Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 922

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terrible sincerity

The more she thought about it,the sadder she became.She couldn’t help it when she saw her child’s
condition.She even acted as if everything was fine.

“It’s not like that.I want to tell you the truth many times,but I want to bring our kids back safely and
healthily.”Murray tried his best to explain, hoping that Melissa would trust him.

Melissa shook her head violently.”I won’t believe you anymore.”

Then she left.

Melissa sat in the car alone,thinking of the two children smiling at her.

She couldn’t accept the fact that the two strangers had warmed her heart.

It was also from the children’s hospital.

“Ma’am,I feel like something is wrong with those two kids.”

Hearing the voice from the other end of the phone, she still wanted to have a look.

After all,she had taken care of the children for more than a month and they were orphans that no one
wanted to care for.

She came to the hospital and the doctor put all the examination results in front of her.

“Judging from the results,these two children don’t seem to have anything the same with you.”

His words were like knives being pierced in her heart.

“The blood type of the two children doesn’t match you and

Murray’s.Even if there is a 1/10000 chance,it is rare for that thing to happen.”


Her subordinate confirmed it again.

It could only prove that these two children were not their children at

Looking at the silent Melissa,her subordinate got nervous and anxious.

“What’s going on?”

Even she,herself, didn’t expect this result.

“You don’t need to care about the gender of these two children, and you don’t need to consider whether
they’re my children or not. You just need to wholeheartedly save them.”

Hearing this,her subordinate nodded secretly.

Melissa left the two kids in the hospital and went back home alone.

Looking at the baby room full of pictures of the two babies whom she found that she had no blood
relationship with at all.

Melissa thought it was ridiculous.

If she didn’t even know her own children,she would find a strange child to take care of.

How much she loved them.

The more she looked around, the angrier she became.In a fit of anger,she tore all the photos that were
stuck on the wall into pieces.

She even threw all the things used by the two stranger children into the trash can.

She had carefully chosen everything for her children,but she didn’t expect it to turn out like that.

She packed up a few clothes from the bedroom,put them into the suitcase,and drove away.

On the way, she happened to see Murray’s car driving towards her.

Melissa bumped into the car and forced Murray back at one point. After squeezing Murray into the
corner of the wall, she pushed the door open and left.

She came to the hospital first to pick up his own children,and then sent her two children to the
children’s hospital.

She also asked all the experts to gather together and hold a meeting.

“Now let’s check what’s wrong with these two children.All the diseases need to be checked out.I want a
healthy child.”Melissa said to many


Melissa was the biggest investor of the hospital,so her words were listened to.

No one would refute.

Several experts checked the two children,and even all the equipment they needed.

In the end, the conclusion was that the female baby was now fine. The male baby,however, had had an
operation for pneumonia,and now everything was fine as well and just under recovery.

Melissa breathed a sigh of relief.

She took the two kids back to the incubator.

Maybe only in her own territory could she feel a moment of peace.

She wouldn’t believe anyone anymore.

Then she discussed the operation plans of the two other babies with

other experts.

The car of Murray had been scrapped,so he changed to another car to

look for Melissa.

But no matter how hard he tried, he still couldn’t find Melissa.

She seemed to have disappeared from the world, and his family was

smashed into pieces.

Murray was worried about her.

He drove aimlessly on the street.

At this time, he received a call from the hospital.

“Your wife just picked up the two kids and paid all the fees in one go.”

Melissa had always been ruthless.If she could do this,it meant that she had lost confidence in Murray.

Murray hit the steering wheel with his fist.”Let her pick them up.”

Then he called the orphanage and found that Melissa didn’t send the two children back.

He couldn’t figure out how Melissa found the truth!

At this time,the video sent by the nanny showed that Melissa was in

the children’s hospital.

Murray learned what really happened from the nannies.

It seemed that everything had its own rules.

He immediately asked the nanny to send him the location so he could

look for the children’s Hospital.

As soon as Melissa opened the door,she saw the nanny sitting on a


She regained her usual indifference and said, “I don’t need you here anymore. You can go back first.If
you have told Murray everything,you don’t

have to appear here anymore.”

Melissa wanted to make a clean break with Murray.

She didn’t want to get involved in anything connected to him.

Hearing this,the nanny got frightened and quickly explained, “No, I really


Before she could finish her explanation, Murray appeared.

Melissa pointed at the person behind the nanny and said, “Those who

lie will be punished.”

Murray strode towards her.”What do you want to do?The most important thing right now is to take care
of the two children!”

Melissa shook off her hand violently.”You are not qualified to comment on me right now, let alone
meddle in my affairs.I have given birth to two children,and I can do whatever I want.”

Murray tried his best to control his temper,knowing that she was too angry to argue with him.

“It’s all up to you.I just hope that you can let me take good care of you,okay?”

Melissa snorted, “Take care of me?Am I not strong enough?Do I need someone who lied to me to take
care of me?”

No matter how Murray explained it,it didn’t make sense to her.

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