Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 872

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Logistics Workers

As soon as Joey Collins walked into the obstetrics and gynecology department, a nurse greeted him.

&34;Dr. Collins, didn&39;t you just get off work? Why are you back?&34;

Joey Collins didn&39;t answer her but kept walking on. The nurse saw that Joey Collins was not in a good
mood and shrugged knowing that he had to be rushing off to attend to an emergency. Four or five
people greeted Joey Collins and asked him why he was there again but he kept walking on. Deep
down he was a bit elated that he was popular and people missed him in his absence.

Shayna looked up to see Joey Collins approach and stepped forward. &34;Joey Collins, you&39;re finally here.
Please come in and see if anything can be done to help my friend, Melissa.”

Calvin Faber hurried over to Joey Collins to help Shayna explain what was going on. &34;Hi, I&39;m Calvin
Faber. Melissa had what we suspect to be a sudden stomach ache today. Shayna is a little too calm for
fear of something.”

Joey Collins didn&39;t say anything after hearing the situation and went into the examination room to see
what he could do. However, it didn&39;t take up to an hour for Joey Collins to come out with Melissa
walking beside him.

Shayna saw Melissa come out and hurried up to meet her. &34;Are you all right Melissa?&34;

&34;It&39;s okay. I&39;m just feeling a little famished.” Melissa knew that Shayna was worried about her, so she
made an excuse.

&34;Okay, I&39;ll help you.”

Joey Collins looked at the backs of Shayna and Melissa a little puzzled. When did these women care
so much about each other? He looked up and was met with Calvin Faber&39;s questioning eyes.

&34;Don&39;t make him work too much for the next few days. She is fine. It&39;s just that she&39;s been lacking rest,
that&39;s all. Advise her to get more sleep at home and she&39;ll be fine,” Joey Collins said, giving him a
reassuring look.

Calvin Faber noticed the heavy eye bags under Joey Collins’ eyelids and knew that he had worked the
night shift all night. But fortunately, Melissa&39;s condition was nothing stressful, otherwise, they would feel
guilty for disturbing Joey Collins’ rest.

On his second glance, Joey Collins looked familiar to Calvin Faber, and then it struck him. The guy
looked exactly like the ex-boyfriend of a popular female movie star.

Joey Collins also wondered who Calvin Faber was and quickly took out his phone and searched. It was
the famous Calvin Faber! No wonder he was handsome. Joey Collins opened the news and suddenly
saw that Shayna and Calvin Faber were getting married.

Shayna is so unkind, he thought. She was getting married and she didn&39;t bother inviting or at least,
telling him. He quickly sent Shayna a text, expressing his dissatisfaction with how she kept her
marriage hidden from him.

Shayna took Melissa home, packed her some meals, and told her to take a good rest and stop

Melissa looked at Shayna with a weak smile on her face. He knew that for the sake of her twins, she
had to have a good rest. She had thought after six months her body would adjust to her hectic lifestyle,
but the opposite seemed to be the case.

&34;Shayna, help pass my iPad in my bag. I want to show you the clothes and jewelry I chose for you,
alongside the theme that I selected. I want to make sure the entire banquet hall is according to your

Shayna sighed.&34;Melissa, I know you want to help me choose, but all those things you mentioned can
wait. Just shut your eyes for at least half an hour. It&39;s not so easy to conceive twins, you know. Your
body needs to get enough rest.&34;

Melissa smiled and nodded before changing the topic &34;That doctor who you said is your classmate, is
quite handsome.”

&34;I know, right? My high school classmates had a good relationship before, but I didn&39;t keep in touch with
them after I left for college. A friend of mine liked him, and they became familiar with each other. That&39;s
how I know him,&34; Shayna replied.

&34;I thought he was your ex-boyfriend, and I wanted to say that you have a good eye,&34; Melissa teased.

Melissa guessed right, Shayna had a crush on him. &34;If Joey Collins studied very well, otherwise he
wouldn&39;t have come to work in this hospital. It must feel amazing to be the director of obstetrics and
gynecology at such a young age.&34;

Shayna didn&39;t bother Melissa anymore. She was afraid that she would be tired, so she hurriedly let her
eat and sleep. At that moment, more rest was the most important thing. Melissa had not been busy with
the wedding preparations during this period. She found it best to just sit at home and become an
adviser when necessary, especially when it came to the issue of choosing the best and most stylish
wedding dress that would perfectly enhance Shayna as the most beautiful bride.

They had so many styles of wedding dresses that Melissa felt overwhelmed. Eventually, she scrolled to
one of the pictures and after finding it good, she quickly sent it to Shayna.

Now she felt too weak to move and had no way to go to the wedding venue to help with the
arrangements. She just sat there staring at the screen of her laptop watching a movie.

When the movie couldn&39;t cure her boredom, Melissa moved to the porch overlooking the garden,
watching the flowers that Jill left behind and sending photos to Jill from time to time.

After Melissa sent the bunch of photos, she fell asleep on the reclining chair and shortly after felt like
she saw Jill tending to the garden. But no matter how much she shouted, Jill wasn&39;t able to hear her.

Melissa shivered uncontrollably and nearly fell off the chair, but was quick enough to grab the armrests,
jilting her back to reality. Once she realized it was just a dream, her hands flew to her stomach in fear
that she might have hurt herself, but when her observation was negative, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Her top priority now was to give birth to her kids safe, and other things were not so important to her.
Thinking about the arrival of her beautiful twins, she couldn&39;t help the way her lips curled into a wide

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