Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 880

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Simply simple

Nina came from a prestigious family, so even if she married her husband, she did not change the
family’s habits over the years, she knew adjusting to being addressed as Mrs. Timothy would be a bit
difficult, but she reluctantly nodded.

“Okay, but I’m worried about another thing,” Nina spoke quietly, ready to express all her concerns to

“You also know that your mother doesn’t like me and that we have a daughter. If she comes home after
a while, I’m afraid...”

Nina was afraid to even complete her sentence. In the months she spent with Carlee, she had already
seen how critical, and judgemental the woman was and how she adored being superior to others.

Hearing Nina’s concerns, Harley smiled, taking her hands in his, “Don’t worry, I already have a plan for
this matter.”

Nina frowned suspiciously, and asked with a puzzled expression, “What plan? Wouldn’t it be to kick
your mother out?”

“Of course not!” Harley replied. He then took Nina back to the bedroom, opened a drawer and took out
a key.

“I&39;ll give you the key now, and you&39;ll be the mistress of our house in the future,” Harley said with a
serious face, making Nina even more confused.

After thinking about it, Nina finally understood that Harley had an apartment in the city and he was
giving her a key to the apartment in advance of when they would finally move in there.

“Oh, I see. when your mother comes back from home, we&39;ll move into your apartment in the City
centre, right?”

“you guessed wrong!” Harley said, drawing her close and caressing her soft hair.

“The apartment is a little small for US, so I have prepared a new house for US. The house has just
been renovated, and we can move in in a few months.&34;

The explanation brought more ease to Nina. It&39;s not that she wouldn&39;t have loved to live under the same
roof with her mother- in- law, but Carlee was so difficult to get along with, she remembered the first time
she had accompanied Harley back home, Carlee had given her a direct blow. Then they were the days
of her pregnancy. These experiences all made Nina wish to distance herself from Carlee in the future

The following weeks were stressful. Harley and Nina are novice parents, meaning they were
inexperienced in babysitting. They made a lot of mistakes, but in the everyday struggle, they also
managed to gradually master various parenting skills.

Kasen Paul came to help from time to time, and for a while, Nina would enjoy the leisure of some alone
time with Harley.

On this particular evening, Harley first waited for Nina to put the child to sleep, and then walked into the
bedroom with a bowl of nourishing soup.

“Nina, I made you some soup,” Harley announced, sitting next to Nina and hand-feeding her.

Then the two saw that the baby was asleep, and chatted in a low voice.

“By the way, now True Paul is getting better and better, and she has more free time at home every day.
I plan to find something to do and strive to make money to support my wife and children in the future.”

Since those malicious rumours had ruined his reputation on the Internet, at that time, for the sake of the
seriously ill daughter, he had to give up the opportunity to continue to thrive in showbiz. He paid nine-
figure liquidated damages, and his savings over the years were almost depleted.

He recently bought a wedding house for Nina and his daughter, and most of the money came from his
early investments. To cut the long story short, Harley’s life began to become so burdensome as the
pressure to cater for his family was on his shoulders at all times.

Nina heard his idea and supported him without hesitation, &34;okay. So what are you going to do?”

Harley thought for a moment, took a notebook from the drawer and handed it to her.

“What did rd this?” Nina asked, her eyes fixed on the pages of the notebook which was covered with
dense handwriting. After a while of reading the contents of the book, Nina figured out the point Harley
was driving at.

“Harley, do you want to be a screenwriter?” she asked with surprise, she found the script outline written
by Harley to be very creative.

Harley nodded affirmatively with a shy smile. “Yes, I have this plan, but the income of being a
screenwriter is not stable. I am going to write the script and contact Jasmine to let her help me find a
way to get jobs. In the future, I hope to be able to go behind the scenes as a director.”

After all, he has been working hard in the entertainment industry for many years. This is the
environment that Harley is most familiar with and the field he is best at.

After listening to Harley’s story, Nina gave him her support again, and encouraged him to stop
attending to their child at home every day, but to go out more to find inspiration. But this proposal was
rejected by Harley, who was looking for inspiration in everyday trivialities to create a work that
resonated with the audience.

Of course, after the two negotiated, Harley began his scriptwriting the next day. During the day, he
writes scripts in his study, and at the same time, with his professional knowledge of film and television,
he is still self-studying theoretical knowledge related to directors.

Nina helped Harley with inspiration while looking over the baby. The cooperation between the two was
particularly adorable. This life went on for another week, and Harley fell in love with this simple little life
full of carefreeness and contentment.

As the baby became more and more worry-free, Nina had more personal time, and sometimes left the
child with Harley to go shopping and buy groceries.

However, the good times did not last long. Just one month after Carlee returned to his hometown, Nina
wanted to make milk powder for his daughter that morning, and suddenly found that the milk powder
had been used jo.

“No, Harley, the baby has no milk for the next meal! ” Nina announced anxiously before running to go
and change the child’s diaper.

Harley had just woken up. He was informed that the two servants at home were busy with their work,
so he stretched his waist, threw on some clothes and decided to go out to buy milk powder in person.

“Try playing with the baby first. I&39;ll head out to buy the milk powder and will be back in an hour at most.”

Seeing that Nina was staring at him with hands akimbo, Harley stepped forward and wrapped his
hands around Nina’s waist before pecking her gently. “By the way, I&39;ll buy you a small gift.” “No, we are
no longer in love. Now that we have babies, don’t waste the money much,” Nina advised, she knew
that Harley’s current financial situation was not good, so she wanted to make sure he was saving any
little money they had instead of spending it.

“Well then, I can buy two toys for True Paul, right?&34; Harley asked with a smile.

This sentence made Nina laugh, she couldn’t help but nod. “okay. But you better be back as soon as
possible! ”

Harley spent a few more minutes with Nina before heading out and driving away from the villa. During
this period, Nina pushed the stroller and took the baby to bask in the sun in the courtyard, she had also
grown to fall in love with this simple and peaceful life and looked forward to their daughter growing up
as soon as possible.

“True Paul, is it too hot in the sun, your forehead is sweating?” she asked, seeing the tiny balls of sweat
that were beginning to form on Nina’s forehead.

Quickly, she pushed the stroller away from the sun and was about to go back into the house when she
heard the sound of a car coming from outside the gate.

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