Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 896

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After she saw Vivian and Arno smiling, Renita sighed, knowing that Vivian’s mood had stabilized. She
stared at them through the rearview mirror.

“Can we go now?”

Vivian was a little embarrassed and edged closer into Arno’s arms. Arno reassured her softly. They
both nodded and the driver put the car into motion.

Vivian sat alone in the car, very uncomfortable. In her hand, she held the strand of grass plucked from
the roadside, fiddling with it while she kept muttering to herself.

“This Arno is so reckless in everything he does. He still hides this kind of thing from me, can he hide

The more Vivian thought about it, the more she felt embarrassed and at times, angry. She felt that
Arno’s behaviour was wrong in every way and even if Sileas forced him, why couldn’t he tell her?

She didn’t know how long it took, but Vivian was about to fall asleep in the car. Although she was
angry, she couldn’t stop thinking about Arno and was patiently waiting for him.

Arno hadn’t come out for such a long time and this made Vivian worried. had he encountered any
trouble? Could it be because of his attitude that he had quarrelled with Sileas?

But in Vivian’s heart, although Arno was always good to her parents, he was not so much of an
obedient son to his mother.

Is it possible that he didn’t remember where she was? It can’t be, she chided herself. If he didn’t come
looking for her, then Arno didn’t care about her.

With that resolve, Vivian went straight to the parking lot. Her car was in an open spot that would not
give Arno a tough time finding her if he came looking.

While she sat in the car, Vivian sighed. She no longer knew what emotions she should have. Maybe
this was love she felt. Just as she was thinking, a figure appeared directly in front of the car. It was

“Vivian, you are here,” he called panting as he ran over. His face was full of anxiety, and he was too
nervous to speak.

Although Vivian was a little happy in her heart that Arno had remembered her, she demanded to know
the reason why he had kept her waiting. But before Vivian could speak, Arno spoke first.

“Vivian, don’t get me wrong, it’s my fault, I apologize for embarrassing you. What happened was that I
made a pact with my mother, but I haven’t had time to tell you. Honestly, I didn’t expect this kind of
thing to happen.”

Vivian was unable to resist this apology and suddenly laughed. It was a bit humorous to her seeing an
influential person like Arno saying sorry.

Arno saw Vivian laughing, and sighed. If Vivian was angry with him, he would have met her frowning,
but since was laughing, Arno was relieved a lot.

Looking at Vivian in front of him, Arno didn’t know what to say. Today’s events had made both of them
very embarrassed.

The individual to blame was Sileas. If Sileas hadn’t made such an unreasonable agreement with Arno,
this kind of thing would not have happened.

Seeing Arno’s embarrassment, Vivian laughed out loud.

“It’s okay. You have explained it to me and I’m not annoyed. what’s there to be embarrassed about?”

Arno listened to Vivian’s words, and he felt a little uncomfortable. The fact that Vivian tolerated him
didn’t make him any less angry with himself for embarrassing her.

But what Arno didn’t know is that Vivian was willing to forgive him so quickly for what happened today
because Arno had a nice personality. Even though the Stark family was not as prestigious as the
Dewar family, he never treated her inferiorly.

“Vivian, you don’t have to take my mother’s words to heart. She is like that with everyone, and her
insults have no end. I can proudly say that that woman is always spitting venom.”

Vivian was certain that Sileas cared about nothing but herself. She also knew that Arno was attracted
to Vivian who he had introduced to her so she didn’t think she could be with Arno.

Although Vivian thought Arno to be a great person, she still had some hesitations about the future.
After all, Arno’s family and experience will make him meet more people and get established in life
quickly. His future was bright and he would surely be in the spotlight but Vivian was just trying to live a
normal life. Besides, she wasn’t ready to set expectations as it usually led to disappointments which
were one of her greatest fears. Arno seemed to read her thoughts. He bobbed her nose playfully and

“Why are you still thinking? You still don’t believe me? You better forgive me because I have nothing
else to say.”

Vivian laughed too. No matter what happens in the future, as long as she could be with him now, it was
her greatest happiness.

“Come on! My mother will recognize you when we work hard! And, even if she may be unreasonable,
her son is determined, and nothing can hold him back. I will reach the apogee of my career and no one
will be able to stop us from being together.”

Arno’s words were true. The current Vivian does not have much strength, but it did not mean that she
could not be stronger and more prestigious in the future. The words proved to be comforting to Vivian
as she smiled and patted him playfully on the shoulder.

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