Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 920

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it’s not too late

She had been resisting, and even reached the peak.

The police came forward and held her tightly.”The evidence is here. You can have a look.”

“I can cooperate with the inspection, and I have the evidence of the video back then.You can take it.”
said by Melissa in a moderate tone Hearing this, Sileas was completely speechless.It was not until then
that she realized the real purpose of Melissa.It was because she wanted to kill her!

“Let’s go!”The police pulled her out.Melissa stood at the door, watching them leave, feeling relaxed.

Then she came to the children’s room.The two kids seemed to be sleeping soundly.Melissa gently
picked them up and said, “Mommy can finally avenge you.”

She gently leaned over and kissed the children on the cheek. When she got close to the child, she
found that they were very hot,much hotter than her body temperature.

Melissa panicked and immediately shouted outside, “Come here and see what’s wrong with the baby.”

Several babysitters ran towards them, and they began to examine the children in their arms.Melissa
tried to keep calm.Suddenly, it occurred to her that she was also a doctor.She immediately took over
the children, put them on the table,and carefully examined their bodies. In addition to having a

heard that the two children were having difficulty breathing, and the situation was not great.

She immediately contacted the hospital and went there with her two children and the nannies.

Along the way, Melissa’s heart was in a mess,fearing that the children would have an accident.

In the hospital

Her apprentice had been waiting at the door.Holding the children in her arms,she ran quickly forward
and several people came to the examination room.

The hospital they came to was not the hospital where her real children were, but a hospital that Melissa
had invested in before. The doctors in the hospital were carefully selected by Melissa,and they were
specialized in the children’s department.

This doctor was most famous in pediatrics.

Melissa followed the doctor inside.

First, he took off the clothes of the two children and measured their body temperature, which obviously
increased a lot.

The two kids were crying so hard that their faces turned red.

“Mra’am,as you expected,she has a respiratory infection.But she is too young to be taken good care
of.How could this happen?”

The disciple was also confused.He still had a question in his heart.

“Do you mean this?”Melissa asked.

The disciple nodded and said, “Let’s lower the temperature of the child first and do a full examination to
see if there are any other complications of the child.”

Melissa nodded silently.She sat on the bench outside and couldn’t think of a way to save her baby.

Was it because she had lived a peaceful life recently that God was going to take everything from her?

The more she thought about it, the sadder she became.She didn’t even answer the phone that had
rung in her bag countless times.

“Don’t worry, Ma’am.Everything will be fine.”The nanny had been with them for a long time, so she was
also worried about them.

They had been waiting quietly outside the door for two hours. The child hadn’t come out yet,and they
didn’t even know the basic situation of the child.

Melissa pushed the door open and rushed in.

Coincidentally, the two doctors also came out. They bumped into each other and asked, “Are you

Melissa waved her hand and asked, “How’s the baby?”

“He is indeed born with congenital heart disease, but we didn’t find it at the beginning!”

Melissa was shocked by her disciple’s words.Tears streamed down her cheeks.”Are you sure?How
could that be possible?”

She had stayed in the hospital for a long time.If she was sick, she would have been checked out and
wouldn’t have been dragged home!

Not to mention the doctor Murray had personally called!

“The baby is premature and has stayed in the incubator for a long time.It’s not in a good condition now
and needs an operation immediately, but the operation is very risky.The doctor,asks for your consent to
operate.”The disciple helped Melissa to sit down. He knew that Melissa was an expert and a famous
figure in the industry.However, after she transferred to the business world, she no longer had any
contact with these things.

“Did you make a mistake?”Melissa asked worriedly.

She couldn’t believe it.

“What happened in that hospital before? There was no result.It’s just that the child is a little weak. How
could he have congenital heart disease?”Melissa would never believe that this terrible disease would
happen to her child.

Her two children had not been optimistic since they were born.It was not easy for her to enjoy the
happiness of being a mother for a few days.Was she going to deprive them of this right now?

“He should be the doctor over there.How about our major?”The disciple came up with a reason, but he
couldn’t convince himself.

“You can lower the baby’s temperature first.When will the operation start? Didn’t you say that you need
to prepare something?”Melissa regained her composure and asked.

“The preliminary operation is set tomorrow.The baby’s condition is not good now.It’s indeed a good
thing to have the operation earlier.”

Melissa nodded silently and held her hands. “I’ll give you my two children. You can do whatever you

This disciple was a good doctor and a kind person.Melissa trusted him very much.

After telling everything to the police, Melissa drove away from the hospital and headed for the hospital
where Murray had been.

He would like to investigate what was going on.

After arriving at the hospital, she went directly to the doctor in charge.Seeing that the doctor who had
treated them before was not there, she changed to a doctor on duty.

Anyway, the two doctors should know the situation.

“I want to ask why they didn’t notice any disease from my children when they were still in this hospital?”

Melissa expressed her purpose directly.

The doctor didn’t know much about the condition of Melissa’s child.He just heard a rough idea.

“Isn’t your child in the incubator? He hasn’t been taken away yet. Of course he is under our protection
all the time.”

Hearing this, Melissa couldn’t believe her ears.She asked again and again, “Did you take my phone?”

The doctor shook his head and put a medical record in front of him.

“Look for yourself.”

Melissa opened the medical record and it read, “Murray’s child has pneumonia and is hospitalized.”

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