Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 901

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“Mrs.Timothy, I negotiated with you today with the intention of getting a satisfying result.It’s my idea to
move out.I also asked Melissa to help me.If you don’t appreciate it, then this will be the end of our
families relationship”

After saying that, Vivian felt much relaxed and comfortable.

“What do you mean?”Arno got flustered.The relationship between the two of them just eased a
little.How could it end up like this?

“Let’s get divorce! See you at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning in the City Hall!”

After saying that, Vivian left.

The Swanson couple left the Dewar family with their daughter.

“It’s all your fault.Let’s see what’s going on.I already said that we should try to fix our relationship.Why
don’t you reconsider it?”

Arno was so angry that he punched the sofa.

Sileas didn’t want to end up like this,but she was too angry to speak it out.She didn’t even think about
the consequences.

“I didn’t expect that Murray would come here.I know his terrible temper and capability!Melissa is
already enough!”

Sileas knew that the power of Murray was greater than the sky,but she wasn’t aware of Melissa’s

“Apart from Murray, Melissa is a famous hacker.She never relied on Murray in terms of her company
and finance.Furthermore, she is the president of a famous university.”

He knew too well about the reputation of Melissa.Back then,he was afraid of Melissa, so he kept a
good relationship with Vivian.

Sileas’s jaw dropped in fright.”Really? Is she really that powerful?”

“This time, you did not only offended Melissa,but also Murray.Judging from his crazy behavior of
protecting his wife, our family will be in trouble.”

Arno was right.In less than half an hour, Arno’s father got a call.

“What did you say?”Arno’s father frowned and stood up.

“No way!”Arno’s father angrily dropped his phone.Sileas had never seen him so angry.

“What happened?”

“It’s all your fault. Why did you mess with Melissa for no reason? If they want to live apart,just let them
be.”Arno’s father exclaimed.

“The company has been bought off?”Arno seemed to have guessed it.This was the usual way of
Murray in taking revenge.

“The company’s shares have been bought off and was transferred to the Gibson family. The
shareholders have also transferred their shares to Melissa,making her the biggest shareholder of the
company and can sit on an equal footing with me.”

Arno’s father’s words surprised Arno.He didn’t know what had happened.It all happened too fast.

The shares of the company were given to the Gibson family,and the company was handed over to
Melissa.Murray was avenging his wife!

This move was too perfect and agile.It was simply out of his expectation.

“What should we do now?”Sileas panicked.

“What should we do? Go and apologize to Melissa.”

They packed up their things in a hurry and went to look for Melissa.

Melissa and Murray went back home together.Fortunately, Melissa was not too angry.But she’s eight
months pregnant,so she had to be more careful.After all,her baby was the most important for them!

“You too. Why don’t you pay more attention to your friends? You can’t be too kind to them and you will
lose your own principle.!”Murray poured a cup of hot water for her and gave her a plate of cutted fruits.

“I did this for Vivian. Otherwise, do you think I would be that stupid to use such method to achieve other
people’s goals?”Melissa also knew that the Dewar family used a vicious method to make them
compromise.Otherwise, they would definitely get more powerful.

“Don’t take such a risk next time, “Murray said dotingly.

The Dewar family came to Melissa’s company.When she was about to enter, she saw a notice at the
door,which read, “Dogs and the Dewar family are not allowed to enter!”

“Melissa,I underestimated you!How can you be so vicious?”Sileas criticized Melissa again.

The security guard stepped forward and said, “You can go back now.You are not welcome here.”

“Can you let us in?We want to talk to her. There may be some misunderstandings between
them.”Arno’s father humbly spoke.

“That’s impossible.It’s written clearly!”The security guards were also dutiful.The words on the notice
were vivid.They dare not to cause trouble.

Arno called Melissa until it got connected.

“Meli,I really didn’t mean that!”Arno kept apologizing.

Melissa laid on the sofa and turned on the call into speaker mode.”Tell your parents that it has nothing
to do with you.I’m not against you. All you need to do is to be good to Vivian.”

That was the only wish of Melissa.

Arno nodded and agreed to Melissa.

Hearing this, the Dewar family felt a little disappointed.

When Vivian came out of the company, they all rushed up to her and said, “Vivian,Vivian,wait a

Vivian went straight into her car,not giving them attention.

“Well, I have nothing now.Mom, I’ve told you not to get involved in our business. You didn’t listen to
me.Are you satisfied now?” After saying that, Arno drove after Vivian.

His parents stood still there and sighed.

Arno’s father received a message from an unknown number.”See you in your company in half an hour.”

Arno’s father didn’t dare to delay.They went straight back to their own company and waited in the
meeting room.

As expected, half an hour later, Melissa appeared in the company alone.

“I’m sorry,Melissa.It’s our fault. We’ve known it and we didn’t mean to do it.Please forgive me.I’ll even
kneel to you.”Sileas was about to kneel down.

Melissa’s assistant hurried to stop her.”Don’t kneel down and cause harm to our boss baby.”

“Please, let go of our family.It’s all our fault. We will agree to all your conditions. “Arno’s father begged

“Why should I let you go?”Melissa asked casually.

“Shame on you!”Sileas insulted.

Arno’s father gave Sileas a slap in the face.”Can you stop the nonsense?”

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