everything will be fine. Maybe God will bless the two children.”

As soon as she finished speaking,a doctor came out of the operating room with a serious look on his

Melissa immediately stepped forward and asked, “What happened?”

“We don’t have enough blood in the blood bank!We have a limited number of rare blood, but the two
children are in a dangerous situation.l think they need some more.”

Melissa shouted anxiously, “Why weren’t you prepared for it?If there is no blood,transfer it from another
hospital as soon as possible.”

Melissa knew very well how rare their blood type was.Every hospital had a clear stock of it in case of
an emergency.

Looking at the anxious expression on her disciple’s face, Melissa also calmed down.”You should focus
on the surgery first. I’ll think of a way.”

She immediately contacted several cooperative hospitals and asked them to send all the rare blood
types to the children’s hospital.

However,their existing stock was not enough to meet the needs of the two children.

Vivian was also anxious.It suddenly occurred to her that the children seemed to have a rare blood type.

“I know someone.He should be able to help.”

Melissa asked, “Who is it?”

“You know her too. She is Sileas Hancke.”

Melissa was stunned by her words.

Now,Sileas had been put in jail,and she had sent her in person!

If she asked her for help now, she would probably refuse.

Melissa couldn’t care less. She drove with Vivian to the police station!

On the way, Melissa had already informed the people inside and they

could see Sileas directly.

In just two days, Slleas had been tortured.

“What are you doing here?”Sileas still looked arrogant and domineering.

Vivian said immediately.”I need your help now!I hope you can donate blood for the two children!”

Hearing this,Sileas refused immediately. “Why should I help Melissa?

Isn’t she powerful?Why do you need my help?That’s ridiculous!”

Melissa took a deep breath and said to Sileas, “If you have any conditions,just let me know.I can satisfy

“Request?I’m going to jail. What else can I ask for?You’d better leave now!”

No matter what Melissa said,Sileas couldn’t hear it.She was ready to fight against Melissa to the end.

“I can let go of the Dewar family and help your company!”Melissa uttered.

How could she let go of Sileas?

Sileas shook her head.”Not enough!”

“Don’t push your luck!”Vivian retorted.

“Now you are begging me!”Sileas got a little hope,so she wouldn’t miss this good opportunity.

“What else do you want?Tell me!”Melissa gritted her teeth.

“I want you to clarify in public that I am innocent. Your premature birth has nothing to do with me. You
have to return all the shares of our company unconditionally.If you can do it,I can go with you now.If
you can’t,then there is nothing else I can do!”

It was a blackmail.Melissa glared at her with hatred.

“Is there anything else?”She knew that this person’s request was more than that,so she had to listen to
it all.

“By the way,don’t get involved in our family affairs any more.Write all these in the contract and seal it
with your company’s seal. Otherwise,get lost!”

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