Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 907

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cat for crown prince

He didn’t tell anyone.

Vivian also found two babies who had just been born for a month. Their skin looked pinkish.

“Dean,why will there be someone who won’t want such child?”Vivian sighed with sympathy.How could
people nowadays be so cruel that they would even abandon their own children.

The Dean also sighed deeply.”The two children were found at the gate of the orphanage by our
cleaners. They were put at the gate and were abandoned.We have been raising them for about half a
month.Now the children are much healthier.”

Looking at these two cute children, Vivian had an illusion that the children were Melissa’s.

“I came here on behalf of Murray to adopt the two children, but…”Vivian expressed her concern.

She thought the Dean would refuse, but she didn’t really agree yet.

“It’s good for the two kids to live a good life for a few days. When Melissa recovers, you can send them
back here.”The Dean had a deep impression towards Melissa and was willing to help them.

Afterwards, Vivian left the orphanage with two children.

The operation was not over yet.Murray had been waiting at the operating door for four hours.

When Vivian arrived at the gate of the hospital,she called Murray.

“I’ve found the children.Would you like to come and have a look?”

Murray didn’t expect that things would go so smoothly.Vivian had already found two opposite sex twins
in just half a day.

Seeing that the light of the operating room was still on,he asked Vivian to park in the basement. Then
he went straight there to meet her.

It was also the first time for Vivian to hold a child.Seeing two children who were so weak and sleeping
soundly, she felt warm in her heart.

Murray opened the door and was shocked to see the two kids.

“Are these really two newly born children?”Their own children were also like that when they were born.

But how could other people’s children be so similar to their own children?

“I was also shocked when I saw them earlier, but the director said that they were just left in there and
had no one to raise them.”

Hearing this, Murray felt a little relieved.

“Our baby boy is still having surgery. Wait for me in the car.I’ll take them to see Melissa after the

No matter how important other people’s children were, they were not as important as their own

Unlike when Vivian got them, the children were more calm and quieter now.


When Murray returned to the operating room, the light was already off.

Murray hurried to the ward and saw the doctor in charge was waiting for him at the door.

“How is my baby? Is he all right?”Murray kept looking inside,but didn’t see his child.

“Don’t worry.The operation was very successful.The baby is still unconscious.He is now in NICU.He is
not yet fully recovered and it might take him a long time before he could be discharged.”

The doctor didn’t expect the operation to go so smoothly.

Upon hearing this, Murray heaved a long sigh of relief.

“Can I go to see him?”

Murray wanted to see their baby as soon as possible, but the doctor refused.

“It’s not the right time yet. There are experts in the NICU to take care of him though.Don’t worry.”

The doctor assured Murray again so Murray could feel relieved.

He turned around and looked at the baby girl.She was already awake and her cute hands were
wiggling around.

After making sure of the baby’s condition, Murray got into his car with relief.

He had brought the children Vivian got.It was indeed difficult to treat other people’s children as his own.

“Do you think Melissa will find out?”He felt both sad and anxious when she saw Melissa.

Murray felt as if his heart was pricked by countless needles.

“These two kids are just here to help her alleviate her illness. When your children recover, you can
exchange them.”Vivian persuaded Murray with this excuse.

Unknowingly, they had already arrived in their house and Murray got even more nervous.

He and Vivian looked at each other and got out of the car with children in their arms.

Seeing this, the nannies also hurried up to welcome him and asked, “Can they leave the hospital now?”

Murray replied in a low voice.He didn’t like the two strangers at all.

“Is Melissa awake?”Murray asked anxiously!

“She’s awake,but she’s always in a bad mood.If Mrs.Timothy sees these two kids, she’ll be very

Soon,Murray came upstairs.He pushed the door open and saw Melissa sitting on the bed alone.

Vivian followed with the babies in her arms.

“Look who’s coming!”Vivian held the baby in her arms forward. The baby in her arms burst into tears as
if he had sensed something.

Melissa was awakened by the baby’s cry.

She reached out her hands and held the two children in her arms.She looked at Murray from time to
time and asked, “Are they really my children?Didn’t you say that they would need some time before
they could leave the hospital? Have they recovered?”

Melissa cried with joy.She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Murray squeezed out a smile and replied, “I just want to give you a surprise,so I specially brought them

Melissa was overjoyed.

He held the baby girl in his arms and looked at the baby boy.His gratified expression could not deceive

Murray didn’t even dare to look at Melissa.

“Why don’t you come to see our children? Don’t you miss them?” Melissa complained.

Murray had no choice but to step forward and look at the children who were teasing from time to time.

Standing at the door and seeing the happy scene,Vivian felt relieved and believed that she did not
made a mistake.

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Chapter 907

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