Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 879

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Tom’s eyes were dim, he looked at Harley and Nina talking intimately and he couldn&39;t help feeling sad
and jealous. It was at that moment that Tom realized that time had passed between him and Nina.
Even if the misunderstanding between them was resolved, her heart had been entrusted to another,
one which was always there, unlike him. He lowered his head in shame and pulled himself together,
trying so much to fight back the tears that were knocking on his eyelids, begging to be freed.

A moment later, Harley went to go through the discharge procedures, Ariana was called by the nurse to
get the birth certificate, leaving Nina alone with the baby. Using the opportunity, Tom slipped into the
ward quietly. Nina was wrapping the child when she felt someone creep up on her from behind.

“Harley, you’re out of the hospital so soon?” Nina thought it was Harley.

Hearing Nina say Harley&39;s name, caused Tom&39;s heart to rip in half.

“It’s me.” He replied in a low voice.

Nina’s eyes flickered when she heard Tom’s voice. Worried about waking the child, she turned around
and made a finger at Tom, lowering her voice and saying, “ True Paul just fell asleep, please lower your
voice before you wake her up.”

Tom had no ill will towards the child, and asked with a slight smile, “Is the baby all right?”

Nina nodded and replied with a smile: “Yes. she smiles all the time, and does not fight too much when I
give her her milk.”

Looking at Nina’s face full of happiness, Tom was also happy for the child’s bubbling health. “That&39;s

He looked sideways at the swaddling baby and found that the sleeping True Paul looked somewhat
similar to Harley. Recalling the intimate interaction between Harley and Nina just now, Tom began to
feel uncomfortable again. Seeing that Nina was not ready to break the silence between them, he

“By the way, Nina, tell me the truth, have you and Harley got back together?”

This question surprised Nina, but she replied anyway.

“Yeah, I want to give my child a complete home. I don’t want her to know who her father is and
experience his love as a child.” Although Tom expected the answer, he was still very disappointed.
“Well, then I bless you,” he said, forcing a smile.

Seeing a bit of loneliness in his eyes, Nina understood that her choice broke Tom&39;s heart. Truth be told,
she had never planned to get back with Tom from the beginning. Before giving birth to True Paul, the
reason why she ran to see him was just to get rid of the knot in her heart. But since Tom showed he
cared genuinely for the baby, Nina was grateful, she picked up her mobile phone which was lying on
the bed and turned to him.

“Tom, thanks for checking up on us. Can you tell me your bank card number? I want to transfer some
money to you., after all, your taking care of me must have cost you a lot.”

Nina had not meant the question in a wrong way, but it seemed Tom immediately misunderstood her as
the expression on his face changed to a frown.

“Give me money? what do you mean?”He asked in disbelief.

“I just want to say thank you for your care, and I hope we will be good friends in the future,” Nina

However, Tom&39;s self-esteem was seriously bruised. In his opinion, Nina was trying to look down on him.

“You know what? Forget it! I know I’m a pauper, not worthy of a lady like you,” Tom said, scoffing. “But I
won&39;t ask for your money and will not ever think of collecting it! ”

Tom turned and left, his head spinning.

Meanwhile, Kasen Paul and Ariana approached the ward talking and laughing as they looked forward
to Nina and Harley living a good life in the future. Just before reaching the ward, Kasen Paul suddenly
noticed the figure of Tom.

“Why are you pestering my daughter again?” He demanded, the smile on his face reduced to a look of

Tom was already too depressed to battle words with him so he bowed his head and explained: “Mr.
Timothy, please understand. I just came to visit Nina and the child.”

However, Kasen Paul was not buying it. “My daughter doesn’t need you to visit. What background do
you have? Don&39;t you know? You are not worthy of Nina at all! ”

Ariana didn’t want her daughter to have too much contact with Tom, and warned impatiently: “If you
disturb Nina again, don’t blame US for sending you to the police station, she disappeared for several
days before, and it has something to do with you so it would be hard getting you arrested! ”

Kasen Paul has limited patience and blurted out: “Hurry up and leave! We, the Paul family, don&39;t want
to have any relationship with you, and I have said countless times that Nina will never marry you in this

Tom was taken by the bad attitude of the old couple. It occurred to him that even the most minute thing
like an ant was worth more in the eyes of the Paul family than him.

Not long after, Harley returned after completing the formalities, and the group left the hospital. But Tom
didn’t leave. He watched Nina get into the car with the help of Harley at the door of the hospital, and
clenched his fists unconsciously.

But there was nothing he could do. His status, financial situation and personal abilities are no match for
the Timothy family or the Paul family.

“Harley! I won’t let you get away with this!&34; He muttered under his breath, his jaw clenched and his
body pumped up to do revenge.

After Nina was discharged with the child that day, Harley said goodbye to Kasen Paul and Ariana on
the way and drove her directly to the villa. Now that Carlee has returned to his hometown, the huge
villa was empty, and the two servants had nothing to do every day. Mrs. Barns and Mrs. Otis were
about to cook something to eat for lunch when they saw Harley’s car drive into the courtyard. They
thought Harley had persuaded Carlee to come home with him, and hurriedly greeted him. But when
Harley took Nina’s hand and got out of the back seat, the two servants were surprised.

“Good day, Mr. Harley. Goodday Mrs. Nina,&34; Both servants greeted respectfully, noticing the young
baby in Nina’s arms.

“We are getting married soon. This is my wife, Nina. You can call her Mrs. Timothy,&34; Harley announced.
Mrs. Barns and Mrs. Otis glanced at each other, and smiled at Nina, taking turns to greet her. But Nina
was a little embarrassed as she was not yet used to being called Mrs. Timothy.

The two settled down. As soon as everything was put in place, Nina called Harley to the balcony, and
while basking in the warm sunshine, she proposed an idea to him.

Harley, let Mrs. Barns and the others call me Nina. Mrs. Timothy is such a title, I really can’t get used to
it.” “Take your time, after all, in the next 20 to 30 years, you will be called that by the servants at home,&34;
Harley said, successfully reassuring her.

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Chapter 879

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