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Chapter 860

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Everything has me

Just as Nina had hoped, Harley came to the hospital again the next morning. After all that happened
yesterday, Harley knew that he was the number one enemy of the Paul family, so he did not make his
presence known to them or her parents. Through a small crack in the door, he saw Nina staring out the

After a night&39;s rest, she looked better than yesterday, and her mental state also looked good.

Harley smiled, gladdened at her speedy recovery rate. As long as Nina&39;s body recuperated quickly, his
mind could finally be at rest. After staying for two or three minutes, Harley began worrying about his
daughter and took the elevator upstairs again.

Standing behind the glass window, he quietly waved at the baby in the incubator.

&34;Daughter, Mom and Dad haven&39;t given you a name yet..&34; Harley whispered as he watched the baby
talk to herself.

He wanted to bring up the issue but It&39;s just that the relationship between him and Nina hadn&39;t mended
yet. Asking her to discuss naming the child would only attract a scolding from her and her parents. With
this in mind, Harley had no choice but to give up.

He continued to observe his daughter and could notice that she had grown some features that hadn&39;t
been there the last time he saw her.

But just as he was about to leave, he suddenly found that the child&39;s face was unusually rosy, and the
shallow breathing seemed to be heavier than yesterday.

&34;There must be something wrong!” he muttered to himself.

From his layman&39;s reasoning, Harley could tell that his daughter appeared to be ill. Without hesitation,
he went to the doctor&39;s office again and explained the situation in detail.

The day&39;s daytime consultant was an elderly doctor who seems to be quite experienced. Hearing
Harley&39;s concerns about the child, he immediately took a nurse to check. After a brief examination, the
nurse took the baby&39;s temperature and found that the temperature was very high, and her breathing
was abnormal.

The doctor immediately paid attention to the condition of the newborn. In addition to the routine cooling
treatment plan, the doctor began to closely monitor her condition.

Harley stood outside the ward, pacing the corridor in restlessness. He saw the doctor walking toward
him solemnly, and he had an ominous premonition in his heart.

&34;Doctor...&34; Harley greeted him and wanted to ask if his daughter was ill when the doctor was the first to

&34;Mr. Timothy, after we checked the child, we found that she had a fever and mild pneumonia.&34; The
doctor patiently explained the specific condition to Harley. &34;But you don&39;t have to worry, because your
daughter was born prematurely for more than a month.

This kind of disease is quite common, and it will get better after treatment.&34;

Having said that, Harley&39;s heart softened a bit. Even if the doctor made light of it, his expression was
nothing but nervous.

&34;Director, my daughter has been sleeping in an incubator since she was born, how could she suddenly
develop pneumonia?&34; Harley asked in confusion.

Seeing that he was still worried, the doctor had to continue to answer: &34;It is mainly because the child&39;s
lungs are not fully developed, and some dust which may have happened to slip into the incubator
became the cause of the infection.”

Harley listened to the doctor&39;s explanations one by one, and couldn&39;t help being a little absent-minded.
Seeing that his daughter had been taken to another room by the nurse, he felt even more nervous, for
fear that the condition would become serious. After sticking around for a while, Harley returned to the
floor where Nina&39;s ward was.

He contemplated on whether to inform Nina of the news and even if he kept it from her for a while, he
had to inform Kasen Paul.

With this in mind, Harley quickly rounded the corner of the corridor, but Ariana chatting with the Paul
family&39;s relatives by the window caught his attention.

&34;My granddaughter already has a name. Our family of three just named her True Paul last night. I
haven&39;t decided on the nickname yet, but I think it sounds good to be called True Paul,&34; Ariana proudly

A Paul family relative was a little surprised, and asked in a low voice: &34;You let the child take the
mother&39;s surname, does the child&39;s father have any opinion?&34;

&34;What opinion could he have? My daughter has suffered a lot of grievances with him. We just let the
child take the mother&39;s last name.&34;

Harley&39;s face became more and more gloomy, and his heart was upset. After the Paul family&39;s relatives
left, Ariana was about to go back to the ward to take care of her daughter when she bumped into
Harley crying.

&34;Mrs. Timothy, I like the name True Paul very much, but shouldn&39;t you discuss the child&39;s last name with

Harley had tried to remain calm in front of Ariana. He didn&39;t want to make her anymore annoyed but he
couldn&39;t just watch him lose his right to be a father.

However, Ariana didn&39;t give in. When Harley learned about the baby&39;s name, she asked coldly: &34;Why
should we discuss it with you?

My daughter cheated on you when she was pregnant, and now you are running to fight for the baby&39;s
surname. Do you think you have any right to the child?&34;

Previously, Harley rarely explained the distress in his heart, but

this time he was afraid of being deprived of his fatherhood, so he could only bite the bullet and retort: &34;I
have it, whether it is blood or social relations. Mrs. Timothy, I don&39;t have to fight for my daughter&39;s
surname Lin, but I hope I have the right to participate in this matter, and besides ...&34;

He didn&39;t finish the second half of his sentence when he recalled that the baby was having a fever and
that he was diagnosed with pneumonia.

&34;Let&39;s not talk about this, I have to inform you about something. True Paul is sick. When I went to see
her just now, the doctor found out that she was sick!&34;

&34;My little granddaughter is sick?” Mrs. Ariana asked, her eyes widening in shock. Ariana panicked,
didn&39;t bother to say anything to Nina, and hurried away to take the elevator. However, she was waiting
for the elevator when a nurse trotted to stop her.

&34;Are you True Paul&39;s grandmother?&34; the nurse asked.

Ariana nodded hurriedly and heard the nurse continue to say: &34;

True Paul suddenly fainted, the situation is very bad, and now needs first aid. Please I&39;ll need the
child&39;s mother to sign this document.&34;

The sudden change took Ariana by surprise, she was almost dumbfounded, and it took a few seconds
to react.

&34;Okay! I&39;ll tell my daughter right away!&34; Ariana muttered, before turning around and walking towards the

Harley didn&39;t know that the baby&39;s condition suddenly worsened in a short period. He overheard Ariana
briefly describe the situation to Nina and his originally heavy heart instantly fell to the bottom.

Soon the sobbing of Nina came from the ward, and Harley couldn&39;t help sobbing as well. All joy was
erased from his heart.

Just as Harley was going to see her daughter&39;s comfort first, Ariana and the nurse came out from the

&34;Harley, I hand Nina to you. You will stay with her, and persuade her not to worry!&34;

At the moment Kasen Paul was not in the hospital so Ariana had no choice but to hand over the burden
of looking after Nina to Harley.

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