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Chapter 912

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you have to pay me back

Hearing the indifferent voice of Nina, she seemed to be trying to push him away which madeTom

“What’s wrong with you? Are you in a bad mood?”He asked in a low voice.

On the other side, Melissa was chatting with Ariana Paul while Murray and Kasen Paul were a little

At this time, Nina lowered her head.Her sitting posture was very restrained.She replied simply, “I’m
fine.I just don’t want to bother you.”

Tom was confused.He tilted his head to look at Nina and found that she was avoiding his gaze.

“What happened?Why won’t you look at me?”

Tom smiled awkwardly and noticed that Nina’s attitude was very strange.

She was avoiding him.

In fact, it was hard for Nina to explain to him.Since Lily came to the hospital this morning, she had a
strange resistance towards Tom.

Hearing Tom’s question,Nina became more restless.

Suddenly, she stood up,left her seat, and said, “Dad,Mom, you can chat with them first.I’ll go out to buy

As soon as she finished speaking, Nina disappeared from Tom’s sight in a hurry.

At noon that day, Murray and Melissa ended their visit and left the hospital together.

At the moment, they saw Nina.Melissa held her arm and asked Murray with a smile, “Nina likes eating
seafood.How about we find a Japanese restaurant?”

“Sure.”Murray replied coldly.

“I’m not a picky eater.In fact, anything is good for me, “Nina said apologetically “Then let’s go to eat
seafood.I haven’t had any appetite recently.I could eat a little with you at most.”

Melissa smiled.The reason why she brought Nina out was to take this opportunity to have a good talk
with her.

Soon,they arrived at a Japanese restaurant.After ordering, Murray looked at his phone absent mindedly
while Melissa and Nina sat side by side and chatted.

“It turns out that Tom is quite charming.The girl who admires him is quite enthusiastic.”Melissa joked

Nina felt a little embarrassed.

It was not because she was almost slapped in the face by Lily.It was just that this complicated
emotional entanglement made her feel tired.

“Yes, I heard that they knew each other when they were in the branch school.”

Nina replied casually, thinking that what they ordered should be served as soon as possible,so that she
and Melissa wouldn’t have to talk about these topics.

But the purpose of Melissa was to persuade her not to be sloppy whether she chose Tom or Harley.

“Then what do you think of Tom?I think he takes good care of you,” Melissa tried to probe into Nina and
added, “That’s all.”

The last sentence reminded Nina.In fact, she already knew it.

After she broke up with Tom,as time went by, they seemed to have nothing in common.

During the one month of them taking care of her parents, the two of them got along with each other day
and night, but there was no sparkle between them.

Nina appreciated Tom’s help from the bottom of her heart.

His meticulous care and consideration made Nina speechless.

But other than that, the sense of alienation between them had never been eliminated.

After a moment of silence, Nina nodded and said, “You’re right.Maybe time has passed and
circumstances have changed between us…”

At present, she was very conflicted.They were forced to separate before, but later, she met Harley.

While she was thinking, Melissa followed the thought of Nina and asked, “What about Harley? Haven’t
you seen each other for a long time?”

“Yes,since last month.”

Nina told her that Harley was shooting outside and that he had sent her a gift.

When they talked about it, although Nina seemed casual,there was an indescribable pleasure on her

Melissa also noticed this.Even if they were talking about trivial things in life, as long as it was about
Harley, Nina would show a different reaction.

Her intuition told Melissa that Nina loves Harley.

As for Tom and Nina, they were just the reflection of their breakup.

But Melissa didn’t say it out loud.As a friend, she didn’t want to affect Nina’s choice.

At the end of their lunch, Nina suddenly thought of another thing.

Putting down the tableware, she saw Murray tidying up his tie, so she gently said, “Mr.Gibson, I have
something to ask you.”

Hearing that, Murray raised his eyes and smiled politely, “What’s the matter?”

“Tom has lost his job.I wonder what position is suitable for him in the Gibson Corporation?”Nina asked
in a reserved tone. Then Murray immediately understood what she meant.Under the hint by Melissa, he
quickly arranged a good position for Tom.

“Give him a few days to prepare.He can go to the company to register next Monday.”

Before they parted,Murray specifically told them that Tom didn’t need to go through interviews.

With the head of the Gibson Corporation group’s words, Nina set her mind at rest.

When they arrived at the hospital, Tom was helping Kasen walk in the corridor.

Looking at his gentle and patient appearance, Nina walked quickly over.

“Dad,I have something to talk about with Tom.Can you go back to your bed and have a rest?”

Seeing his daughter’s smiling face, Kasen thought the two of them were in love again.

This time, he didn’t stand out to object.He nodded knowingly and said, “Okay, I’ll go into the ward.”

In the corridor, Nina and Tom stood by the window.

“What secret do you have? How dare you cheat on your father?”

Tom looked at Nina with a smile.Although Kasen misunderstood, he knew that the two of them would
not get back together in a short period of time.

“It’s not a secret.I just think it’s better to tell you alone.”

With a calm and pleasant look on her face,Nina said, “This morning, Lily came to see you.She heard
that you had moved to another house and hadn’t found a job,so she missed you very much.Contact her
when you have time.”

“Lily came to the hospital to see me?” Hearing the news, the smile on Tom’s face disappeared.

He suddenly thought of the cold attitude of Nina this morning.Did it have anything to do with Lily?

“Okay, I know.”

Tom answered perfunctorily.He wondered if Lily had said something against Nina.

But before he could figure it out, Nina quickly changed the topic.

“By the way, I’ve asked Mr.Gibson to arrange a job for you for lunch.It’s a well paid job. Would you like
to have a try?”

Nina just informed him of the arrival of Lily, and then began to talk about finding a job for him.

She knew that Tom had done a lot for her,and she had to pay him back.

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