Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 883

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Harley was going to go out looking for a house, but Nina kept advising him to give up the idea in the
meantime. She didn&39;t want him to be distracted because he had been working on the script these days.
After some negotiation, Harley agreed with Nina to finish the script first.

Three days after Carlee&39;s return, Nina got up in the morning to take care of the baby but Harley
remained asleep as he had stayed up late due to his scriptwriting project. She prepared the baby
formula quickly and fed the baby before rocking her back to sleep and returning her to the crib.

Harley, who was yet to attain deep sleep, woke up to the sound of shuffling in the room. He saw that
Nina was still up and when he raised his eyes to the clock, he realized that he had slept up until seven
o&39;clock in the morning.

&34;Nina, why didn&39;t you wake me up?&34; Harley sat up and shielded his eyes from the sun rays that
penetrated the room through the window.

&34;If you go to bed late, you need to sleep a little longer to make up for those hours you were awake,”
Nina explained, smiling before heading to the bathroom to take a bath.

Soon Harley joined her in the steam-clouded bathroom and hugged her from behind.

&34;I have good news for you,&34; Harley whispered. &34;I finished writing the script last night, and I will make an
appointment with

Jasmine this morning to come to check it out. And now I&39;m done with the script, I will go out to find us a
house when I am done.&34;

Since Carlee came home, Nina&39;s face was always clad with sadness. She gave a weak nod and it took
a while for her to realize that she hadn&39;t encouraged Harley. &34;! wish you all the best and try to get your

work out there.”

Following the encouragement from Nina, Harley was more confident. &34;Oh, trust me. I will kill it out
there. Don&39;t forget that I majored in screenwriting in college!&34;

In fact, if it wasn&39;t for Carlee who forced him to be an actor in front of the screen, Harley would have
excelled as a scriptwriter where he could enjoy the comfort that came with working behind the scenes.

Moments later, the two went downstairs for breakfast, just as Carlee and Sylvia came out of the dining
room. They all exchanged stares but neither of them spoke.

Harley hurried out after breakfast. He was fed up with the depressing atmosphere at home and just
wanted to move out with Nina as soon as possible. But he didn&39;t expect that just after he left the house,
Carlee knocked on Nina’s bedroom door under the company of Sylvia.

At the moment the knock sounded, Nina was standing by the window holding the baby and she thought
it was Mrs. Barns delivering fruit. It was when she opened the door that she saw Carlee and Sylvia
standing in front of her. Nina froze for a moment as she caught a glimpse of Carlee&39;s sullen face as

&34;Mrs. Carlee, are you looking for me?” She asked calmly.

But Carlee had resentment in her eyes and gritted her teeth: &34;You&39;re still playing stupid? Are you
putting laxatives in Sylvia&39;s Tremella Bird&39;s Nest Porridge?&34;

The black pot was shown to Nina, but she shook her head in denial. &34;No, I haven&39;t even been in the
kitchen these past few days. I usually get my food from restaurants.&34;

Although she was saying the truth, Carlee didn&39;t believe her at all. &34;You said you&39;ve never been in the
kitchen, but Mrs. Otis says she saw you or do you want me to call her up?&34;

&34;You can call her up if you want.&34;

Then Carlee called the servant to the door. When asked, Mrs. Otis not only confirmed that Nina not
only entered the kitchen but also did sneaky actions.

Nina&39;s jaw hung in shock. Mrs. Otis was lying against her and has now put her in a tight spot to prove
her innocence.

&34;Mrs. Otis is lying! I&39;m so busy taking care of my daughter every day. How then do I have time to think
of harming Sylvia who has done nothing to harm me?&34;

Nina thought the accusation to be funny but Sylvia was so determined to find fault in her that she had
organized the servants to work towards the actualisation of her mission.

&34;If you didn&39;t put laxatives in your food, why did Sylvia have diarrhea last night? Can&39;t you see how pale
her face is?&34; Carlee asked, pointing to Sylvia.

Nina turned to Nina and noticed that in truth, she didn&39;t look well.

But she knew it had nothing to do with her.

&34;Her diarrhoea last night has nothing to do with me but If you think blaming me will somehow make you
feel better, then go ahead.&34; Nina knew that after agreeing to live with Carlee, a day like this was bound
to come.

Seeing that Nina was still not admitting to the crime, Carlee was boiling with anger.

&34;Don&39;t think I don&39;t know what you&39;re thinking? Don’t you just want Sylvia to have an abortion so Harley
can kick her out?” She shifted closer. &34;I tell you, even if something happens to the baby in Sylvia&39;s
womb, I still think she will be the Timothy family&39;s daughter-in-law. But as for you, you are just a lover of
my son, and you were so shameless that you didn&39;t hesitate to get pregnant for him. Your daughter is

no different from an illegitimate daughter!&34; Once again Carlee was so loud that the baby quickly started
crying again. Hearing her daughter&39;s cry, Nina made to go back into the room but stopped just in time to
give Carlee a piece of her mind.

&34;Just know that I don&39;t blame you. Since you look me down enough to splash me dirty water, then I will
leave here!&34; After she finished speaking, Nina turned around to coax the child, and no longer had the
patience to stay in the villa.

Even if she was afraid that she would break his promise to Harley to wait until he found a house before
moving out, with the current situation, staying here for one more second was sure to cause her trouble.
She simply packed up her few belongings and prepared to leave.

When Carlee saw Nina come out, wheeling her suitcase behind her, she went after her shouting taunts.

&34;You want to run away after you&39;ve done something wrong?&34; The harsh shouting gave Nina a splitting
headache. She stopped at the edge of the stairs to address Carlee squarely.

&34;I said this matter has nothing to do with me, please stop deceiving yourself! Keep your
mischievousness to yourself before I lose my temper and raze all you ever laboured for to the ground!&34;

&34;Who the hell do you think you are talking to? Is it okay for you to drug Sylvia?” Carlee asked in a high

Carlee didn&39;t know that Sylvia was just feigning illness or that Mrs. Otis was paid to lie against Nina.
Yesterday, Sylvia had overheard Mrs. Otis chatting with Mrs. Barns, and learned that she was going to
quit her job and go back to the countryside, and decided to take this opportunity to use her one more
time. With a payment of 20,000 yuan, Sylvia bought Mrs. Otis and asked her to help her perform the

Nina couldn&39;t stand Carlee chasing after her and was about to go downstairs when the elder lady
grabbed her wrist.

&34;Don&39;t go yet! This matter can&39;t be left alone!&34; Carlee said, beginning to drag Nina, and the child began
to cry again in the confusion.

&34;Are you crazy? Let go of me!” Nina wailed, afraid of hurting her daughter. Out of the protection of the
child, she couldn&39;t bear it anymore, and she dropped the suitcase and pushed Carlee to the ground.

Carlee stumbled and stumbled a few steps before getting back on her feet.

&34;How dare you push me?&34; she yelled, realising that Nina was quite stronger than she looked. In anger,
Carlee rushed toward her.

At this time, Sylvia ran out of the room and hurriedly stepped in.

&34;Don&39;t fight! Stop fighting!&34; Sylvia shouted, trying to separate

Carlee and Nina.

However, Carlee was drunk with rage and completely ignored

Sylvia&39;s advice. Finding the fight too violent for her to intervene, Sylvia stood behind Nina, staring at the
baby crying in the stroller. Nina was busy coaxing the child and at the same time resisting Carlee flying
arms when she subconsciously took a step back, bumping into Sylvia.

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