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Chapter 888

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Secure Position

Just as Nina coaxed her daughter back to sleep, Carlee limped out of the residential building and called
Harley as soon as she got in the car. Despite her burning rage, she couldn’t do anything in her bruised
state and wanted to ask Harley to help her fight back.

Harley was busy with business so he couldn’t answer Carlee’s call in time. Without being able to
summon Harley, Carlee was beginning to feel that raising a son was useless. Giving up, she went to
the hospital where after an examination, she found that she was fine and just had to be simply
sterilized and bandaged. After being cleaned up, Carlee came out of the consulting room and took the
elevator to the ward where Sylvia was staying.

As soon as the door was opened, Sylvia, who sat on the hospital bed, was dumbfounded. She couldn’t
believe that the bruised middle-aged lady who walked in was Carlee.

“Mrs. Carlee, what happened to your face? What the hell happened?” Sylvia asked frightened

Carlee felt embarrassed so she didn’t answer Sylvia’s question immediately. She closed the door and
took a seat on the hospital bed before telling the truth.

“My face was beaten by Nina, she will get my revenge sooner or later!” Carlee explained, breaking
down in tears as she showed Sylvia the bruises on her body.

Sylvia was terrified, or rather she pretended to be concerned and asked, “Mrs. Carlee, have you done a
general examination?”

“It’s fine. I’m fine.” Carlee frowned. “The most chilling thing is that I was beaten like this by Nina, and
Harley didn’t even answer my phone!”

Truth be told, it was normal for Harley not to answer Carlee’s calls these past few days. Sylvia knew
this very well, after all, Carlee tells her everything.

“Maybe Harley is busy. Didn’t you say he has been hiding in the study writing a script the other day?”
Sylvia replied, sighing. “What happened? Did Nina come to find you at home?”

Carlee told her the truth. Even though she didn’t say it out loud, Sylvia knew that Carlee was the one
who brought the whooping upon herself. All she could do was stand by Carlee’s side.

“It’s too much! Nina must be crazy! How can she hit you so hard!” Sylvia exclaimed angrily.

Carlee scrunched her nose and squeezed her fists. “Today I was beaten and humiliated by the Paul
family. I won’t forgive them! I will make them pay.”

“Please don’t you do this, Mrs. Carlee. Let your injuries heal first and leave the task of teaching the
Paul family a lesson to me,” Sylvia offered.

But Carlee was against the Idea. “Don’t make trouble. You haven’t recovered yet. Besides, she’s
stronger than you and I don’t want you to get hurt.”

No matter how hurt Carlee was, she was still very protective of Sylvia. She of all people knew how
strong Nina was and knew Sylvia, in her condition, didn’t stand a chance against Nina. But Sylvia had
other plans and she didn’t hesitate to relate them to Carlee.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let myself be harmed. I happen to know a few gangsters who can get the job done
for a small amount of money.

Only then did Carlee realize Sylvia’s intentions, and she couldn’t help feeling a little more relieved. She
liked Sylvia even more for her brilliant ideas and she was ready to let Harley bring the prospective

daughter-in-law into the house. After Carlee returned home that day, Sylvia kept to her word and
contacted a group of gangsters.

At ten o’clock in the evening, Nina was exhausted from taking care of the child all day. She even forgot
to take a bath before going to bed, and after breastfeeding her daughter, she also fell asleep in bed
beside her. Hardly had she dozed off for about an hour had she heard her mother’s urgent call in his

“Nina, wake up. True Paul has a fever!”

At the mention of her daughter’s name, sleep cleared from Nina’s eyes. She sat up straight and saw
that the child was lying in Ariana’s arms. Touching the baby’s forehead, she realized that her
temperature was indeed very high. She bit her lip in regret, knowing that she should take her daughter
to the hospital for examination during the day.

“True Paul must have had the fever from her fall,” She murmured anxiously, hurriedly getting dressed.
“Mom and Dad, let’s go to the hospital to take a look at the baby.”

Ariana also regretted her misjudgment. She didn’t dare to speak more and left the house in a thin coat.
The three of them walked in a hurry. The child was wrapped in a quilt by Ariana. Except for the
occasional humming, she could not even cry.

Unexpectedly, just as the family of three came downstairs with their children, Kasen Paul was unable to
open his eyes due to the dazzling lights in front of him. Immediately afterwards, the rumbling sound of
motorcycles approached rapidly, surrounding them all in a blink of an eye. Kasen Paul froze,
subconsciously blocking his wife and daughter.

“Who are you? My granddaughter is ill and is in a hurry to go to the hospital. Please make way,” Kasen
Paul asked. He racked his mind and found that he had no vendetta with anyone.

“Make way?” One of the bike men scoffed.

“We can take you on your way!” The other bike man jeered.

Next, after two more motorcycles rode in and the Biker gang that had surrounded the Paul family
quickly gave way. Realizing that it was a tight situation, Kasen Paul pushed his family out of the way
before one of the bikes ran into him.

The speeding motorcycle knocked Kasen Paul into the air, then turned around and sped towards
Ariana and Nina. Only then did Ariana realize that the biker gang’s target was them, and she also used
her body to ram it directly to protect her daughter and granddaughter.

“Mom! Dad!” Nina cried out while she watched as her mother collapsed under the motorcycle.

“Hey! Now it’s your turn!” The biker gang in the helmet pointed at

her while letting out a burst of mischievous laughter. Nina shuddered suddenly, she knew she was
doomed. But she still had one last wish in her mind- the child must survive.

“Go away!” Nina screamed, seeing the biker revving his motorbike and riding towards her. She hugged
her daughter and ran away.

“Why are you all dumbfounded? Can’t see that little girl running away?” the bike man screamed to the
rest of his gang.

It was not until Nina ran out more than twenty meters that the biker gang leader cursed angrily. She ran
out the gate with a group of motorcycles hot on her tail.

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