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Chapter 875

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A Beautiful Day

On the third day of the successful operation, Harley&39;s bad cold developed into a sore throat, making it
difficult to even speak. In the morning, Kasen Paul came into the ward. Seeing Harley sleeping with his
head tilted, he couldn&39;t help shaking his head and sighing. After all, he was not a hard-hearted man,
and he&39;s seen everything Harley had done in the past few days. Instead of waking Harley, Kasen Paul
stepped down, not wanting to wake him from his sleep.

A moment later, when Ariana came out to get hot water, Kasen Paul came back with a bag containing
their breakfast. While Ariana greeted her husband, the flask in her hand mistakenly slipped and fell.

Harley was awakened by the sound. He saw the old couple in front of the ward door and immediately
stood up to say hello.

&34;Mr. Kasen, Mrs. Ariana, good morning.” Right now Harley&39;s voice was rough.

In addition to being hoarse, he also felt a sore throat as if being torn apart by life.

Kasen Paul heard Harley&39;s voice change, and the two suddenly looked at each other.

&34;Why is your voice hoarse?&34;

&34;Yeah, didn&39;t you say the cold was getting better? It was just a little stuffy nose yesterday.&34;

The old couple began to realize that Harley was lying.

Then Kasen Paul handed the breakfast to his wife, and without waiting for him to make an excuse, he
forcibly took him to the outpatient department of the hospital to see a doctor.

After a brief examination, Harley was diagnosed with an upper respiratory tract infection. It was
fortunate that Kasen Paul had acted decisively because according to the doctor&39;s words if Harley had
continued to hold on, he would have turned into severe pneumonia within three days.

After a few medications and a drip, Harley felt a little more comfortable. But he didn&39;t rest. As soon as
the nurse helped pull out the needle, he couldn&39;t wait to find Nina.

Walking quickly back to the inpatient department, Harley went to see his daughter first and learned that
the child’s fever had. subsided, and the previous symptoms had significantly subsided as well. This
was the best news he had received in the past few days. Alas! The bone marrow he transplanted to his
daughter is working. After showing his gratitude to the doctors and nurses who attended to True Paul,
Harley hurriedly went to Nina to announce the good news.

After a while, he came out of the elevator, and just after passing the corner of the corridor, he saw a
familiar person in front of him. It was a young woman who looked no more than twenty-five years old.

&34;Sylvia?&34; Harley called, his eyes widening in shock as she recognized her.

Why did she come to the hospital? She seemed to be heading to the ward where Nina lay and
immediately Harley figured that Sylvia might have been ordered by Carlee to cause Nina trouble.
Realizing that his mother was still trying to harm Nina, Harley grew angry.

He took big steps to catch up and when Sylvia was less than ten meters away from Nina&39;s ward, he
blocked her way.

&34;What are you doing here? Did my mother ask you to come?&34; Harley, harshly.

Sylvia was stunned for a moment, feeling the strong hostility of Harley, and immediately began to
pretend to be innocent and weak.

&34;Harley, you don&39;t understand. I&39;m here to find you,&34; She explained in a low voice, glancing timidly at
Harley. “You haven&39;t been home for almost a week. I came to the hospital to tell you that Mrs. Timothy
is sick and she has been in bed for several days.&34;

The annoyance on Harley&39;s face subsided when he heard that Carlee was suspected of being seriously

&34;My mother is sick? Why doesn&39;t she go to the hospital?&34;

Sylvia smiled embarrassedly, and explained with a long sigh: &34;Mrs. Carlee is saying that you won&39;t let
her go to the hospital, no matter how we persuade her.&34;

Harley couldn&39;t help laughing. &34;I just told her that day to stop arguing with Nina. When did I stop her
from going to the hospital?&34;

&34;Harley, why don&39;t you go home with me first, talk to Mrs. Timothy, and bring her to the hospital?&34;

Logically speaking, Harley, as Carlee&39;s son, had an obligation and responsibility to go back and take
care of his mother. However, Harley was in a feud with his mother since the last time she was almost

Besides even with how pathetic Sylvia sounded, who can guarantee that she was not acting together
with Carlee? For this and other reasons, Harley did not agree with Sylvia. But he knew had to be a little
more tactful when he spoke.

&34;I still won&39;t go back, you know my mother’s temper. If she sees me, she&39;ll only get more annoyed. If
she is sick, I can call an ambulance immediately.&34; After politely declining, Harley went as soon as
possible for Nina.

Sylvia would never have thought that Harley was determined not to go home. It seems that she had to
change her strategy!

&34;Harley, are you not going back with me? Mrs. Carlee needs you now!&34; She called after him.

Sylvia hoped to deceive Harley&39;s home by various means according to Carlee&39;s instructions.

Unexpectedly, Harley took a firm stand and told her tactfully: &34;In fact, compared to me the person my
mother needs more is you, so there is no need to persuade me.&34;

Harley&39;s throat was hoarse, and after struggling to say this, he walked into Nina&39;s ward without looking
back. Sylvia bit her lip hard as Harley disappeared from her sight. She knew that no one could
persuade Harley, so she didn&39;t bother chasing him into the ward. Cursing angrily, Sylvia threw her head
back in frustration.

At the same time, Harley just walked into the ward and saw that Kasen Paul and Ariana were restless
as if they were itching to tell him something.

&34;Harley, sit down. the four of us have a meeting today,” Arian informed him with a smile.

&34;Meeting? Harley raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Mrs. Ariana, what is the purpose of your meeting?&34;

Ariana allowed her husband to speak, and Kasen Paul said loudly,

&34;It&39;s about your future with Nina.&34;

When Harley and Sylvia were talking in the corridor just now, Kasen Paul had wanted to go out, but
when he reached the door, he heard a voice in the corridor. Knowing that Harley had rejected Sylvia&39;s
request, Kasen Paul discovered that his relationship with the woman was not as strong as he had
imagined. In fact, it was not an exaggeration to say that she was a stranger to him. Harley kept his
mouth shut and waited for Kasen Paul to express his opinion. And Nina sat shyly on the hospital bed

as she already knew about the topic to be discussed. She lowered her head slightly to hide the blush
on her cheeks and to avoid looking at Harley.

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